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  1. Those last four plays could really come back to haunt them in a few weeks.
  2. Holy Cow! Jets QB was just flattened. Next play he delivers a frozen rope to a receiver for 30 yards and now the Jets are inside the 20
  3. He’s got to be fired, doesn’t he? Was he hired by the new owners? Or was it the Bowen, or whatever their family name was?
  4. Too many FGs for the Steelers today and just one TD but, it’s a victory on the road. I’ll take it.
  5. I will defer to U.S. coach for that answer.
  6. Pickett with a nice TD pass to Heyward. Steelers up, 13-3, in Atlanta.
  7. Falcons wearing the red helmets, black jersey and white pants. BY FAR their best uniform.
  8. No way , man! That’s part of the insightful analysis we have come to expect from Fox. All we need is the robot transformers they use for the NFL games.
  9. Still stupid. You are Robert Fucking Lewandowski. Shoot
  10. Kick the fucking ball. Stop dancing around. Kick the ball.
  11. My comment was tongue in cheek, certainly not an attack. Just a bit of fun.
  12. When he does stuff like that I reckon you have to. He’s just too good.
  13. My goodness. What a surgical shot. He’s just so damned good.
  14. Agreed. It is a pretty fun game. Poland sure has had their chances in the first half.
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