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  1. I thought the same two things. She was a bit hard to understand at times but, I liked what she had to say. A nice addition.
  2. Bad, bad possession. Could have cut it to 7, instead back up to 12. Ugh
  3. Not having Federiko for this game hasn’t helped at all but, he wouldn’t have done anything to stop Xavier’s torrid shooting from outside, 8/19 from 3 and 50% overall.
  4. He has really done a fantastic job. I’m sure most people don’t realize just how bad it had gotten at the end of Jamie’s tenure and then into the Stallings Disaster. Capel has had to clean up a massive mess. There were players sleeping with the girlfriends of teammates. Fights in the locker room. Transfers, Carr, X. Johnson, Champaigne left for NBA, etc etc. Then, our big fella inside got in trouble his freshman year. This year our top recruit got in trouble so, the off the court issues have been numerous. He’s done a good job of giving them the back of his hand, as well as a hand up. I commend him for that. About midway through the season all the guys I sit with at the games came to the conclusion that everything after that point was gravy. This has been a very successful season, no matter what happens today. Yeah, I want us to win but, I won’t be crushed if we don’t. Funny, the pass here, to Rome, was from Sean.
  5. I explained it to you a couple years ago. You dismissed my explanation. I don’t really care. I wasn’t aware that you were The Gatekeeper.
  6. Believe me, NO Pitt fan ever takes anything in games as “for certain”. The only certainties in life are Penn State fans are insufferable smug assholes and WVU fans are inbred assholes
  7. Pitt, certainly Pitt. It should be, Pitt. Pitt in the Sweet 16 v Texas would be much cooler than Texas v Xavier.
  8. That’s the main thing that bugs me about people when they make arguments in support of their favorite team. They always fail to account for the other team. Maybe, just maybe, the Texas defense had something to do with the Nitters not shooting well. There is most always another team attempting to take you out of your game, something that A&M didn’t even try to do in that pathetic loss.
  9. A&M guy says the greatest tournament is a terrible way to crown a champion because it is single-elimination.
  10. I don’t remember Homer EDIT: I forgot that 97-98 Valpo team
  11. I should have known this, Ray & Joey Meyer both did for DePaul.
  12. If Maryland wins this will Kevin & Ralph Willard be the only father & son to coach teams to the Sweet 16?
  13. You might have jinxed your own team. A more accurate statement has never been uttered
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