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  1. I watched the recording of qualifying. It’s nice to see Stroll has maintained his consistency from last year. This is a pretty fucking expensive hobby.
  2. https://nypost.com/2024/02/29/sports/messages-leaked-hours-after-f1-boss-christian-horner-cleared/ A strange twist for sure
  3. John Amos, and the role he played in Good Times, should get a lot more discussion as seriously good TV in a comedy.
  4. It was great. Thanks for asking. It was a 24-hour trip. The game was fun. I didn’t like the outcome but, the stadium is very nice. Sat right behind the goal, off to the side a bit, after starting a conversation with a Houston season ticket holder and he told me to stay and sit in one of his seats. It was a physical game, really evident from our first-row seats. Mikey played very well. The St. Louis offense was terrible with the ball. Their average time per possession had to be 15 seconds or fewer. Houston had a lot to do with that so I am not making any excuse. Houston deserved to win. the Marriott Marquis was very nice & convenient. Lunch at Pappasito’s was great, made even better after a call to a friend who has been in Houston for over 20 years. I had not been to Houston since 1997 when Pitt played at the Cougars. Also the last time I had Pappasito’s. We are thinking of coming back for the regular season game of St Louis @ Houston if our schedule allows. Edit: Southwest was even on time for both flights today. The funniest part of the day was when my flight from Houston to Chicago Midway flew right over Mikey’s St. Louis apartment
  5. Duh, obviously someone with the gift of rhythm, rhyme & dance.
  6. Houston has been better this half for sure
  7. https://www.chron.com/sports/dynamo/article/Goodbye-1836-hello-Houston-Dynamo-1634753.php stupid fucking name change
  8. First stop is Pappasita’s. Then over to talk to Mikey at the team hotel and then I’m going swimming
  9. Mike said he is starting tonight v Houston
  10. Just checked into my hotel for tonight’s game vs the Dynamos
  11. We were on campus three times that season and my buddy always asked if I wanted to be an extra, to which I would reply, "Rudy was offsides".
  12. Just made my flights. Just staying for the one night and coming home Wednesday. I am excited for this. The St. Louis stadium is really nice.
  13. I saw that from above clip and I thought a bit of that as well. Filipowski did some of what they said with his offensive lineman impression.
  14. I come to bury Houston, not to praise them. I didn’t realize they changed the name. That was an awesome name.
  15. Is anyone here a Houston Dynamo fan? I might be flying down tomorrow for the St. Louis at Houston game. Mike may be starting for St. Louis, which would be his debut for the big team
  16. $4,200,000 per year and signed through 2027-28. Seems like money well spent by A&M. 🤣
  17. I think Wilt is the greatest. On the train outside Philly and just passed Overbrook, Wilt’s high school. Even the building is amazing and built like a castle, like Wilt was.
  18. I can’t blame him but, the timing for some of these moves suck for the teams left behind.
  19. 15-yard personal foul for taunting the 🐊
  20. On the train to NYC. This is a shot of Three Mile Island. Wow, whoever did, wow
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