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  1. if they could play all of their games at home they might be a title contender.
  2. got your payment. and i agree, i like this one more than march madness too.
  3. One thing I'd like to request of everyone who enters, please make sure to update your entry name on ESPN to your surly handle. Makes traking these things much easier.
  4. $30 entry fee can be paid via Venmo, Paypal, Cash App, etc. Confidence points as always. Join here (password is Playoffs): https://fantasy.espn.com/free-prize-games/sharer?from=espn&challengeId=235&context=GROUP_INVITE&edition=espn-en&groupId=10629c9b-e5d1-4b5d-95cc-db680c470cd4&joinKey=8df0408d-c066-3775-bc0b-1534e7b024c7 Once you join PM me and let me know how you'd like to pay your entry fee. I'll keep track of all paid entries and will boot any non-payers when the contest begins (12/16). If we have 30 or fewer paid entrants, payouts will be split 65/20/15 between the top 3 finishers. If we have 31 or more paid entrants, payouts will be split 60/25/15.
  5. i love that this thread i started while drunk on saturday night because of how shitty their football game was is now not only 7 pages and at the top of the board on tuesday morning, but also still relevant due to the overwhelming amount of whining and butt hurt from fsu fans/some members of the media over the past couple of days. fun stuff.
  6. oh, and since it was discussed earlier on this thread, here is clarification: feel free to shoot the messenger on that one
  7. ok, this needs to be one of the absolute top priorites in the portal right now.
  8. last night on the livestream they seemed to think he'd have to serve it in the semifinal game. maybe no one really knows at this point.
  9. Catalon being healthy enough to at least play in the first half while Williams serves his BS susspension would be massive.
  10. how the fuck can someone make it all the way to reffing in the nfl and miss that?
  11. congrats to Coach Choate. does he stick around for the playoff run or leave immediately?
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