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  1. i don't know a lot about x's & o's, but i definitely noticed finkley holding his own on the edge on multiple occasions throughout the year.
  2. obviously i prefer the sugar bowl, but i haven't seen a potential matchup yet (across any of the three bowl possibilities) that i hate. i'd rather not play alabama simply because we play them again next season, but any of lsu, tennesee, oregon, washington, usc, notre dame, fsu, clemson, unc feel like fun matchups to me.
  3. there have been a lot of really fucking stupid quinn ewers takes over the past month and it feels like they're only getting dumber as time goes on.
  4. it's very clearly caleb williams. so fucking glad he is not at ou.
  5. lol 75 yard td on the first play of the second half. should have gone with the over.
  6. second half total is 33.5, which feels light. but that makes the game total 88.5. i'd like to get a bet in just to have a vested interest in this game, but i can't bring myself to bet on the over - and i try to never ever bet unders.
  7. ...once it's over, it's another 40 weeks until a regular season college football saturday.
  8. this was baxter's tweet during the game today. seems to be pretty invested:
  9. Sweat coming back would be huge. Hoping the Collins and Broughton can make a jump next year. If Collins can ever reach his potential he'll be a monster.
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