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  1. Sheppard's active hands on defense are an underrated part of his game. Offensively, he looked like Curry at times out there tonight.
  2. i don't really care about the nba cup, but the group the rockets are in is definitely the easiest of the three groups.
  3. feels like our most lethal lineup would be something along the lines of: steph, ant, tatum, kd, davis/bam
  4. thoughts on the new album? it took me a couple of listens but i'm really digging it. the three strong strech that includes 28, american nights, and oak island is really good shit.
  5. my team has 9 hits so far this week. 5 of them are home runs.
  6. free agency starts in about 20 minutes. doesn't sound like the rockets are planning on being terribly active. i'm mostly fine with that approach, but would like to try and package landale and tate (and jeff green if necessary) for another shooter. but that may be more of an in season type of move.
  7. damn, awesome save.
  8. Roman returnign and going scorched earth on them should be fun.
  9. felt like only a matter of time before that happened.
  10. Italy looks shaky as hell.
  11. $80-90 million/year for barnes and quickley. wow.
  12. https://y.yarn.co/064b9f6e-b846-4303-89d3-9f2e191872f8.mp4
  13. i don't see any reason that Amen needs to play summer league, but Sheppard, Whitmore, and Griffin all should.
  14. yeah i definitely like that better than whatever scrub they would have taken with #44.
  15. Aqua Buddha shits on the Rockets any chance he gets. Its to be expected at this point.
  16. i need portland to draft clingan so he doesn't fall in SA or memphis' laps.
  17. popular opinion seems to be that if its Sheppard we're keeping him and if its Clingan something could be up.
  18. i fucking love the draft. it should be really fun tonight with a lack of consensus amongst the top guys. i bet there will be a lot of trades and moves that make us all lol and shake our heads. should be a great evening!
  19. Avdija is interesting. I'd much rather have him than the 14th pick in a weak draft. Brogdon is old and doesnt fit Portland's timeline.
  20. trading salaries i understand. that tweet phrased it as if they could outright sign him as a free agent and they cannot.
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