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  1. season starts thursday, march 28th. soo, tuesday, march 26th?
  2. am i missing something here? isn't Barron coming back?
  3. yeah i don't know what world you're living in if you think glover hasn't done very well for himself since leaving community.
  4. he also hustled out a ground ball that easily could have been an ending inning double play. had he not done so, that flores grand slam never happens.
  5. yeah he hit the piss out of it for sure.
  6. yeah teofimo has not done anythign exciting in quite some time. he's a lot like berlenga who started off super hot and then plateued once he started facing legit competition. he has better wins than berlenga for sure (although the only reason he beat loma is because loma decided to not start trying until very late in the fight), but the excitement when you hear he is going to fight is gone.
  7. mason looks like one to watch moving forward.
  8. yeah probably alongside the same lines as those two guys, hopefully with a higher basketball iq (russ) and not a total bitch (simmons).
  9. Teofimo Lopez and Keshawn Davis both fight on ESPN tonight (not against each other). Pretty cool for a Thursday night.
  10. Also had a gun to his head from Omar and lived to tell about it.
  11. the mavs are getting gafford and washington? i like that a lot for them.
  12. yeah they can't win the title, but they are a very, very solid team.
  13. i worry that he'll never develop a reliable 3-point shot and that will keep him from being a star, but he's certainly got a lot of tools to work with.
  14. i realize zach bryan has blown the fuck up, but man that is a big get for a music video. and boy does McConaughey go for it. good shit.
  15. My favorites from each year (including 2013 because that is my favorite movie on the entire list) 2023 - Oppenheimer 2022 - Pearl (this one is almost by default as I have not seen hardly any 2022 movies, but I did like it) 2021 - Cruella 2020 - The Invisible Man 2019 - Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 2018 - BlacKkKlansman 2017 - Wind River 2016 - War Dogs 2015 - Sicaro 2014 - Boyhood 2013 - The Wolf of Wall Street
  16. ah the old we missed a call and will now exacerbate it by calling a techingal bit
  17. what relevance does the first sentence hold here?
  18. Blue is a threat to house it every time he gets the ball, but Baxter stepped up big and showed a lot in the game against Iowa State right after Brooks got hurt. We are extremely lucky to have both of them and they are both going to be important pieces of next year's team.
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