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  1. my tits are easily that big, if not bigger, so.
  2. recap of events: slorch: don't do anything wrong and immamac will leave you alone vic: you sound like the people who say, "just don't break the law and the cops won't kill you." derka: slorch you are wrong. even immamac refers to himself as the crooked cop who comes onto your lawn and shoots your dog just because he can. slorch, to vic: sounds like you should avoid getting cuffed so much slorch, to derka: right, because you're such a saint derka: that response is tantamount to saying, "well he had a criminal record so he deserved to be shot by the cops." Llogg has entered the chat Llogg: goddammit derka, why are you making these insensitive analogies about police brutality?!?! ugh, you make it so hard for the good, virtuous, righteous people like me to stick up for you! ugh, why do you always do this derka?!?!?!?! derka:
  3. i'm not responsible for your emotions or your ability to follow the thread. just own your own shit, and save your high horse preaching for someone who needs it. and perhaps consider that you may be in the wrong here, and that your condescending, holier than thou attitude towards me actually makes you the tone deaf prick in this thread.
  4. how about you go ahead and "be better" at not sensationalizing shit for no apparent reason. the entire conversation between three different parties was literally nothing but police analogies, but don't let that stop you from singling out my posts as if i just pulled that analogy out of thin air. fuck out of here. "not trying to start shit" my ass. how about you go ahead "be better" at reading, mmkay? fucking joke...
  5. be a lot cooler if she was, but Mickey moved to Pflugerville when his pro career was over and had three sons. his oldest, Clay, got a scholarship to Rice and started at 3B for the Owls in the CWS, which is pretty cool if you ask me. edit: i wouldn't be surprised if she was a cousin to his kids. his middle son is one of my best friends and they have a ton of cousins/aunts/uncles all over Texas, including/especially central Texas.
  6. yep. Vic nailed it. this response is tantamount to, "well he had a criminal record so it's ok that the cop killed him for no reason and then bragged about it." classic slorch.
  7. 1975 College World Series MVP Mickey "Stoneface" Reichenbach: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Vic just nailed it. I don't know where you've been for the last 3-4 years+, but immamac has an extremely long and contentious history with the posters whom he "moderates". The number of times that he's banned someone for arguing/disagreeing with him is too many for me to count. he's aggy Campus Loopy. and seriously, i apologize to everyone who's been familiar with immamac and his bitchass ways for years now, because i'm going to sound like a broken record to you; still, for slorch's own edification, i will repeat for the hundredth time: back on shaggy, when immamac banned me literally for no other reason than because he didn't like me (never mind the countless threads of mine that he locked and/or deleted just because a use he doesn't like me, both on shaggy as well as surly), he literally said, I am the cops. I just came onto your lawn and shot your dog. What are you going to do about it? Nothing." yeah. he said that. he's that brash about his abuse of what pathetic little power he has over internet posters. is that cool with you, or do you now understand why so many people have such a distaste for immamac and everything he stands for?
  9. Chevy Chase as Pierce Hawthorne is fucking comedic gold. he played the role as well as/better than anyone else could have. you might even say he was born for the part. people love to hate him, and for good reason, but his portrayal of Pierce was fucking perfect. Last worthwhile thing he ever did.
  10. Community is a pretty fucking woke show that is renowned for honestly and openly addressing a shit-ton of different societal issues, with more hilarity and aplomb than probably any sitcom I've ever seen. Anyone who makes it to the D&D episode is beyond being offended that easily. It's a seriously weak move, but today's climate has everyone running scared, so sadly, I get why they did it- even if i think it's
  11. that's one of the best episodes of the entire series.
  12. ding ding ding. well, that, plus she's a legit psycho. growing up rich and black in St.Louis, i doubt she's been in touch with reality since the day she was born. also of note- it's hilarious that Swaggy is announcing how rich he is ($350k!!! zomfg!!!) when from what i understand he amassed his entire net worth as a "day trader" because Bayleigh's wealthy parents gave him a bunch of money to start playing with. i mean for all we know this dude has actually lost more than he's earned as a day trader, but of course that would never stop him from running his mouth, so who knows.
  13. yeah Bayleigh is making shit up. her repeatedly saying "I was Kaycee's Nany on BB" is total horseshit. she linked up with Swaggy immediately and spent pretty much all of her time with him before he got evicted like a week and a half into the show. meanwhile Kaycee had formed an alliance with six other people, all of whom "were on the other side of the house" so to speak from Bayleigh, Swaggy, Fessy, and their crew. So essentially Kaycee and Bayleigh belonged to opposing factions, and their relationship never remotely resembled that of Kaycee and Nany. Bayleigh is just an absolute psycho who completely unravels whenever she doesn't get her way.
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