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  1. Justin Wells: Top PFF grades from No. 3 Texas' 38-6 win over Baylor Coach V: Accolades aplenty after Texas' 38-6 win over Baylor (Scipio Tex) 2023 Baylor Post Mortem: Defense & Not-So-Special Teams
  2. Joe Cook: Everything Steve Sarkisian said after Texas' 38-6 win over Baylor Steve Habel: No. 3 Texas uses balanced attack, stifling defense to dominate Baylor 38-6 in final Big 12 opener
  3. Collecting $9.95-er postgame articles on the Baylor game here: (Gerald Goodridge) No. 3 Texas 38, Baylor 6: Three things we learned (Ian Boyd) Five quick thoughts: Farewell to Baylor
  4. Holy shit. Game-changing play. Klubnik never saw it coming
  5. blOU is definitely not going to be a pushover this year. Venables has their defense clicking
  6. Riley probably mistook Baker for a reporter and banned him from campus.
  7. How A&M fans see Liucci How everyone else sees Liucci
  8. Plenty of big football schools have some equivalent to the Hellraisers. There is no equivalent to the weird all-male "cheerleader" squad that A&M rolls out, and for good reason.
  9. Lol. So much for TexAgs touting themselves as an independent media organization. Pretty big coup for Liucci
  10. On3 is continuing to favour A&M's class and downgrade ours (we have just 7, by way of comparison)
  11. Or we could just leave the thread title as is, instead of tacking on some tryhard attempt at humour like when RC Didn't Offer became 🤫 $9.95 🤫 ...why is that still a thing, anyway? Carrington is long gone.
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