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  1. Win predictor for the India vs. Pakistan match
  2. It's expensive because it's a limited edition released to celebrate Citizen's 100th anniversary. @Covri the non-limited edition version CC4050 goes for about half that price in the JDM market, FYI. Don't sleep on Citizen's higher-end stuff. Their Attesa and Chronomaster/"The Citizen" lines are good alternatives to Seiko's Astron and Grand Seiko lines.
  3. If U.S.A. can beat Ireland, they'll (we'll) reach the quarterfinals. Already have a win over Canada.
  4. presented without comment
  5. Appropriately, I just recently finished reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World. It's very interesting to read Doyle's description of an Allosaurus, based on the state of paleontology in 1912: In the deep shadow of the tree there was a deeper shadow yet, black, inchoate, vague—a crouching form full of savage vigor and menace. It was no higher than a horse, but the dim outline suggested vast bulk and strength. That hissing pant, as regular and full-volumed as the exhaust of an engine, spoke of a monstrous organism. Once, as it moved, I thought I saw the glint of two terrible, greenish eyes... The thing moved forward with a dreadful snarl. Lord John never hesitated, but, running towards it with a quick, light step, he dashed the flaming wood into the brute's face. For one moment I had a vision of a horrible mask like a giant toad's, of a warty, leprous skin, and of a loose mouth all be-slobbered with fresh blood. The next, there was a crash in the underwood and our dreadful visitor was gone.
  6. For what it's worth, some of the newer AAA titles are too large to fit on Blu-ray discs in use today. The physical disc just contains download keys.
  7. Slapped a 247Sports logo on his decommitment Pic.
  8. Babur was a quitter. He fought for and lost Samarkand no fewer than three times, then fled Transoxiana to India ...where he founded one of India's greatest empires. Temüjin was a quitter. He was defeated by his own brother in battle and fled into hiding for ten years... then returned, seized the mantle of Genghis Khan and built the Mongol Empire.
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