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  1. I used to teach a class in the business minors program at McCombs. I would always run across students so stupid that I couldn't fathom how they got into UT, let alone made it to their senior year. They were almost always Comm majors.
  2. "Judgement and Advice of Council"? WTF, dude?????
  3. I remember one of you assholes, at the Wimberley flood cleanup, told my daughter that if she was going to get an engineering degree that the thing that would really set her apart would be to be able to write clearly and persuasively. That was some excellent advice, and she mentioned it to me several times while she was in school.
  4. How about now? https://classmodelos.com/talentos/1264/en/
  5. Except for the fact that going back to Perry's Closing the Gaps initiative, we've mistakenly used "college degree" and "college education" as synonyms.
  6. There's a famous econ paper from the 50s (?) that says approximately the same thing, using a signaling equilibrium model.
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