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  1. I tend to agree while also not discounting the chance it happens because of NIL and specifically Riley at USC. Just depends on what Texas is willing to do and what he try’s to demand as @closetojumping has said.
  2. I’m going to disagree here RE: QB development. Sark has numerous skins on the wall RE: QB development. That’s a huge reason Arch committed. If Quinn fails to live up to the hype I’m not inclined to blame the coaching. Sometimes that just happens.
  3. From a what’s on the line perspective it’s VY for sure. But if you are looking at it from a crazy “top” play perspective there are arguments to be made. The kick six was BANANAS! Also, FUCK Crabtree! I’ll never get over that shit.
  4. Maybe something like “Pulse” instead? GTFO
  5. Well coasting is not technically using your brakes so…
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