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  1. I assume the GQP is somehow going to get out from under control of the MAGA idiots?
  2. Fair but that’s were the expected improvement in edge rush becomes big.
  3. Combine that with Willams and Makuba at safety and you have to feel encouraged that the secondary will be better this year. I also think teams will try to be more balanced against us this year for obvious reasons which should cut down on passing attempts.
  4. Who should y’all dump Trump for? That dumb fuck is talking about boats sinking and if the battery will electrocute you or should you risk getting eaten by a shark.
  5. Hey @PRONG HORN we get it Biden is old. Guess what… Trump is old too… and a narcissistic egomaniac piece of shit that cares only about power even if it means tearing this country apart. Given the alternative, I’d vote for Biden’s corpse over the human shit stain that is the other guy.
  6. Saw Inside Out 2 with my daughters this weekend as well. Man that hit my wife and I in our feelers pretty good.
  7. Look for all the people concerned about age, which is an issue for both to be clear, look at it this way. If they die in office, whose administration do you think will be better equipped to handle that? Biden’s administration is filled with professionals that know what they are doing. Who will be in Trump’s after he ran off all the adults in the first term? Pretty easy when you look at it like that.
  8. I mean if they are set on doing this it should really be the Gulf of Mexico since it is full of shit too.
  9. Considering his family is all about academics it’s mind boggling that they would consider Tech over Texas.
  10. Yep. I go out of my way to meet my staff’s needs when it comes to flexibility. Family and life always come first. I’ve also found that when you treat folks that way, when shit does hit the fan and you need that little extra out of them they are happy to do it knowing you have and will have their back.
  11. Like most things, the right answer probably lies somewhere in the middle. I think a hybrid schedule like 2 days in the office that may slide a bit depending on specific roles is the right solution.
  12. Arch: Seriously though Arch looks great. If Quinn can stay healthy this year with Arch getting good reps man we are setup well for the next 3-4 years.
  13. Remember this when certain organizations post their polls…
  14. Lady Liberty has heard the tape and read the lawsuit. She knows what comes next.
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