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  1. Let go and enjoy it. Make the stops, see the falls. If you're wound up on vacation what's the point.
  2. Not accidental. But have a gold star to add amongst your many, many accolades! I stated my preference. Hold no grudges or indignation for those that disagree with me. It's a very specific statement that I would prefer not to have on this board.
  3. Known too many women to suffer. Don't want to see the joke on my favorite site. Not surlywothy?
  4. Just expressing my preference that I don't want to see "watch the rape" as a thread title on surly when there are women that were raped. I don't have 10's of thousands of posts but I won't sit back and enjoy it for a throw away joke.
  5. Don't disagree it's a shit culture. Just saying "watch the rape" when talking about actual rapes is a beyond the pale. THEY ARE ACTUAL VICTIMS. No, they, nor their families, aren't visiting this site. Let's be better.
  6. And maybe I'm too sensitive to this. Have a 17 yr old daughter (fuck everybody, no pics) choosing a university. By "watch the rape" you're watching a victim. Fuck this. We're better than that.
  7. Changing to "Watch The Rape" is too far. No, dickstick, we shouldn't shut up and let it happen.
  8. Generationalmorons.com should autodirect to texags
  9. I try not to resemble that remark. Covid was a blessing and a curse for the business. Now that the market is softening more are going to have financial difficulties. Many have closed doors, had BBB status revoked or gone to jail. Most try to do right.
  10. Holy fuck. Went back to page 11 for your first drawings... and y'all had previous relationship... Last I really dealt with them was about 17. Phenomenal view.
  11. https://skyandtelescope.org/astronomy-news/the-james-webb-space-telescope-is-finding-too-many-early-galaxies/ Amazing the fundamentals of our understanding of the universe are being dramatically altered w/info from JW
  12. In my younger days I chased stranger tail.
  13. Don't have burger pick - but I'll put Skinny Legs up against anybody.
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