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  1. Well that's unfortunate. They have to fix that shit.
  2. Tell them to clean plaster ovwrspray. Should be able to take off. They should provide lid. If acrylic spray deck, they should paint to match as well.
  3. This doesn't seem realistic. You have backup?
  4. Bull, lyon and RCS are some common, solid grills. Don't go big box.
  5. Outdoor kitchen just means she's tired of cooking for your ass. But seriously. Got one. Love it.
  6. Not on my wish list right now, but that's a smokin' price.
  7. Yeah mine was 3200 for about 10 hours a day when I moved in and it was pretty damn loud. Dialed it back to 2400 and it was much better, but didn't seem to be skimming enough. I think I'll do a combo of high/med/low and see how that goes. Do higher RPM'S during heat of day and slower either side of that. I believe those motors are rated for very high RPM's. The VS motors are not your parent's pool equipment.
  8. Thanks, I'll tweak the settings. I actually didn't have it running at all overnight. Is it better to have it going 24/7 I guess? Still learning all this stuff. At that speed you're consuming about 100w of electricity and still have water flow and filtration. I have same pump. Lasted 10 years til freeze.
  9. This time of year 6 hours high. Usualy 10 - 4pm, 4-10pm on medium. 10 pm - 10 am at about 25%. When we fit fall through winter back high speed down to 75%.
  10. Have you had it since new? Has the sound changed dramatically? If its a nuisance drop the high from 100% to 85 or 90%
  11. I'll drink to that! And will continue for another 14 hours or so.
  12. Fireworks starting early today.
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