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  1. Kiffen: Hey Chris, coed talent is top notch and only 20% are really crazy Beard: yeah but, don't know if you heard, i got this domestic thing in Austin... Kif: (after laughing for several minutes) Yeah yeah man. You good. Here's my realtor's number.
  2. Ok. Lots of variables. I'll dm you in a few. You want to avoid bleach and acid mixing. Look up mustard gas.
  3. John Kennedy Toole lives and posts on surly.
  4. Looking to get something like this for my daughter. You mind posting a pic? Was just looking at tank anglaise today with sapphire crown.
  5. pics because we're all dirty bastards.... have some fucking fun.... pun intended
  6. What are you going to name the pool company? shit sorry too soon. i'll kick myself in the nuts.
  7. Was lucky enough to have a convo with Earl. Said he still gets aggies come up to him. Tells them he loves tamu- ran for 200++ yards and 4 touchdowns. Solidified the Heisman for him.
  8. If we move to a "small town" a view like this would be required.
  9. The Godfather, II and will finish III tomorrow. Still a fantastic trio.
  10. Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Auburn, Lsu and both Miss schools joined same year. Per wiki. So must be true.
  11. Do they have any idea where the leak is? Have they put the plumbing under pressure, dove the pool to leak test drains, etc? First step is having a leak detection co do that. They also have listening devices to get an idea of where a leak might be if it's under deck, etc. And there's a lot in a contract that a pool builder stipulates they won't do, but jhfc.
  12. Probably safe to start Friday. Will prob be to temp by Sunday. But then again size does matter. Both of the heater and pool.
  13. In a horrific way, user name fits.
  14. Flood jr. is sophomore at Ole Miss. Hoping for at least one game while he's a student.
  15. The only logical thing to do is pm the link for every game along with your cell # cause I know I'm gonna need some help. Kthanksttysoon
  16. The author... Brett is an avid sports traveler and former Division-I football recruiter for Bowling Green and Texas State. He’s covered college sports for Fansided, Stadium Journey, and several independent outlets over the past five years. A graduate of BGSU, Brett currently works on-site at Google as a project lead for content curation products.
  17. Gotcha. One guy... up thread.
  18. Who was panicked or hysterical? I'll pos rep this shit right here.
  19. Let go and enjoy it. Make the stops, see the falls. If you're wound up on vacation what's the point.
  20. Not accidental. But have a gold star to add amongst your many, many accolades! I stated my preference. Hold no grudges or indignation for those that disagree with me. It's a very specific statement that I would prefer not to have on this board.
  21. Known too many women to suffer. Don't want to see the joke on my favorite site. Not surlywothy?
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