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  1. This is minor but flip brown and Kennedy. Kennedy is an animal in left. Not sure I see DC in center but fuck, he’s a great athlete so I could see him being solid in center. Think I’d like to see Kennedy in left, Campbell in right with Brown and Whitehead battling it out for center
  2. I really want to hear what those idiots have to say about Miami. The thought of a dork in overalls talking shit about south beach is too glorious
  3. This is astounding to me. Only they would want to compare complete shit hooks. Ok so let’s preteens Sam Houston state can beat ULM. That changes….nothing. That’s the point of these games. Tune up. Or in aggys case, a dog fight with app state
  4. So…future losses. Miami, the Mississippi schools, bama, Florida, maybe lsu, maybe auburn. Please god give me an aggy 4-8 season when they were supposedly a healthy Haynes King away from playoff contention.
  5. My aggy friend last week was saying this aggy defense is the best he’s ever seen. I hate that these people exist so much
  6. He’s a pencil pushing yes man
  7. I’m talking myself into it. Stupidly
  8. Baseball recruiting may not be for you then. Most of these dudes are committed by their sophomore year in high school
  9. watched the shit out of that growing up
  10. They’ve been that way since they opened. They had some solid pitching though back in the day
  11. Get on the mother fucka, Cajun!!!
  12. No sorry, Cajun. Either you think we’re gonna obliterate them or you’re just a shitty fan. Either/or
  13. Anyone down to practice around lunch Thursday? @B00Mand I will be at northwest hills
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