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  1. Oh no you don’t! Nice try, asshole. Reverse jinking this shit….. (how did y’all pull this off? This was my biggest fear when Skip took over. I’m happy for Skip and you. And I guess Van Hook. Y’all are ok even if y’all sold your souls to evil and scum)
  2. Fuck off, Ted. Dudes a perfect fucking aggy
  3. Exceptions….and I’ll always miss Rosenblatt
  4. God damn you haha Is this how it’s going to be from here on out? This has been a problem since that fucking park opened. The first few years with the bbcor bats were beyond brutal. It’s gotten a little bit better the last few years. Still way too many balls just dying like 10 feet in front of the warning track when you think it’s gone and excuse me, but is tied for 7th sucking!?!?!?/aggy
  5. To an annoying fucking extent. Rosenblatt was so fucking perfect for college ball. And playing at the Disch prepared us perfectly for Rosenblatt. And it also prepares us perfectly for this corporate shithole. Watching hangers just be loud outs isn’t fucking baseball. Really wish they’d bring the fences in. Park just plays way too big. Not to mention how fucking perfect Rosenblatt was
  6. “Months ago”? So when we got back from Lubbock? Guess I can see that. I don’t give a shit who ultimately pulled the trigger, I’m just glad he’s gone. Watching Texas baseball have an average pitching staff is fucked up.
  7. It’s fucking annoying. They think my absolute hatred of everything GQP makes me an ultra liberal socialist. I was fucking made fun of for wearing a mask and getting vaccinated by some old baseball friends of mine. Like wtf!?!? Do they make fun of people for getting chemo and radiation? Or is cancer only for pussy libtards?
  8. July 1st eh? Excellent. Finished up the Netflix rewatch the other day. I suppose I can wait a week. I have no idea wtf is about to happen but I know Gilligan and his crew are going to fucking nail it
  9. Think I’m gonna do that next week. Dead serious
  10. I think under a new coach he could’ve been fixed up but whatever
  11. His ads are great but it just doesn’t fucking matter. Fucking aggys have taken over half the country. Talking to a republican about politics is exactly like talking to aggy about sports. Facts don’t matter. They believe exactly what they’re told and there’s no changing their minds. Ever. I’ve tried with a handful and there’s just no fucking hope.
  12. Just saw it again. It’s even better the second time
  13. Our boy lobo before last season started said David Freese has been spending time around the program and expect to hear something about him before the 2023 season. No idea if that still holds true. I do know a bunch of the studs from the Gus and Augie days have been spending more time around the program and like us, aren’t pleased with our pitching performance. Especially considering pitching and defense has been our identity since the Korean War
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