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  1. Wonder if the 777-7777 guys would sponsor us
  2. Well, don’t crowd @B00Ms plate. Easy as that
  3. I’ve been very impressed with this off-season. From the coaching changes to who were bringing in. Plus Kennedy, Campbell, Daly, O’Dowd, Whitehead, Gordon and the other dudes we have coming back. Got a pretty good feeling about this season. Granted I’ve been saying that since 2017….but shit around the program just feels right again
  4. Oh and @B00M can’t hit a beach ball and he’s like Charlie Sheen in Major League. His control is ass. Have fun being in the batters box when he’s pitching….
  5. What if we pivoted and played a bull shit softball game? Clearly we’re not going to have the numbers for a full blown ball game, though I wish we could, but a 7ish pm softball game sounds more realistic. Especially for broken ole bastards like @BigSwingingD and @Cajun But @B00M and I would prefer a full blown baseball game. And B00M and I get to be on the same team. @ztejas can be the other team captain. Don’t worry. Whoever ends up on that worthless cocksuckers team is in good hands. He’s got upper management material
  6. What more did you want? Best case he’s basically a Giambi type. Worst case is what we saw. Plenty of studs have fucking folded in New York. It is what it is. Sucks he couldn’t put it together there but fuck it. And the Yankees will be fine. Slumps happen. They weren’t going to play as well as they did earlier this year….
  7. @BrazilHorn @B00M @ztejas @shadow_operative @capnamerca @immamac @blacklab can any of y’all practice next week? Perhaps at old settlers park or northwest hills or maybe even Westlake high? Or just fucking any field that’ll have us…. This isn’t a game, this is our fucking lives!!!!!!!
  8. Can you two please shut the fuck up about that game and weekend!?!?!?Good lord I vaguely remember following those games. But then again, you two have an odd thing for cock and ball torture, so not surprisingly y’all are discussing that garbage. Should we talk about the 2012 season next? Or the epic T-Nic hire!?!? How bout the glory that was 2016!?!?
  9. Assuming Ricky isn’t hungover
  10. Dude, I don’t quite feel ya, but I understand. I think Blackmon would’ve owned honey badger and Weeden would’ve been locked in. Damn fucking shame for y’all and college football. Watching that offense against that LSU defense would’ve been legendary. Thanks ESPN! Game of the century part deaux!!!! God fucking dammit that game still pisses me off. The regular season game was fun in the snot slinger way but come the fuck on. We didn’t need a fucking rematch. And fuck it. Why not a game 3? Everything about 2011 pisses me off
  11. Not exactly. But @B00M @ztejas and @BigSwingingD are more than down to practice. PM me and we’ll figure it out
  12. Kinda doubt it. I think Gene/Saul/Jimmy is gonna get caught. One way or another. I fucking love sleazy ole Saul but in the BB universe, he’s fucked. Now that I say that, he’s gonna find his way to Alaska and chill with Jesse Btw can we talk about how perfect that Kim and Jesse scene was!?!? It was the perfect mix of BCS and BB. Everything about it was glorious for both characters. Beautiful fan service
  13. So this time after we beat 2 vaunted SEC teams, can we please keep that same intensity throughout the season? Yeah I know Witt and whatever but we were a totally different team after beating Tennessee and LSU. And not in a good way
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