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  1. It's not easy to get there. Getting there doesn't guarantee that you will win it all. I'm always disappointed when we do not win it all, as I'm sure the players and coaches are. That being said, I'd rather be Texas than any of the others listed.....because, I know, we will be returning soon.
  2. Heard this morning on The Horn 104.9, that they expected Texas to lose two Big 12 opponents, and pick up two of the new additions, but they could not confirm that....if they did that, then you'd think that's how they'd do all the teams.....guess we'll see shortly.
  3. In the 75 Years of the College World Series Texas has ended the season ranked #5 or better 32 times #3 or better 24 times
  4. The Top 5 greatest college baseball programs of all time Posted on 1/30/23 at 3:42 pm 38 I pretty much concur with this list and the reasons given for each. There will be much discussion/debate here about the #2 & #3 programs, for sure. The reasoning given in the article is understandable. I get it. I think the list is from 2011 or 2012 (not sure); but, I still think it's accurate even today. #1...........Southern California #2...........Texas #3...........LSU #4...........Arizona State #5...........Stanford How the SEC programs compare........ ALABAMA -- 5 appearances/0 titles ARKANSAS -- 11 appearances/0 titles AUBURN -- 6 appearances/0 titles FLORIDA -- 12 appearances/1 title GEORGIA -- 6 appearances/1 title KENTUCKY -- 0/0 LSU -- 18 appearances/6 titles MISS. STATE -- 12 appearances/1 title OLE MISS -- 6 appearances/1 title MISSOURI -- 6 appearances/1 title OKLAHOMA -- 11 appearances/2 titles SOUTH CAROLINA -- 11 appearances/2 titles TENNESSEE -- 5 appearances/0 titles TEXAS A&M -- 7 appearances/0 titles TEXAS - 38 appearances/6 titles VANDERBILT - 5 appearances/2 titles **USC -- 21 appearances/12 titles (leads all programs) From secrant.
  5. I think Beard has now been fucked enough to last a lifetime.
  6. Sell out....20,000+ Apparently, we are intimidated. Since when did Barnes' club hit their free throws?
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