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  1. I was a recent ASE grad when Columbia exploded. I never really studied it beyond the understanding that foam struck the wing at liftoff, which damaged the wing heat shield. I looked up some articles today and there is a lot of information out there. One of the headlines really got me thinking. It stated that NASA knew the shuttle was damaged, and that it would break-up on re-entry. However they chose not to inform the crew. I was skeptical this could be true. I still don't know the answer exactly, but I found an amazing read about the full work-up for a rescue mission. This is an amazing read.
  2. I was talking to my brother last week, and we was encouraging me to get my son into studying A.I., because it will be taking all the jobs and then take over the world in the next 25 years. My response was, "Nah, A.I. will start making porn and then take over the world in a week."
  3. My sister is cutting checks to me and my brother for $3500 tomorrow to clean out most of the cash. Any reason not to take the check? Thread advise sounds like I'm good.
  4. I just want to say thanks to this thread. I sold my recently deceased father's truck for cash, title in hand. I kept the plates, registartions sticker and toll tag. We filled out the online transfer of title notice before handing over the keys. Nice guy buyer sent me a picture the same day with new plates and registration sticker on the truck. Square deal. No BS. Thanks Surly.
  5. Thanks. This is all way out of my knowledge base. My sister is listed as the only beneficiary on the life insurance. The will says we split everything three ways. @TwiceHorn, is it really that simple. Next year, I just say it was due to death and it's all tax free? I realize that this is not a lot of money, so I wouldn't be suprised if that's the case. You stated two different tax returns. Do I need a CPA? Or is this pretty easy on turbotax?
  6. My father passed away and left a little money to me and my two siblings. It should work out to be a bout $45k each. My sister is the only listed beneficiary, so the funds will flow to her then to me and my brother by checks written from her to us. We are listed in the will as equal thirds in the will. The $135k comes from 3 sources: $100k life insurance, $50k in an unsual real estate deal, and $15k in cash; minus $15k in funeral expenses. I'm pretty sure my sister isn't going to a have an income tax exposure, but I'm concerned my brother and I will be subject to income tax on the $45k each. Is there anything we can do to shield the inheritance from taxes? Am I overthinking this?
  7. Scorsese really shows how crummy the mob world is in The Departed. Leo's line, "it's almost a futile enterprise" really nails it.
  8. If someone told me to go get my shinebox, I would assume they want to tangle...with me, and/or stabbed in the neck with a pen....by me.
  9. Elvis

    Bond Girls

    There are no wrong answers here, but post your favorite. I was blown away by this one in Casino Royal. Solange Dimitrios (Caterina Murino) (This thread can move to IPIHB if needed).
  10. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08KFPPJ3Y/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 These have been pretty good for working out and yard work.
  11. Elvis

    Merry Christmas…

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