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  1. If you’re old enough to be on this site… and you haven’t fucked a girl named Jenny…. I don’t know what to tell ya. I have a nascar story, but this isn’t the right thread.
  2. I think she makes this face of disapointment 90% of the time. Never been a fan.
  3. Garner is right out. I wouldn’t put up with her for a second.
  4. Guzman must have an incredible agent. He has been in everything. Well, maybe not everything. But he is in something every single year since 1977.
  5. The Chernobyl fire fighters death from acute radiation poisining is up there. Slowly melting for days or weeks.
  6. My buddy had a saying. It’s better to burn out than rust out. He was the dude that died in a plane crash years back. It was on the other site. The turbo prop plane with a longhorn on the vertical stabilizer. RIP amigo.
  7. How did she not sucomb to smoke inhalation in the first five minutes?
  8. Coke and dope may have helped with the pain of burning alive. It may have also kept her alive to endure it longer.
  9. Yard sign talk not going away
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