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  1. I hired a private car (like an Uber black) to drive me two hours deep into beautiful Hill Country. Why? I was taken to the guys house that I bought my 911 from, private sale. It was a beautiful drive there and an exhilarating Hill Country drive home. Perfect twisty roads. No traffic. Perfect weather. Great day that was worth the money.
  2. Hi neighbor. Gettin’ high again? Sniff sniff sniff.
  3. Any names on these Prime and YT shows?
  4. I think this is considered a sequel. The Bourne Ultimatum was the best in the series (in my opinion). T2 is the obvious winner though.
  5. I grew up in Abilene with Dyess Airforce Base. We were a top-10 strike zone because of the B1 Bomber and a bunch of missile silos. We all had a mentallity to just sit on the roof and watch the fireworks show. My father-in-law was a B1 pilot. He ran missions half-way across the atlantic, not knowing if his payload was real or dummy loads. He didn't know if the mission was a training or real sometimes. Scary stuff.
  6. Youtube TV video quality is terrible. I can't watch it on anything bigger than a 50" TV. I won't be using it again next season.
  7. Hey, that's the Point Break chick!
  8. Prometheus. That movie makes no sense. Space bikinis are nice though.
  9. Cop Land on Netflix. What a cast. I remember when this came out and I think I probably watched it. I had a lot of other things on my mind in 1997 besides movies though.
  10. I think the story is this: he was flying a team somewhere to do illegal Brazilian butt lifts. He was scared to check his butt lifter tools, so he brought them through TSA. This wasted everyone’s time and no butts got lifted.
  11. It didn't ask for email or any info other than birthday.
  12. Streaming on MAX. I watched this when it came out for rent, but I didn't remember any of it. It had my pulse rate up for the whole movie.
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