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  1. I don’t know why the news articles that mention a second balloon over “Latin America” aren’t being more specific. The damn thing was over my marina Marina Pez Vela in Costa Rica on Thursday morning. I got this picture of it. If they needed to find it they could have just asked me. Clearly the Chinese are trying to steal my fishing secrets. The next 2 days there was a ton of U.S. military helicopter traffic over the Pacific which you don’t see often at all other than an occasional large drug interdiction.
  2. Super busy here I’ve been in Costa Rica 3 weeks now and have already fished 10 days, including a few tournaments. The bite was great for the first 2 weeks - 3 to 5 shots a day at marlin and 15-20 sailfish each trip but it’s slowed some the last week. Also had the most devastating end to a tournament ever in the Quepos Pelagic Rockstar. A boat beat us with 2 minutes left in the tournament and dropped our check from 250,000 to 13,000. Just brutal. Marlin bite. If this video doesn’t post right let me know and I’ll put it on YouTube IMG_0866.MOV
  3. All in Jaco - Lemon Zest, Ohana Sushi, Calichi’s Wishbone, Green Room. I’m not big on most sushi but people whose opinion I trust have said Ohana is about the best they have had anywhere in the world. Jaco Bar is also a cool little bar that has really good bar food and more. As you know the food everywhere at the marina is outstanding too.
  4. It hasn’t even moved yet. I’m out of town but last I heard it might move Sunday or Monday. I wouldn’t expect it to open before at least spring break and my guess is that it won’t open until Memorial Day.
  5. Every time I get back down here I like it even more. I got here a little over a week ago and I’ve been going nonstop ever since - mostly fishing. I’m headed a bit up the coast today to Los Suenos for another week of fishing and then after that hoping to slow down , relax, and enjoy this country. Wearher has been great and I did take the Highway from San Jose to Manuel Antonio. No problems at all other than a quick detour.
  6. Nah, they are around 30th in Kempom. One terrible loss for them this year. We are lucky it’s close with Rice and Hunter playing like crap. Welcome to conference play.
  7. J Carvers for sure. I’ve been going there most trips to Austin this year and had 2 day old leftovers from there earlier this week and it was better than the meal I had at III Forks Tuesday night. I’ve never been to Salt and Time but had a ham from there on Christmas Day that was outstanding. My favorite restaurant in Austin is still Red Ash (which is how I first learned of J Carver) but sounds like it’s not an option for you this trip.
  8. Just saw CDC and who I believe was Hartzell having lunch at Chris Madrid’s. I did not approach them but a couple of assholes did. Dude, you don’t approach a guy when he is in the middle of eating a macho Mexican Tostada burger.
  9. Well, in this case where it’s mostly he said/she said and trying to get a a story out, I was verifying the rumor that there was an incident in NYC, and there was also one in public the night before the arrest. I’m not comfortable putting the details out there. But the fact that there are at least 2 verifiable incidents of her behavior right before the arrest makes it much more likely, to me, that Beard was truly defending himself. And then left the house which is also verified. this isn’t a case of Beard or his legal team paying her off to change a story. I thought it was interesting that the rumor about NYC which I heard early on was true and I hadn’t heard anything about the night before. Anyway I’ll go ahead and let y’all continue talking about Westlake.
  10. Not that it means anything, but Beard and his fiancée were out together the night before the incident, and so if I remember right that was right after a game. They were having issues that night and it was also confirmed that there were problems in NYC the week prior which was talked about earlier in this thread.
  11. Wrong view of the hotel so here - nothing fancy and it was off-season but it was 100 a night.
  12. If you’ll remind me about the fishing part in a few weeks I will see if I can be any help. Unfortunately I just don’t know that many people fishing up north and the few that I used to know seem to be staying where I am year-round now. One boat may be up that way and I’ll ask about them otherwise I’ll see if I can get a rec from any of the locals in my area. The JW should be able to set you up with any and all private tours. My one and only trip to Tamarindo was with people that live in CR full time so none of us were doing the tours. We parked ourselves on the beach and relaxed. I think you will be at or very near Playa Conchal which is a great beach. Playa Flamingo about 30 minutes north of Tamarindo has a marina, a Margaritaville (avoid), and a cool little beach with a fun restaurant/bar right on the water called Coco Loco. That’s all I’ve got. Attached is our view from literally 50 feet outside our hotel on the beach in Tamarindo, Coco Loco in Flamingo, and a street market that I think is Saturday nights in Tamarindo. Fun stuff and good food. C1E13383-F269-4E2C-8167-EC78F348D2B2.MOV
  13. Merry Christmas everyone. It’s that time of year again. Who else will be down there this winter? I head down in just under 2 weeks and planning to stay for the full allowed 90 days. So far I’ve got 7 tournaments lined up to fish as an observer - yes they actually will pay me a small amount to go ride on nice boats and observe a bunch of fish being caught. Will fish some on my own and try to defend our Sailfish Slam tournament win from last year. Golf. Imperials. Warm weather. it seems like I’ve got more friends/family coming down this year than any other year I’ve been down there and if that’s any indication it’s going to be busy there. I can’t wait to get to Quepos/Manuel Antonio. Pura Vida.
  14. Dad with the rest of the freshman class early 60’s.
  15. Do you not get out much? There are a fuckton of people out there with small to medium to massive trust funds. Many of them don’t work at all. At least your neighbors do or else you’d really be bothered I guess. Who the fuck cares?
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