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  1. That’s exactly what I kept telling my math professors. They didn’t listen to me either.
  2. So many people in CR now are bitching about how expensive CR has gotten. Those prices on that menu look pretty similar to what I am seeing here. Overall did you find it a lot cheaper than CR or pretty similar?
  3. Anyone coming down this year? Going on month 2 right now and here until late April. They changed the entry stamp from 90 days to 180 which makes things a lot easier. I’ll be back for all of July and August too. Prices are noticeably up for almost everything, still a bit cheaper than Texas but not by much anymore. It’s also much more crowded than I’ve ever seen it. @immamac my last Burnt Endz koozie went overboard while we were fishing the other day. Need more por favor.
  4. Haha. We were probably fishing near your friends and I bet I saw them around the dock. That’s definitely the Double Nickel. Probably the best true charter boat in the Quepos marina currently.
  5. No worries, just curious if I knew the guys. Honestly I don’t know too many of the Los Suenos boats real well and if I remember from last time we talked about this I think they fish out of there and not Quepos down the coast an hour where I am.
  6. Yup. 15-20 releases is at the top of the fleet most days and a few days some boats have done even better. Sailfish have been around in big numbers this season so far but very few marlin. It was the complete opposite last year.
  7. Great day on the new boat yesterday. After a slow morning with just a few sailfish we hooked a black marlin just before noon. Got the release 2.5 hours later. Lines back in the water and 5 minutes later caught a double header sailfish. Lines back in the water and 10 minutes later we hook another black marlin. This time it “only” takes about 2 hours. Run back in and barely make it to the marina by dark. Gotta brag on my girl she hooked both the marlin and fought them both the majority of the time. We’ve caught a ton of blue and striped marlin down here in 8 seasons, but those were the first 2 blacks ever. 6b4903cc-afd2-4bd3-8be2-093ca9413cba.mov
  8. Lol. My Shaggy fishing trip experience went really well, except somebody ended up pregnant. Troph even though your brother was there he wasn’t the one responsible.
  9. Yeah, in the end it was a no-brainer. The boat is fully loaded with every possible option and it was located in Costa Rica already. Really happy with how it all worked out. Also if anyone is ever in need of a boat broker for buying or selling, I can’t recommend Galati enough. https://www.galatiyachts.com This is the third time I’ve used them (2 purchases 1 sale) and there’s no one else in the industry that can compare. As I mentioned above we had a steering issue and couldn’t source a replacement part that would ship quickly. One call to Galati and 30 minutes later they not only had the part on the way but found it for about 1500 less than what we were able to find on our own.
  10. That is dead sexy. I was looking back searching for an old post and stumbled across these posts. It ended up being the best available option in my size/price range. Forgot there was a blonde woman in the sales video. I’ve been staying and fishing on the boat for over 2 weeks now. Still no sign of the blonde. Currently waiting on a new part to be shipped from the states because steering went out. Love boats!
  11. Made it back down to Costa Rica for the season about 2 weeks ago. Fished my new boat the first week and then combined my team with Game Plan and fished their boat this week for the Rockstar Tournament. Largest event in Central America and this year had 91 boats. It’s a two day tournament and we had an epic day on Day 1 totaling the most release points and winning the daily jackpots. Day 2 was slower but we still took home the second largest cash prize of all the boats. Really proud of my guys and our team. 8948038c-f9db-425d-bfbc-d30c33337769.mp4
  12. Wish they would have mentioned the price tag on that beast. I don’t really like fishing on boats over 80 foot so I can’t imagine I’d like it on that thing, but I wouldn’t turn down an invite.
  13. Fishing up there is not as good as it is further south but there are a few decent boats. The boat is really not big enough for 8 people but if it was me I’d fish with https://gamefisher2.com i know the owner of the Fish Tale II that Spaulding mentioned. I think they are down in Quepos now.
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