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  1. She was on Ex On The Beach. (Terrible mind numbing show). I don’t remember if she was an ex of Nelson’s on the show or met him while on the show.
  2. Mindy Kailing produced it. Sadly there is no nudity. Easy watch though. Some good chuckles.
  3. We are on season 2 of The Sex Lives Of College Girls and holy shit, the blonde put on some serious weight in the off season.
  4. I agree. She is beautiful. But the titty tonage that Daddario and Sweeney carried last season alone is world class.
  5. The lack of Boom Boom Room time was disappointing. They have completely shut them down from having any real fun. I was to see some hookups.
  6. Mac8111


    Few wines from tonight’s dinner
  7. The Pioneer Sweet Cream pancake mix at Costco is superior to anything else in a box.
  8. Apparently a dick sucking and good ride.
  9. Mac8111

    Below Deck

    So which Ole Miss QB did Camille bang?
  10. My two favorite moments: When they pulled the girls away to the other villa and the original girls lost their shit and just sat around pouting. The insecurity was at an all time high and was glorious. Towards the end when Andrew was having that closure talk with Gensenya (I know that is not how her name is spelled, but fuck it) at the dance and the new girl tried to flex on him and demand he stop the talk and go back inside to the dance, not once but twice, and then Andrew said fuck it, I am leaving. To watch her go from flexing on him hard to having a complete meltdown and begging him to stay while only knowing him 24 hours was the highlight of the season for me. And Victoria throwing her pussy around after the season was over is the least surprising thing in the history of Bachelor history.
  11. Mac8111


    What song of his did they play ?
  12. Flour Bluff up 24-21 on SA Vets at half. So far, Vets fumbled opening kickoff, a punt return and a WR fumbled without any contact while running. When we aren’t shooting ourselves in the foot, we have moved the ball fairly well
  13. Liberty Hill hangs on to win by 5. Alamo Heights had a shot at the end zone on last play.
  14. If you have the Dave Cambells Texas Football app, there is a way to look at games in a certain radius from your location. You can change how many miles you want to look around you.
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