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  1. I prefer Hollywood not use realistic geography. Idiots like to show up in places from shows and it could be near you next.
  2. For years I have blended bottles when they get near the end and today I realized the need to journal these. Just had 1 of the best tasting pours ever from some sort of mix of Woodford Double Oaked, Michters Small Batch, Rare Breed, OF1910, Buffalo Trace and some Benchmark Full Proof.
  3. Not sure I have seen a team step on their dick this much in a first half ever.
  4. The playoffs this year make 1 thing really clear, that 2019 LSU team was LOADED.
  5. Being forced by the owner to trade Garoppolo and getting nothing for Brady has a lot to do with the current situation that team is in.
  6. That Larue is one of my favorites that I have not found in some time.
  7. Yes, thought it was great and loved how silly they make the Haute Cuisine shit look stupid.
  8. Maybe, or maybe she played both sides and will tank their case for some more of the DD.
  9. So Gilfoyle changed his name after Pied Piper, but I thought it was 6 years not 5
  10. I still drink beer but limit it to mostly IPAs and some Shiner products. Elysian Space Dust and Nocona Bronc Buster are my go to nowadays.
  11. Coyotes or wolves would leave plenty, but if they have feral hogs they will leave nothing but churned sod behind.
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