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  1. Someone hasn't seen Cool Hand Luke I guess
  2. This wasn't terrible, but the dub is. My kid says watching it in Japanese with subtitles is better but I can't read that and do other stuff at the same time.
  3. Yes, both 4 and 5 recorded on YoutubeTV for me. I didn't realize it and watched 5 before I knew i missed the other one.
  4. Yes, I didn't realize that until I had already finished the 5th episode.
  5. Was that a trump impersonation ?
  6. Total Wine in Denton had a shelf full of calumet 16
  7. Without Ray Winstone and Ben Kingsley the move wouldn't have been much, so I don't see how this will measure up in anyway.
  8. Lorraine might be my favorite character of this season now.
  9. Now is the time for Dak to throw another interception
  10. Best thing on Netflix in awhile. Michelle Yeoh nails this role.
  11. Way too good looking, Case McCoy would have been the perfect choice.
  12. I thought it was far and away better looking than Star Wars, but overall it wasn't very good. I won't be waiting on the next chapter.
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