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  1. I'll allow it. [The courtroom strangling scene is pure gold.]
  2. There's a Yard House down near the LB marina area if you want beer. Or go to Joe Jost's on Anaheim St.. and get a schooner, a Joe's special sandwich, and a pickled egg.
  3. Neil's response to Skynyrd: Lest anyone think rappers invented diss tracks, Johnny Thunders lets the Sex Pistols know what he thinks of them after the Pistols released "New York."
  4. One of only about two good songs on an otherwise bad album.
  5. Wow -- only 57. Way too young -- just like his sister. For some reason, I thought he was older. I first became acquainted with Flat Duo Jets through the Athens, GA -- Inside Out album. They always seemed both derivative and original to me at the same time -- putting their own crazy spin on rockabilly. RIP, Mr. Romweber.
  6. Pet Sounds was in part a response or reaction to Revolver. Sgt. Pepper was in part a response or reaction to Pet Sounds.
  7. If you want to hit Zion or Arches, you definitely need to book reservations as early as possible. Given that you're only about 3 months out at this point, you may run into issues with certain days or time slots being already booked up. If I were you, I would nail down plans and check on reservations ASAP if you want to hit those two parks. I don't believe the other 3 Utah NPs have been placed on the reservation system yet, but consult each park's website to be sure if you're thinking about hitting any of them as well. (See my post above about Canyonlands NP. I'll reiterate that if you go to Moab, you should do all you can to find time to hit the Island in the Sky part of Canyonlands NP in addition to Arches.) Also, be aware that Moab can start getting pretty hot in late May.
  8. Me too. There's a lot of really good whiskey in the $50-80 range, and OF 1910 is one of those bottles.
  9. Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins. I enjoy ogling Nicole Ari Parker, and Mo'Nique and Mike Epps crack me up in this one.
  10. Interesting article by Bill Barnwell of ESPN about the decision to take the ball first in OT. The TL:DR version = Barnwell is more critical of Shanahan's decision not to go for it on 4th and 4 on the opening drive of OT than he is of the decision to take the ball first. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/39541332/49ers-chiefs-super-bowl-2024-decision-coin-toss-kyle-shanahan-mistake
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