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  1. And like when Jackie Daytona keeps a toothpick in his mouth.
  2. That was my first thought. Damn catholic upbringing. Ones I feel they need to justify for liking. Blockers Harold and Kumar: Guantanamo Bay.
  3. The trick now is for texas to bring that intensity and effort to every game. Don’t wait to get punched in the mouth, start punching. It will be a struggle to win games, but thats the only way to play with this team.
  4. I would be for changing the title to “why'd you break my reading glasses, bitch.“
  5. This book is excellent. https://www.amazon.com/Captured-Story-Abduction-Indians-Frontier/dp/0312317891#:~:text=The Captured%3A A True Story,9780312317898%3A Amazon.com%3A Books On New Year's Day in 1870, ten-year-old Adolph Korn was kidnapped by an Apache raiding party. Traded to Comaches, he thrived in the rough, nomadic existence, quickly becoming one of the tribe's fiercest warriors. Forcibly returned to his parents after three years, Korn never adjusted to life in white society. He spent his last years in a cave, all but forgotten by his family
  6. Tough movie but good. I really liked the director’s movie Shoplifters. And will see Monster when it is available.
  7. Being a member of the trailing boomers, After School specials were a big thing in the late 70s. Reading Writing and Reefer was one of these.
  8. Thoughts on game, Olympic roster and 26 World Cup final. Add McGlynn, the Bosnian wing Bajratavecic and Luna to the Olympic team roster. Start Cardosa over Morris as a 6 and use Sargent as one of the 3 overage players. Why did ggg start three dm’s? Morris Atencio and zawadaski (who played cb). We have a dearth of quality center backs and he uses a dm as one. Why did Sands as a dm, not play at all? And after watching multiple gold cup games at Jerry World, I think it’s a horrible place to watch soccer. The corner kicks were fucked up because the field wasn’t wide enough. And seeing a final four there the sight lines from above suck. Watching US v Argentina in the Copa America semis at upper deck NRG stadium was so much better.
  9. It wasn’t strictly high school, but Breaking Away fits for high school friends figuring out what to do in life. The tail end of the boomer generation born 60-64 is who I have in mind but it deserves a wide audience.
  10. Cormorant this morning at the river.
  11. Went for a 40 minute swim in the Comal this afternoon. It was just me and the cormorants trying to stay underwater. The water felt great until I got out and then I yelped all the way to the car.
  12. Nina Rota did first two Godfathers and multiple Fellini movies. Hal Willner made a fine tribute album. (Willner has done a lot of cool tribute albums) Here’s La Dolce Vita Suite with Blondie and Chris stein pitching in.
  13. Saw Poor Things last night at the theater. Three couples walked out midway through. Didn’t pay them much thought as the movie kept our attention. Emma deserves all the accolades she gets and the three male actors were very good. This is the third yorgos llanthimos movie I’ve seen and so I was a little prepared for the wtf moments. But my date hadn’t seen any and she thought it was astoundingly but enjoyably weird.
  14. Someone mentioned Shiva Baby and I kept thinking it was an Indian American movie. Looked it up and said, oh yeah I did watch that. It had nudity but a different kind of Shiva.
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