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  1. dogbreath

    USMNT 2022

    After watching this video, I’m not convinced in Weah playing forward. He is more dangerous from the wing. Pulisic in particular just made several poor decisions and missed him except for that one time. Give me Reyna in the middle and bring in Aaronson to spell him at 60. We don’t have a forward who can score so we need one to press, defend and be physical. Sargent I guess. We seem to be fucked either Weah.
  2. Seeing Quentin makes me want to watch In the Loop. I haven't got any thoughts. I'm just staring vacantly into space while a distant voice in the back of my head goes, "Oh, shit!" like a car alarm in the middle of the night.
  3. Judge dismissed the case. https://www.espn.com/soccer/manchester-united-engman_utd/story/4683841/cristiano-ronaldo-rape-lawsuit-in-vegas-dismissed-by-us-judge?platform=amp
  4. dogbreath

    USMNT 2022

    I have yet to see a berhalter team that does well in the final third. I don’t expect it will against better competition in the desert. The goals will be scraps and we will need to eke out wins v Wales and Iran. Kane has ability to abuse us in second game. Score will be closer to 2018 friendly than the 2010 draw. I would love to be wrong i take it we will not be a high pressing team with Ream and Zimmerman on the field. Turner is a shot stopper and not a distributor. Taking that many rb’s means that Dest’s fatigued adducter is a concern. Is there a list of reserves that can be called in if someone gets injured in camp?
  5. dogbreath

    USMNT 2022

    Turner on the bench for arsenal today is a very good sign. Turner playing all 3 games is key for chances to advance The gap between Turner and Steffen is much larger than any of the other positional choices. The four potential forwards are all limited in different ways but none of them stand apart. LCB is a clusterfuck due to injuries so having Turner in goal is necessary. Ream and Zimmerman are the best choices at CB but there is no speed and no chemistry. But that’s better than playing a right footed player on the left who no longer has speed and cannot distribute. I know that Gregg favors Steffen but playing him with any of the cb’s could be disastrous. I hate to root for a player to get mildly injured and will not do so here, but it is tempting.
  6. https://www.ncaa.com/game/6079547 TCU 99 - Alabama 69. Good thing these fall scrimmages mean nothing. Alabama had a players only meeting afterwards. They should of just contacted realgreggym. https://www.al.com/alabamabasketball/2022/10/players-only-meeting-follows-alabama-hoops-shocking-30-point-scrimmage-loss.html?outputType=amp
  7. dogbreath

    USMNT 2022

    The hypothetical is too far out there. No way that berhalter gets let go in less than a month, but my concern with Wynalda is that he would likely bench someone because they drew a pk thru the dark arts. He sure blows a lot of smoke about how unacceptable that is. When looking at realistic options for 2026, I’ll take the guy who’s coaching Canada. Not sure I trust Marsch to succeed in short term or long term.
  8. dogbreath

    USMNT 2022

    Or it could be the touch of someone who hasn’t had any real time in games for over a year. i don’t remember his touch being an issue when he played before the injuries. I do remember him hanging on to the ball too long because he doesn’t trust his US teammates. Hope he plays in World Cup. He’s fun to watch.
  9. Drunken toobers mimic night herons regurgitations. Six foot two blue has been. Great Joe Bob, hero not today. Thank the Gods for Terry Allen.
  10. The time to make up your mind about someone is never.
  11. Comal flow down to 91 cfs. Last year on this day was 242 cfs (normal range). The swift water rescue training is going to have to change its name. The firemen and policemen with their vests Will have to scootch their way down the chute. Don’t care who to pray or plead to, but O Comalita give us rain. Maybe the gods will listen if we quit watering our lawns every two days.
  12. dogbreath


    Who’s calling the Spanish language games? Does fox carry every game? Im assigning hw to my u11 boys team where they have to pick an additional team besides their home team and watch a game (hopefully more than one).
  13. Having worked several gold cup games at Jerryworld, this is horrible but unsurprising from a group that would host a WC in Qatar. Not a fan of jerryworld to see games. It was better to hang in standing area to watch games at final four than sit in our seats. Best time there was S16 when KU lost to Michigan and afterwards the KU dads were crying on the way back to the parking lot while their kids were skipping around just glad for the experience. Saw US v Argentina at NRG stadium and it was so much better for watching the game. Too bad spectators viewing angles don’t matter in the decision.
  14. This list is what my son liked. The Longest Day The Right Stuff Seven Samurai Stalag 17 Breaking Away Le Grand Chemin - French film where a fatherless boy spends the summer in the country and learns about life. And then many that didn’t connect as much with him but me due to relationship with my father. squid and the whale in the name of the father big fish
  15. dogbreath

    USMNT 2022

    ESPN said this was Japans B team. Im dreaming that the US puts players out there who can adjust in a game or am i dreaming that the coach gets hit by a bus and the stand in readjusts the team based on the talent available and actually tried to win.
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