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  1. Criminal... That they haven't named their court after Henry Steele.
  2. It works if there’s good contrast unlike the game I mentioned last night…
  3. I'm assuming if you text Fuck Trump to that number they still get you with a fee.
  4. Grandpa, what's for breakfast?
  5. Not sure anyone could’ve covered Swann any better than what Washington did.
  6. Same here, had it often as a youngin but pretty much never now. The wife doesn’t care for it.
  7. Clutch shot by the Clips to send game vs Knicks into OT.
  8. Cats/Gators telling Auburn/UTenn to hold their beers.
  9. Log jammin is a great pornhub channel.
  10. Square dancing in PE made me see Lona Walton in a whole new light.
  11. Princeton in black and Columbia in anthracite but they do have a bit of light blue on front of shoulder straps, just an odd look to this game imo. On SNY if you have that channel or espn+
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