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  1. Big Blue with a whopping 12 spot with under 6 to play in 1H vs Bellarmine.
  2. You might want to read that again.
  3. …Backed off, jacked off and fucked the other two!
  4. Right down the road from slider heaven…. White Manna’s…
  5. Surprised that reach in wasn't called on that last attempt.
  6. Inadvertent whistle... IOW, I fucked up.
  7. Wow. That's a block but I'm biased AF
  8. These teams must LOVE Portland, don't want to leave.
  9. #5 for Bama would really hate playing for Norman Dale,kid probably hasn't made 5 passes this game.
  10. Anyone else even touch the ball that possession?
  11. Interesting stat on Purdue having only 2 coaches the last 43 years and not a single FF appearance between the two(Keady/Painter).
  12. I blinked and now UNC leads Bama, another Jeckyl & Hyde season on the horizon for the Tide?
  13. Needed just a bit more oomph.
  14. State of Florida hasn't been this excited since the last Anita Bryant concert.
  15. Impressive drive after fumbling deep in their own territory.
  16. Pocahotass. Oh, you're talking food.
  17. The 'that didn't go as planned' post, left the clips for xmas lights on our gutters from last year thinking all I had to do was just snap in the lights this year... But no, motherfuckers broke apart and now I have run and find another set of clips.
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