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  1. Taylor Swift Time magazine POTY, ketchup bottles at MAL on alert.
  2. Have always enjoyed watching him play but yeah…. Karma needs to pay him a visit in a bad way.
  3. Saw this brought up on a Twitter post from The Daily Show, had forgotten about it. What a pussy ass bitch... https://www.businessinsider.com/trump-asked-if-doj-fcc-could-punish-snl-after-mocking-report-2021-6
  4. Wife has been dealing with a lot of that shit as well with the items she's been trying to sell. I also love the ones who lowball and then have the audacity to ask if you'll meet them somewhere instead of pickup.
  5. Those poor people in Pittsburgh.
  6. The fuck this got to do with my car warranty? Noles are beating Georgia you read it here first.
  7. What kind of communist wastes a perfectly good dead squirrel? Cook and eat that bitch.
  8. I'd love to get a tally of money wasted when these fools fold camp and grovel at the feet of Orange Jesus begging for forgiveness.
  9. Sept. 2UNC at South CarolinaUNC wins 31-171-0 Sept. 2Virginia at TennesseeTennessee wins 49-131-1 Sept. 2LSU at Florida StateFlorida State wins 45-242-1 Sept. 9Texas A&M at Miami (FL)Miami (FL) wins 48-333-1 Sept. 9Vanderbilt at Wake ForestWake Forest wins 36-204-1 Sept. 16Georgia Tech at MississippiMississippi wins 48-234-2 Nov. 25Georgia at Georgia TechGeorgia wins 31-234-3 Nov. 25Clemson at South CarolinaClemson wins 16-75-3 Nov. 25Florida State at FloridaFlorida State wins 24-156-3 Nov. 25Kentucky at LouisvilleKentucky wins 38-31
  10. With the portal that may well be the case.
  11. Pffft, like Georgia wants to be there in the first place.
  12. Don’t give up… don’t ever give up!
  13. First I’ve seen of Comer Pyle was yesterday, just absolutely perfect for that clown.
  14. This shit going to backfire on them?
  15. Swarmed on him like Black Friday shoppers at a Walmart
  16. That Violent Night movie looks like it’ll suck.
  17. Dark cloud over an entertaining game.
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