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  1. Didn't help that they hit god damn near every single free-throw in the last ten minutes too.
  2. Bone stimulator you say?
  3. Fuck and shit, 9:59 Eastern for tipoff, fuck you Kansas City
  4. Hope our game starts on time. Going to be moving to the West Coast this summer with my family so won't have to deal with staying up late and getting up with the kid early anymore strictly for sports.
  5. I had a classmate at Georgia Southern who transferred from there, that's the only reason I know it. Ironically it's only about 30 minutes from St. Peter's University.
  6. I need to get a fucking tattoo to never EVER pick a Big 10 or Pac 12 team to win the championship, holy shit.
  7. You ain't ever had an urge to take a vacation to this utopia?
  8. Your cat better have a positive damn attitude if we're going to win this game.
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