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  1. Yeah I get the sinking feeling they're going to let both of them in, we need FSU to lose.
  2. Fuck me, hope Worthy didn't actually fracture anything.
  3. This reply had me gasping for air from laughter,
  4. MFers dying out here already, jesus
  5. lmao, I don't want to show up to your party unless you have a goldfish there
  6. Haven't watched every snap this year, but had the game on in the background doing some pumpkin carving party shit with the new neighbors and lost my mind on the second attempt to score on 4th down. At least KU won, folks they're saying OU is nothing but a bunch of limp-dick fuckasses.
  7. What a shot in the arm, god I hope this carries over to Philly
  8. Alright D, let's not piss down our pants
  9. At least we got this today,
  10. Yep, we need to bench Ridder at this point, they sign Taylor Heinecke as a backup and he's got a ton of game experience. Problem is Arthur Smith is extremely stubborn.
  11. Legit scary, he's making catches like it's from one of those passing machines.
  12. Yep, their D-Line is getting gassed it looks like.
  13. Appy QB made an incredibly stupid decision to throw the ball while under pressure and lost the game instead of taking a sack when they had possibly enough time to spike the ball still.
  14. You have to call that hold when it's literally right in front of the QB.
  15. They look like fucking Oregon. I don't mind their green shamrock helmets but these suck shit.
  16. Folks, you don't just schedule a FunBelt team at night and expect a win, even at home. Georgia Southern was going toe-to-toe with Wisconsin last weekend for about 3 quarters but had a million turnovers that cost them. We at least spanked the piss out of Balls State today.
  17. fuck my tits, these Wazzu receivers are good
  18. SO FUCKING HAPPY Bijan is on the Falcons, we might actually get some media coverage now. I can't believe the D held after they made some insanely stupid penalties.
  19. Sun Belt honestly has some team this year, not shocked seeing South Alabama take it to Okie State.
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