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  1. They are not the other. I might be missing something important, but I see them (also) as we and us.
  2. Sadly so. He came to my mind because, even though he was a couple of years older than me, he seemed as angry and bitter about the state of humanity as was I. And he was breathtakingly hilarious.
  3. Rs say, “enforce the existing laws.” Then they vote for dickless simps like Greg Abbott, who seeks to give clemency to a murderer. https://www.kvue.com/article/news/local/pardon-murder-blm-protester-austin-texas/269-1846b545-aa84-4d0c-a637-a1690293ec8d Of course, killing a BLM protestor aligns with their political worldview, so whatchagonnado?
  4. I certainly see your point, which is yet another reason conflating corporations and individuals is so fucked. It is not insane to value loyalty in an individual, not moronic to expect an individual to act toward the common good.
  5. Capitalism is a good thing, until it is not. General motivation and innovation, building wealth among many? That’s beneficial to our society. Grifting on a individual or corporate scale? Not good. If a corporation grows while the environment it exists within withers, is that rational? The extreme funneling of money into the hands of a very few is a threat to our national security, however. The examples are many. Peter Thiel, Timmy Dunn, the Kochs. These folks have dangerously oversized influence on the decisions made by state and federal entities, and the future they envision is not a future that fulfills our national values, nor one that promotes peace and general prosperity.
  6. Stupid? Again your narcissism insists you demean others, wormtongue. I read state and county, after a hurried, and specific, query. If I took the subsidy out of context, then mea culpa. I appreciate the correction. I answered your question, please answer mine. Why do raging NPDs suck oligarch ass?
  7. In 2017, for example, they paid 250M. And, at that rate, it will take close to thirty years for the state and counties to recoup the subsidies they have been given, which, as of this year, is 6.8B https://www.seattletimes.com/business/amazon/amazon-paid-250-million-in-washington-state-and-local-taxes-in-2017-source-says/#:~:text=Share story&text=Amazon paid about %24250 million,on their number of employees. https://goodjobsfirst.org/amazon-tracker/#:~:text=Subsidies Awarded to Amazon%3A over,to Amazon.com%2C Inc.
  8. How much has Amazon avoided paying thanks to tax incentives? On the national level, Amazon pays a lower percentage than you, or I. In 2021, Amazon avoided $5B, paying 6% on profits of $35B. You really scrape your forehead on the rocks for oligarchs, huh? https://itep.org/amazon-avoids-more-than-5-billion-in-corporate-income-taxes-reports-6-percent-tax-rate-on-35-billion-of-us-income/
  9. Well, sure. But, I, too, have other associations of foot washing in the context of religious, non sexual, rites, and those came to mind because of the ad. This pope washed the feet of Muslim, and Eastern-Orthodox, prisoners. Those Jesuits know how to stir the pot. Never surprised when money comes to the surface, either.
  10. The latest reporting I have read says the child was shot in the head, is seven years old, and is her biological son. The transgender descriptive derives from an alias she has used. The sticker on the weapon said only “Palestine.” Besides the AR, she was carrying a .22 long gun. One of those weapons was recently, and legally, purchased. Also, she was engaged in a child custody dispute with her ex-husband, who is said to have “some” Jewish family members. Her claim of carrying explosives was false. She is reported to have sprayed some substance on the floor (and it wasn’t her blood,) which was determined not to be a threat. One question that has been asked is whether her timing showed racial animus against hispanics, as the Spanish service was about to begin. I wonder if she wasn’t committing suicide by (off duty) cop, and wanted to take her son with her. I have no trouble believing her actions held a political bias, because of the sticker and the location. https://abc13.com/amp/lakewood-church-shooting-shots-fired-houston-megachurch-woman-shot-and-killed-by-police-5-year-old-boy/14414345/
  11. CNN also reports “Free Palestine” was written on her weapon. She carried out the attack while carrying a child. The child is in critical condition. https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2024/02/12/us/joel-osteen-lakewood-church-shooting-monday/index.html Edited to add: the Houston Chronicle reports the child s not expected to survive. https://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/article/lakewood-church-shooter-18662859.php
  12. The ad reminded me of the current pope, and how he shocked conservatives by washing the feet of women. And non-Catholics. And prisoners. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2016/03/24/we-brothers-pope-francis-washes-feet-migrants/82214856/#:~:text=Traditionally%2C the foot-washing by,at a prison in Rome.
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