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  1. As a, you know, reader, I shout, “THANK YOU!”
  2. And, you know, those who claim to be so progressive they couldn’t bring themselves to vote for more centrist candidates. You hear that there are throngs of such voters, waiting for an acceptably progressive candidate.
  3. Agree. Edit: He ought have said a shotgun is sufficient to protect your home. Superior to long rifles and handguns, in that chambering a shell is a stark audio warning, your aim is less critical, and the energy of the shot is dispersed and therefore less lukely to harm neighbors.
  4. Folks who believed a lying narcissist would be a better president than HRC. You likely still believe that. They, you, were demonstrably wrong. But, I don’t expect you are man enough to think your way to see that truth. You are not man enough to face history and remember the Garland episode of Calvinball. atent
  5. He wants a divorce, but it’s against his religion?
  6. I will think on this. Thanks.
  7. Obama campaigned on the ACA and won. Kavannaugh and Gotsuch straight up lied at their confirmation hearing. That you don’t acknowledge this is why you’re a fool. A putz that is also unaware, i assume, that the Right seeks absolute power vested in a monarch. https://graymirror.substack.com/p/principles-of-the-deep-right Of course, maybe you’re a fonferer-paskudnik.
  8. It is writing down the quiet parts, and putting them on blast, that I find unusual.
  9. Reminder that the stated goal of the “New Right” is absolute power vested in a monarch.
  10. Your kick start pile driver doesn’t have the momentum you need?
  11. Says the guy who is against every effort to help those that have taken the breath of life.
  12. There are quite a few Christian denominations that are pro-choice, as well as those who remain deliberately silent on the issue. The vast majority of Jews are pro-choice. TIL the Koran is a pro-choice tome, as well. Fungelicals are more repressive than the Taliban. Calibrate your perception of sentient sewage as necessary.
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