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  1. Smartest move I ever made was convincing my wife to marry me. We might have that in common.
  2. The threat of fascism doesn’t end at our borders. I don’t think the question we face is where our families will be safest, but where we will be able to tight back most successfully.
  3. Pro Marcy, who decided to abort because it is her body, her life, and no one else’s business.
  4. They’re good to point at others, and bad when they’re pointed at you.
  5. Well, it rained today. So, why not an indictment in Atlanta, and a smoking gun eye witness in the Congressional hearings for the hallelujah hat-trick? /orange sunshine-pumper
  6. Quakers keep their mouths firmly shut while worshipping together, and were vocal in the town halls about the evil of slavery. More likely she’s talking out of her ass.
  7. A decent rain fell West of Buda this past half hour.
  8. Lower court on Texas already ordered that happen. Eill find the link and edit to add here. Edit: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/dhs-will-abide-court-order-blocking-bidens-ice-restrictions-appeal-proceeds.amp
  9. Anti-kill-someone-for-stealing-your-garden-gnome-at-night.
  10. That’s been covered several times. You should read more and post less. Negged.
  11. All pro new-right posts deserve fuck you, you un-American, anti-democratic paskudnik, reactions. The new—right straight up seeks absolute power vested in a monarch. “The (new) right knows that all government is absolute. Because of this, the (new) right is only interested in paths to absolute power.” -Curtis Yarvin
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