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  1. I will, too, remain skeptical right up to the moment I start cheering, celebrating, and drinking sparking Italian wines.
  2. Malaysian closet case. Fuck him.
  3. 90% tax rate on billionaires, yesterday. I’ve already offered my idea on a staggered tax rate, culminating in 90% for the the highest earners. Had that tax structure been in place the past several decades, we wouldn’t be wasting tax dollars subsidizing public debt.
  4. I love to read novels set in India. The few female Indian authors I’ve read describe an extremely difficult life for women. Many women who marry move into her husband’s family’s home, where the new mil rules the roost. From princess to chambermaid is a tough transition. And those are the “lucky” ladies, with family support and protection. Fuck misogyny. We have two daughters, and they both make me so proud, and yet the world they are to inherit is so very fucked. Want a better world? Be a better person. Do not tolerate misogyny.
  5. The same Lauren Witzke who ran her hateful mouth and is being sued by a Texas couple, new fathers of surrogate twins? I hope they win, in court, enough to fund their children’s education. Couple sues Lauren Witzke for saying birth of their surrogate twins is 'human trafficking' A Texas couple is suing Delaware right-wing activist Lauren Witzke after she accused the two men of human trafficking and pedophilia in response to the men posting about the birth of their surrogate twins on social media. Experts say the lawsuit's filing can be seen as a cautionary reminder of limits people have when trolling online, even when it involves social media influencers such as Eric Vaughn — the owner of a Houston hair salon who happens to have nearly half a million TikTok followers. There’s more. She is counter-suing. https://www.delawareonline.com/story/news/2023/03/27/lauren-witzke-sued-defamation-parents-surrogate-twins-human-trafficking/70037086007/
  6. The FO deserves to be remarkable. Myodb.
  7. Sailboats are as down home a luxury as luxury gets, I think, but Blaze captures my despondent mood. Rainbows and ridges, and Rhymers and rhymesLovers and music all have their timeSomeone gets started and someone resignsInterstate highways and buses and planes,Only take horses down memory lane.Everything passes what past will there be?Some days you win and some days you loseChair got knocked over, I got the bluesSome don't get any and some get too muchRainbows and ridges, and Rhymers and rhymesLovers and music all have their timeSomeone gets started and someone resigns
  8. Might be wrong, having spent a worrying night drinking instead of working, but don’t you vote R? If so, fuck you. And, if so, I hope whatever you do with those funds turns to dust. I didn’t sell. Mainly because I believe those assets are meant to be passed down to my children, and, on that time frame, the market is historically the right place to be. Unless everything goes tits up. Up like the proffered breast at the conclusion of “Grapes of Wrath.” Up in the air like the deposits in a bank when the federal government can no longer be trusted to underwrite bank deposits. That is the other reason I didn’t sell. I support the USA, and won’t be the guy who profits from the misery of others. Who somehow wanted things to burn to the ground. Unless the fascists lock me up, I will make money the same way I always have, I will get by. I half heard a report about the details of a rumored deal. No cuts to the military. No cuts to corporate welfare, whether it is subsidies to big agriculture, big pharma, or big oil. Proof the Ds are right of center, and are willing to tell their most progressive members to pound sand. That infuriates me. Otoh, the parties ought be willing to compromise, when the nation demands they do. A notion as quixotic as myself, sadly. One party sees compromise as either weakness, or a sin. Again, fuck the toddlers who support that pov with their vote. Certainly there are people who watch most of the political circus with disdain. Welcome to the party, fuckers. I suppose you know your wise choices weren’t as wise and solid as you believed. Many of you folks, seemingly insulated, will be fucked by your voting record. We just might learn what worth remains, when the flames burn everything they can. I am ready, if there is blood on the streets, to buy property. I hear two homesteads escape notice.
  9. If the choice is default on debt payment, or political hardball, there is no choice. Can’t dance around a fueled flame and expect it to die. Best to force the issue when the CIC ain’t looking to become a king.
  10. Got you. Jen and Jess are idjits. But, the dictator thing has been in the works for years.
  11. Cops were afraid to confront one guy with a particular firearm. Make that particular firearm illegal to own. Yesterday. Create penalties for possession of said gun that are so strict that folks either comply, and turn them in, or they spend a few years behind bars and forever forfeit their right to own any guns. Sure, some sick bastards will use other guns to commit unspeakable acts. Guns a swarm of cops are willing to face. Else, repeat. OTOH, ban firearm capacity above six rounds. Same consequence strategy.
  12. Our youngest had nightmares in elementary school, but, though there were active shooter drills, it was the fire drills that caused her the most anxiety. After we spoke with the principal, he was professional enough to double down on reinforcing the message that practicing was meant to keep everyone safe in a very unlikely event.
  13. It might, sure. Otoh, my wife’s family is one of the first families (German) to settle Bexar County. She and I share a deep sense of home in this state.
  14. Youngest starts at UT in the Fall. Oldest just became a UT alum.
  15. Absolutely this. I love this land, my studio, and HEB. I ain’t moving out of state.
  16. Merely floating the possibility of defaulting on the debt does incredible damage. yes, OP, Republicans who point to fiscal policy as their reason for voting R are nitwits. The proof is in the data. Here’s how you should cut spending:
  17. “A hairy, scary, legendary, screaming souvenir “
  18. Keeping human sexuality in the shadows gives child rapists more freedom. Making sexuality an openly discussed topic gives them less. Simple as that.
  19. Those fucks feel victimized by housing codes and zoning restrictions.
  20. An elementary school in Dade county has banned Amanda Gorman’s inaugural poem. ONE complaint was all it took. Something tells me there are many more parents offended the poem was banned.
  21. Using prescription narcotics, as directed , is also pretty safe. Non damaging, at the least.
  22. Our culture is so sick, folks kill themselves with opiates. Blame the opiates. Our culture is so sick, folks kill others with guns. Don’t you dare blame the guns.
  23. There’s a lot of Eagle Scouts out there.
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