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  1. My brothers both have sons. None are whackos. I make a distinction.
  2. Folks who receive gender affirming care are far less likely to regret the decision than folks who sought elective plastic surgery operations and also far less likely to regret the decision than folks who made major, non surgical, life decisions, such as having a child. Tough to argue you love trans neighbors as you are commanded to do when you oppose gender affirming care. I believe the right to pursue happiness comes into this discussion.. False Christians and fake patriots can fuck off. https://www.americanjournalofsurgery.com/article/S0002-9610(24)00238-1/abstract#:~:text=Regret after gender affirming surgery is less than 1 %.
  3. @PRONG HORN, you remind me of a guy I met. Opinionated and myopic. A friend who went fishing with him learned he was a poacher.
  4. If that’s what happened, then I would change my opinion. Edited to say that I think they added Commander to the family soon after taking office, and I doubt Joe had the time to socialize and train. If there is a handler, they are piss poor at doing the job. Still, it could be the dog. It happens.
  5. Checked your search, and not only SS agents, but also staff and Navy personnel. At least 11 bites required medical attention. So, I agree Commander is a threat to others. Which sucks. But it could be a national teaching moment. I was really hoping that lesson would be instructions in how to not trigger a protective dog. And, to be clear, there has always been, and I think there still should be, a place in our society for protective dogs. A protective dog owner bears full responsibility to manage both dog and reasonable interaction between the dog and others. So, the Bidens should make their responsibility to others crystal, and keep Commander away from normal interaction with other people. Should have happened long ago.
  6. https://www.google.com/search?q=biden+howard+stern+interview&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-us&client=safari#fpstate=ive&vld=cid:99612c3c,vid:Fz45sMb4js8,st:1678 Full Joe Biden interview by Howard Stern. Mentioned it after a bunch of clips were released, and promised to meg anyone bringing the Biden is senile bullshit. So, I’ve got a lot of negs to give to @pronghorn, though I’ll change them if he watches the interview and make a credible case Biden is senile.
  7. Wife’s brother’s son was headed down that road a couple of years ago. Luckily, he responded real well to fentanyl rehab, and is working back of house in a Michigan restaurant.
  8. My father brought us up in an Episcopalian church, and I used to tell folks a story about how a couple of priests let him, and the church, down. A good friend, an Episcopalian priest, an incredibly intelligent, alpha woman (Father Mary, I will call her,) heard that story a couple of times, then she asked me if an official apology, on behalf of the Episcopalian church, would satisfy, and, hopefully, I would have no need to tell that story again. Truth be told, her apology mended. I say this in the hope one day you meet your own Father Mary, and the pain you must carry abates. If I ever find a Liberal Quaker congregation, I’ll send a PM, and we will both know a church where you can sit amidst silence. Edited to say that your experience ought ring throughout Christendom. Silence, personal meditation, is how Quaker’s worship.
  9. Women will likely deserve equal credit. Hopefully.
  10. I understand your position now better than I did prior. My gripe is that I don’t see those two executive orders as apples to apples. I, too, think bump stocks ought be illegal, and agree that an executive order banning them is an overreach, and we probably share disgust at our legislative dysfunction. I don’t feel the same way about enforcing immigration laws against children. I point to the discretion afforded law enforcement as a foundation to counter the charge of executive overreach. I see one executive order as outside the power of office, but not the other. Still, I realize I overreacted, and, for that, I apologize.
  11. Maybe take the DACA gripe to an appropriate thread, and keep the Supremes thread focused on SQOTUS.
  12. We live just south of Hays City, and have since ‘99. First year Painted Buntings have fed at our feeders.
  13. Tax breaks are not the same as buying votes, and you’d be a fool and a communist to think they are.
  14. Would you please expand on this part of your answer?
  15. Okay. Explain it to a dolt. Edited to ask that you explain why the right to privacy can be voted away without an Amendment
  16. I understood your point. Enumerate means to mention. Once mentioned , it becomes enumerated. The ninth uses words, too.
  17. Semantics. When SCOTUS recognized privacy as a right, it became enumerated afaiac, according to the ninth. There was no mention of the consumption of alcohol being a right in the Constitution, and I am unaware of SCOTUS proclaiming it a right. Nevertheless, a Constitutional Amendment was deemed necessary to proscribe its use. The right to privacy was recognized as a right, and SQOTUS acted without regard for the ninth when it stripped privacy from our protections.
  18. Stripping an enumerated right, the right to privacy, without an Amendment is the harm patriots ought consider injurious. Get out of here with DACA whinging.
  19. Historically, Christianity has displayed resilience when persecuted. Perhaps that resilience leads to a religion closer to that which Christ espoused. Opprobrium, rather than lions, one can hope. When Christianity is used to oppress, it has jumped the rails, and deserves the public’s enmity. My family’s history was shaped first by Catholic oppression; now evangelical and Protestant oppression are emulating the ills that led to their own genesis.
  20. His social media sites will be put under control of some sort of supervisor, who will then offer an opinion about their future. His debt will not be be discharged, because, as @elfenix noted: “The judge overseeing Jones' bankruptcy has ruled that most of the debt will survive after a liquidation, because it resulted from "willful and malicious" conduct.” https://www.reuters.com/legal/alex-jones-bankruptcy-liquidation-approved-court-2024-06-14/
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