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  1. Well, SecDef is a classic political appointee and always has been. This is the equivalent of replacing all the Captains, Majors, Lieutenants, and Lieutenant Commanders, and Sergeants and Petty Officers with political hacks. Commissars, if you will. This is, I'm sure, the part of P2025 that appeals most to Trump, not for political expedience, but because he loves him some bootlickers.
  2. Couldn't remember precisely what context it came up in in the past, but NY has pretty stringent protections against a second trial in NY courts. However, they amended their law to create an exception when the offense was pardoned. https://lawandcrime.com/high-profile/new-york-appellate-court-double-jeopardy-rule-bars-state-charges-against-pardoned-paul-manafort/
  3. Pretty sure res judicata doesn't come up in criminal stuff except double jeopardy. And, there's no double jeopardy between state and federal prosecutions, except where state law provides. And NY state law does provide, in certain circumstances, but not these apparently.
  4. Wadsack. Think about that for a minute.
  5. Completely random thought here. Reading Thiel's bio, there's a statement that he believes democracy is inconsistent with freedom. Apart from what elite assholes like Thiel think constitutes freedom (to make more money without taxation), and what gun-toting dipshits think constitutes freedumb, it occurs to me that we have actually pretty well maximized freedom here. Such that the various freedoms are now running into conflict with each other.
  6. And, assuming he is referring to Venezuelans seeking political asylum in the US, they are very likely staunch anti-communists akin to Cubans and Eastern Bloc immigrants, and, if naturalized, highly likely to vote for him. Fucking moron.
  7. The irony of an immigrant autistic homosexual New Zealander running shit for the GQP is rich.
  8. There is a slight bit of wiggle room in the law. But, the FEC regs seem to be concerned with donations earmarked by the donor (in writing) for a specific candidate and/or a specific election. First, I doubt that many donor are that specific in their donations. Second, the way campaign finance is structured these days, PACs, etc., there's little way to make a donation to, say, Joe Biden, specifically, for November 2024. Such donations that were that specific would likely have to be returned.
  9. Chief deputy constable. He's an Oath Keeper and a Constitutional Sheriff type. https://www.linkedin.com/today/author/scott-m-london?trk=public_profile_see-all-articles And ranks somewhere with dogcatcher.
  10. Ask them to define the "bullshit" without using other code words like "woke" or "DEI." Then ask them to point to specific things that constitute the "great job" Trump did. We're honestly quite lucky that we didn't have more crises during the Trump presidency.
  11. I'm not sure that's the case, but it wouldn't surprise me much. The FBI until very recently refused to record witness interviews and that was a very considered policy, not some forgotten relic of the past.
  12. Why are these assholes expressing a political opinion either way? Fuck em. Pay taxes. ETA: I am generally a defender of religious tax exemptions for churches that stay in their lane. But, as soon as they drift out, revoke that exemption.
  13. I guess I should say when I'm talking "perimeter," I'm thinking controlled access rather than an area of overwatch. They'd have to have overwatch out to 2500-3000 yards, just in case.
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