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  1. I might assume that until fairly recently, NB was mostly olds and those with a rural mentality. And now that it's becoming a lower cost Austin exurb, it has a lot of the same problems as DFW exurbs.
  2. TwiceHorn


    Well, one thing in Texas is that there's barely any state-funded insurance to speak of, so it's probably not a real big issue. (That's a bit tongue-in-cheek). I do have to say that I am not sure I am 100% opposed to limitations on government funding of this for prison inmates, for a couple of reasons. For one thing, I'm not sure as inmates that they're getting the top-flight diagnoses and treatments from prison docs, and I also fear that there may be an attempt to manipulate the system as by cis-males trying to get to women's prisons where they have a/c and other "benefits." Of course, surgical transition is a mighty extreme way to make prison "more fun." And the whole timing issue of having it done "inside" or "outside." That's a tough one.
  3. TwiceHorn


    This is so important an aspect of this to me. No, I don't understand it and can't really comprehend it beyond understanding that it involves some level of human suffering. There was a time in my life where I then would have been dismissive of it as lunacy or some such. But particularly as right-wingers try to make some combination joke and policy statement/position out of it, I think it's super-important to keep an open mind on the subject and give the people going through this some or complete benefit of the doubt that what they're experiencing is real and deeply troubling to them. Troph certainly helped humanize the whole thing for me. And now that I am forced to fact-check virtually everything coming from the right, I have fact-checked this whole transitioning thing and found it to be pretty much a nothingburger in terms of people forcing or letting minors do something highly inadvisable and irreversible on some kind of socially created whim. There's a lot of roadblocks and off-ramps for this if the sufferer decides or needs to take them. Once the sufferer is an adult, there are quite a few things that are less reversible and maybe even have long-term health consequences that have to be balanced against notions of happiness, contentment, and sanity. But I can't imagine that anyone really wants to legally intervene in that.
  4. The whole defamation thing provoked me to dig a little. Apparently, facebook made some remarks, independent of any posts by users, explaining why it was taking down posts regarding the incident. I think those would be pretty clearly protected opinion and not actionable, and also public figure/actual malice would be a tough hurdle to overcome. Finally, with respect to the actual takedowns, Section 230 of DMCA would insulate those from defamation liability. And, it appears that "publication" or "journalistic" entities are largely unwilling to pay "nuisance'/"cost of defense" settlements in cases like this. There's too much at stake for them. Sidenote: in all of these recent Trumpy defamation suits, I have learned that actual malice in a public figure plaintiff case is quite a hurdle to overcome for plaintiffs. Moreso than I had previously believed/understood. And, quite interestingly, it is an issue at the pleading stage, where if you can't make a plausible case of actual malice from the get-go, you're going to get dismissed; you won't get to dig around in discovery to see what kind of actual malice evidence might develop.
  5. TwiceHorn


    What it implies is that someone other than the child is attempting to make these choices. That is, "groomers," whatever the fuck that is. No one has ever said the child should make the choice unfettered by adult guidance. Everything I see about it refers to children in great psychological distress and very concerned parents and expert medicos trying to help. Everything I see also indicates that gender affirming car proceeds with due, if not extreme caution with regard it reversibility and drug side effects. A friend of mine once observed or posed the question, if being gay is a choice, why the fuck would anyone make that choice? And he meant all the shit gay people have to go through from child and teen angst over being different, to being called names, beaten and sometimes killed, and excluded from all sorts of things like the military, marriages, spousal benefits, and so on and so forth. Kids may not understand the long term ramifications of various drugs and treatments, but they're not getting those until they're adults. But kids can surely understand being bullied and ostracized. Therefore, any desire to transition has to be driven be a deep-seated discomfort that overcomes the social stigma they are sure to receive, no matter how "woke' you think the libs have turned the kids. Whether Poe's personal choice for his kids is pro- or anti-transition is a different question than whether Ken fucking Paxton or Greg Abbott or some other fuckstick should be interfering with that decision.
  6. TwiceHorn


    Do you want to ban smoking and smoked meats or nah? I mean, I know you're for small government and freedom of choice and all. But all of this is a complete sideshow. We are talking about right wing efforts to meddle in the lives of children and their families, not adults who are presumably free to make bad health choices. You haven't identified any real risks from which children need to be protected. And certainly none from which they aren't protected by a combination of their parents and qualified medical personnel. Except that they might turn out queer and you want to avoid that at all cost, seemingly.
  7. True, but the scotus decision in Breuen (sp?) makes these types of cases easier and may even require the result. Some district judges and circuits are going to struggle harder to avoid these results than others.
  8. TwiceHorn


    One of the first things to understand is that for minors, there's very little pharmaceutical or surgical intervention. It's mostly social, and carefully monitored. The people involved in this know better than you that children are whimsical to say the least. And, as much as you may like to think libruls are destroying the social fabric of America, the fact is that a child that chooses, with guidance, to socially transition will have to balance their internal happiness against a mega shit ton of people who will socially isolate and abuse them, from other kids to adults. And that's a decision that a child can make, and reverse, validly with proper support. Puberty blockers are sometimes used to halt development of secondary sex characteristics until the child reaches majority or passes through any possible "phase." They have relatively few side effects and certainly don't destroy the reproductive system. They were designed for the cases of 8 year olds growing big tits, hairy chests, and big dicks and have a 40 year track record. The people involved in this are not letting 13-year olds have sex change operations because they think it's cool this week, despite what your political allies tell you or want you to think. When I come across stuff like this, I remember and want to remind people that alcoholism was universally considered a moral defect or lack of willpower until the latter 20th century. For all of modern medicine's flaws, it doesn't really tend to embrace some "flavor of the month" in social or scientific thinking, the relationship between serum cholesterol and eating cholesterol-containing foods notwithstanding. Yeah sure, this 50 gender identities seems laughable at first, and any notion of letting minors have sex-change operations is problematic to say the least. But, if you're not willing to dig a little deeper into the facts of it and consider that this can be a huge issue for people, then I don't really know what to tell you, other than you should "check yourself before you wreck yourself." Analogiing this to kids wanting to eat skittles for breakfast is pretty appalling.
  9. Yeah, I think that altitude means it's going to take something a lil special to knock it down. And probably also means it's unpredictable where stuff lands. I am curious what value this provides PRC that their satellites do not.
  10. Sometimes it's just inappropriate and sometimes it's wildly inappropriate. NTTAWT.
  11. Haha you negged me over this? Perhaps it was the "good kids," which was not intended to disparage your kids. There are plenty of good kids that stay good kids, with or without intoxicants or premarital sex, at every university, including UT. But if you want them to stay good kids within some narrow definition of that, possibly whatever "vision" Baylor is selling, I honestly don't think Baylor is your huckleberry. Maybe Bob Jones U. The rape scandal at BU didn't happen within the narrow sphere of the athletic department and football team. It's a reflection of aspects of the broader culture there.
  12. Given that the State Bar of Texas has seen fit to initiate discipline against her, that's a good sign. But the case is assigned to a Texas state judge of at least nominally GOP credentials, which is probably a bad sign. She has fairly legitimate defenses in 1) first-amendmenty things and 2) the notion that lawyers get some latitude in filing "far fetched" lawsuits. Subjectively, I think it's fairly clear that her lawsuits and related communications were a bridge too far on that far fetched spectrum. But the courts are probably going to be concerned with objectively drawing a line between Powell's conduct and more legitimate or socially useful far fetched lawsuits, and that may be somewhat difficult to do and as a result may cause her to "escape justice." The other thing is lawyers are rarely subjected to bar discipline for filing shitty lawsuits. That's usually the court where the shitty lawsuit is filed that deals with that and the Bar probably gets some notice of it and considers the court sanctions sufficient. Therefore, I am not sure what level of discipline is appropriate for this, from the Bar perspective. I'm not sure it is a full-on disbarment case.
  13. School of Engineering, on-campus dorm and meals is estimated at about $35k. Tad higher if off-campus. I'm not super-familiar with that area of town, but it strikes me as relatively new, without a lot of cheap houses or older apartments around. And, as I have seen from UT, the local cost of real estate has a big influence on dorm costs.
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    That Ian guy is highly sus.
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