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  1. Jeff Clark. Although not technically representing Trump. I think he's gonna get it first.
  2. I think treason requires that we be in a declared war and the enemies aided and comforted be those enemies in particular. Not our frenemies. Calling it "espionage" is more accurate and works just as well, methinks.
  3. When you meet one asshole . . . . -Raylan Givens
  4. Well, treason does have a pretty specific meaning, particularly in the context of crimes. That whole law thing is just full of technicalities.
  5. Well, then there's the fact that this probably isn't actually treason. So that's a nice out. People need to quit throwing that word around.
  6. The one that I saw upthread was pretty clearly marked what.I.meme.to.say in two places, one less prominent than the other. Was that after the fact? That's what I based my opinion on. But if that wasn't the case with the image they showed, they're in trouble. They're also on the level of a skin mag. A pink shot skin mag.
  7. Fuck man. These regards don't know who was Pinochet or what he did. Although they'd probably think he was pretty cool if they did. Scarface baby.
  8. How many news outlets "jest"? It's probably clearly enough a meme to avoid liability under Falwell v. Hustler.
  9. Woof. Got a little rain this week that actually shut down a couple of trails. Also dropped the temps a bit. So I went up to Katie Jackson about 10:30-11, temp when I left the house a very manageable 82. Forgot to look at humidity though. Although I have been riding at lot at temps well into the 90s, the humidity has been well under 50%, also. Today it read 61% at Love Field, and I have concluded that KJP is a little extra steamy, certainly with moist dirt around. And it was pretty ugh. Not intolerable, but a lot worse than low, mid 90s with low humidity. Gross. Still managed to pound out 7 miles at 8+ mph. There was some hero dirt, so that was nice. I almost drove up to Frisco NW, but it's twice as far and also relatively shadeless. That was probably a good decision. The lack of trees probably helps with the humidity some, but I have been up there and been "felled" by heat and humidity before. It's worse out in the sunlight than the shade.
  10. I'm not advocating for it. But given the whole scenario, I think there is a definite "trial balloon" strategy going on here. Whether it's gauging public reaction, or providing some lesser offense to which he can plead, something.
  11. And, we do have these things called laws that set a maximum penalty of 12 months.
  12. A little fellatio, perhaps?
  13. Soooo. Long game, maybe not so unbelievable. DOJ gives Trump a pass on this, ala Hillary, except making it clear that he's dead to rights guilty. "See, we're fair. We give equal treatment." And that sets the stage for the 1/6 indictment for seditious conspiracy and obstruction of congress. "We're fair, to a point. Trump has gone way past that point."
  14. Not to mention no one would pay for or grant favors on the basis of information whose sole source is donnys word.
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