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  1. We are a better team than last year across the board and a much better team than the Alamo Bowl team without RoJo and Bijan. I'm not sure UW has made the same kind of improvements. But their O is definitely formidable, especially considering our vulnerability there. But I think we're actually a bit better there, certainly more effective up front, and I'm not all that sure UW is a whole lot better than what we saw last year. I think we're definitely a better-rounded team.
  2. Although depression is often co-morbid with alcoholism (alcohol is one of the finest CNS depressants known to man, to boot), that vulnerability and humility is an express teaching and goal of AA and most recovery psychology. You hear a lot of talk about honesty in AA and recovery. At the first pass, that is quit lying to cover up your drinking and misbehavior. At the second pass, it's quit lying about anything so as to avoid guilt. At the third or fourth pass, it's quit lying to yourself and to other people about who you are and what are your character defects, it becomes all about humility and authenticity and the integrity is just along for the ride at that point. And, as a result of that, you come to understand that you are really no better and no worse than your fellow man, even when in your cups (to think otherwise, even negatively, is just vanity), and that you can be honest, open and accountable and acceptable to yourself and to anyone else who matters. And then, then you have it mostly knocked.
  3. Man, I went back and looked at some of those presser videos from recently that people have been rec'ing. The humility and authenticity of that guy just oozes. I can't think of another coach like that. That, I am relatively certain, is a by-product of sobriety: you can talk about tough stuff, answer hard questions without bluster, without resorting to cliches and deflections. It's remarkable. And, I bet that it is so unconventional that it takes players some time to adjust to it and respond to it.
  4. Man, the humility and authenticity just oozes off him like no football coach I have ever seen. Probably takes players a minute or two to get used to that.
  5. Yes, your initial premise is accurate. But, some of the thinking changes that accompany getting sober might not be compatible with the coaching of Division 1 football. So many (successful and otherwise) coaches are such fringe personalities these days, you kind of wonder if it doesn't require a personality disorder to succeed. And, even if it doesn't require a personality disorder, reconciling past job behavior or traits with sober behavior or traits can be a challenge, including a challenge to sobriety so I was a bit worried for Steve. But I'm glad he's having this success and I hope it continues.
  6. He has tempered his criticism as is has become less founded more recently, and even admitted he was wrong being a skeptic. But, as your posts show, he wasn't just a skeptic, he was a denier. I can't get too mad at a skeptic, but when people express certainty like that, it pisses me off. I've been a supporter, even a pumper, but have never expressed any certainty. Even now, it's just one season and I'd like to see more. But I think Sark earned this and caused this with recruiting, culture change and good (maybe just decent in some spots) coaching. Key word though, "think."
  7. Fuck this game. Fuck these teams. Fuck the ACC. Fuck ESPN for televising this scat snuff flick.
  8. Fucking Brohm needs glasses. He looks like a fuckhead with that playsheet six inches from his face.
  9. This game seems to underscore the value of strength of schedule.
  10. Put it this way, you wouldn't think it was broken if you were on the wrong end of it. But these decisions, while not final, and subject to appeal, set the ground rules for further proceedings, for the most part, and sometimes those go faster than we might think. Trump hasn't won any of them since leaving office.
  11. And that opinion. https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/67656604/171/united-states-v-trump/ Edit to add: Chutkan cites rather heavily to our own Texas Law Review, which apparently had a symposium in 2021 on executive immunity. Noice. 🤘
  12. Interesting to see non-local commercials in the waning days of LHN.
  13. Anything that's not complete condemnation of the fascist of the thread is defending said fascist, and all fascists for that matter, according to CaptainAnt. Even if you are discussing something completely tangential to the fascist.
  14. The immunity opinion. https://www.cadc.uscourts.gov/internet/opinions.nsf/A3464AEB2C1CB89985258A7800537E73/$file/22-5069-2029472.pdf And lo, what do ya know, a Trump appointee concurs in the opinion.
  15. Well, I don't know and it doesn't have to be illegal "per se." The monitoring is to detect if he is trying to evade the effects of the cancellation of his business licenses. Engoron can decide if there is something unseemly about it and make orders to stop future occurrences, if not "punish" past occurrences. But what is reported there is not, in and of itself, a crime, or even a violation of a court order exercising civil jurisdiction.
  16. Just to keep this factual, Jones is nothing more than a monitor. This is not, or at least not yet, criminal or even a civil violation. It's for Engoron's informational purposes only, basically. It's up to Engoron to decide is something is untoward and, if there is, there's every reason to believe that Trump will be sanctioned accordingly.
  17. Good deal. That's going to smooth the road to eliminating immunity from criminal liability and make Chutkan's job easier.
  18. Hideous hit percentages on both sides. Thanks Jenna.
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