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  1. More than 500k without power last I heard.
  2. Excellent statement of the issue, I think. For a lot of us, this just slots back into whatever religious upbringing we might have had, and likely fallen away from, if the experience wasn't bad. Others, of course, have had negative religious experiences and deliberately fell away, never to return. The alky is at war with the universe and his or her self. We gotta get right-sized and that's about all it is. #wDrts
  3. I disagree that the strategy is "ingenious." Rather, it's obvious and predictable, but is being more effective than I'd hoped. But I can't read the whole post/thread because fuck Twitter.
  4. I agree that juries are apt to "compromise" on occasion. But they usually do so on what most would agree would be the weaker charges or claims in a case. Each of these 34 counts is virtually identical, so I don't see much room for that. And yeah, jury deliberations often are not what we'd call logical or even wholly rational. However, in the grand scheme of things, they tend to get things more right than wrong. And I think the perception of illogic and irrationality comes from advocates and observers who have become so "vested" in their case that they can't see how another, more neutral, entity (whether judge or jury) might view the case. Lawdogs are often puzzled and outraged by decisions of judges and juries, at least initially, but in the fullness of time, those decisions become more acceptable and rational-seeming than in the heat of battle.
  5. This is the kind of smooth buttfucking this whole series should have been.
  6. Bella did what she needed to. Aggy SS somehow straddled the bag making the throw so it momentarily looked awkward.
  7. Why 32 and not all 34? There's no material difference in the 34 checks corresponding to the 34 counts.
  8. I figured, but I think people conflate unlawful immigration with naturalization and the path to the latter is pretty narrow.
  9. Just in case you are operating under any misapprhension, no one who enters the United States unlawfully is ever eligible to become a naturalized citizen. The rest spend 3-5 years as a permanent resident while completing the requirements to become naturalized.
  10. Her basis in the property is probably what the donor reported on their gift tax return as the value of the property. But since that didn't happen, who knows.
  11. How does one "skip the line"?
  12. Even we win, we failed to rip their uppity aggy hearts out, so they'll hang around tomorrow. Dammit. Fuck.
  13. Looks like a bit of a heftychonk to me.
  14. Not voting for performative nonsense like declaring certain phrases antisemitic is not the same as calling for ethnic cleansing of Israel. It's not analogous, it's not similar, it's not even parallel. Just stop. Moreover, being anti-Trump does not mean you support all DemocratS, or even some DemocratS. But by God, being a Republican and voting for Republicans unavoidably means you support Trump or at least tolerate him, because every single Republican does. Romney, who you cannot vote for, at least criticizes the sonofabitch, but still tolerates him.
  15. One hour, one minute, 30 seconds at a time, if need be.
  16. I mean, you can't actually know what she's thinking. I have expressed no certainty on that issue, only that it is equally consistent with her being a dipshit, which I think is fairly beyond cavil at this point.
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