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  1. I saw something that Chris Kise, the Three Million Dollar Man, had advised that failure to cooperate in full in the past was a terrible mistake, because Trump has the worst lawyers. And he was put on the shit list for it. Now that they have lost the PR and legal battle on the Special Master, it seems he is going to reverse course and try to save his own bacon.
  2. So now the fucker decides to cooperate. https://www.cnn.com/2022/12/07/politics/trump-lawyers-properties-search/index.html
  3. Android Auto is good for google maps on your screen and not much else. I turn it off on the head unit most of the time, unless I am going to do some serious navigation.
  4. Yep about all the sumbitch ever does is collect fees. It never requires the business to generate a profit or be successful in any way.
  5. I figured pretty strongly that Amber Guyger would get convicted in Dallas County if there wasn't some tricky way mistake of fact could operate in her favor. Thirry-two miles to the west, I'm not going to make any bets at all.
  6. And Comey-gate and other non-fraudulent, non-election-related matter that may or may not have disadvantaged a candidate.
  7. Not as a punishment, per se, I don't think. But a fine will be levied and one that most likely can't be dodged like a civil judgment. The State of New York will become a super-creditor behind only secured creditors for the most part, so I am not sure even bankruptcy is really going to help. Whatever cash and other non-leveraged property and equity will be subject to seizure. And they may even be able to foreclose properites, although they would be behind secured creditors. EDIT: This is based on the notion that in enforcing and collecting criminal fines, the State of New York gives itself the same type of powers as the federal government. That may or may not be true.
  8. Yes the new "irrefutable fraud" is that a non-news outlet, twt, "suppressed" the laptop story for two whole days.
  9. Well, another round of illness and shitty weather have kept me off of all bikes since late October. Went to Moss, which finally opened after the latest storms and it was muddy in that way that makes pedaling hard. Whew boy, that was a beating. I only did something like 2-3 miles and quit. My fitness is in the shitter after being pretty good from new bike day to Septemberish.
  10. Weirdly enough, for a long time, Spot-Bilt was the athletic shoe name for Saucony when they made football cleats and that coaches shoe. They branched out into running shoes, ditched Spot-Bilt, and are probably bigger than ever. Usually one of their models is a tippy-top rated running shoe year-in, year-out.
  11. Still and all, American offerings at that time were pretty miserable across the board. That and a Pontiac something or other that was similar, were about the best there was.
  12. She apparently stayed slim as she aged via a cocaine addiction, then got pretty seriously overweight. Not judging, per se, but those things can put a lot of miles on you. RIP.
  13. What it is, like Arendt said about Eichmann, is basically a lack of empathy and understanding of the "lower classes.' About half of the population is below-average in intelligence, so there's always the "what do we do with the morons" problem. But it is at least theoretically possible for the ignorant to work really hard and smart and achieve some upward mobility, if not "the American Dream." But, as a practical matter, I think the ability to do that has diminished significantly in the time since between the Depression and WWII and the 80s, when "trickle down economics" and other things started biasing everything toward the capital-holding classes and against the labor classes. I'm still fundamentally a capitalist, but part of the philosophy underlying capitalism is the "Protestant work ethic," and, setting aside "Judeo-Christian," Protestant, and other loaded terms, I think many of those philosophies carried a significant bit of altruism, both personally and in governmental policy. And we've lost sight of that. Or, if you want to look at it another way, the Gekko way, "greed is good." To an extent, yes it is because it is one of our baser instincts, so it is a reliable motivator and policy basis. History has seemed to prove that it is a more reliable motivator and policy basis than pure altruism, as those societies seem to have rapidly become corrupted to the point of failure (because the ineluctable greed and self-interest wiped out any benefit). That utterance in Wall Street was intended by Stone to be shocking and kind of horrific, but, because 80s, it wasn't entirely viewed that way. But, greed remains one of our baser instincts, and isn't really "good" at all. From the perspective of most of the world's religions/moral philosophies, it's actually evil and a sin. It must be tempered by altruism or the society based on it will become corrupted and fail, as well. I'm guilty as hell of patting myself on the back (and I still find what my parents achieved between WWII and their deaths to be remarkable, but note the time period). But the longer I've lived, the more empathy I have gained and the more gratitude for the benefits I received that I didn't really earn, like Brisket said. I have made some horrific "decisions," including the predilection for alcohol addiction, but due to many of those same "lagniappes" I have received in the game of life, it wasn't a killer like it would be for someone less fortunate. Life is nasty, brutish, and short, for all of us. I think we're duty bound to make it less nasty and brutish for ourselves and our fellow man.
  14. I mean, in all fairness, most people around here think Helobius is an idiot, too. But he's our idiot, at least. Therefore, it's not a matter of guts, its that no one else really believes it, so no one else is going over there to say it.
  15. Arendt found Eichmann an ordinary, rather bland, bureaucrat, who in her words, was ‘neither perverted nor sadistic’, but ‘terrifyingly normal’. He acted without any motive other than to diligently advance his career in the Nazi bureaucracy. Eichmann was not an amoral monster, she concluded in her study of the case, Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil (1963). Instead, he performed evil deeds without evil intentions, a fact connected to his ‘thoughtlessness’, a disengagement from the reality of his evil acts. Eichmann ‘never realised what he was doing’ due to an ‘inability… to think from the standpoint of somebody else’. Lacking this particular cognitive ability, he ‘commit[ted] crimes under circumstances that made it well-nigh impossible for him to know or to feel that he [was] doing wrong’.
  16. The speculation is valid, as far as it goes, but it's speculation, not certainty, And it gets treated as certainty all too often. I tend not to "count" Sarkisian's prior head coaching stints against him because for a lot of practical purposes, that was a different Sarkisian than the one we've got. I think he's still learning some things about being a HC, and isn't perhaps quite as advanced as his six something prior years as a drunk HC might indicate, once you consider that he was a drunk HC. Also, the contrast between the plodding and ineffective second halves with the often pretty amazing first halves is frustrating as hell. But focusing exclusively on the bad second halves seems to wrongly deny credit for the first half. I remain optimistic that we're going to see some more four quarter "first halves" here in the near future.
  17. You know who else is a drag on the system by flattie's standards? The elderly whose primary income is social security, which is entirely untaxed unless you have other income, from investments or employment. There is no safety net in the State of Texas for the elderly without substantial savings or who have run through and have major health problems like dementia. You are disqualified from Medicaid if you make more than 2,523/month as a single person, say widowed or divorced. And that's not near enough money to pay for assisted living or a nursing home. And if you don't have family to take you in or financially assist, you're absolutely fucked.
  18. Yeah that's the thing that annoys me. IF Sarkisian had just done this or that, we'd be 12-0 and BECAUSE he didn't do this or that and obtain some other speculative outcome, he's a shit coach and should be fired. That's a pretty amazing causal "chain" of false certainty. And a lot of that certainty seems to come from drawing some kind of similarity to some other failed coach, or a false or speculative assertion that Saban never does that or never did. Because let's not kid ourselves, Saban is our only standard round here for a lot of folks. And that's a masturbatory pipe dream.
  19. Well, Riley has defensive problems because he has the same defensive staff as he had at blOwU for the most part. I was skeptical of PK and still hate the way our DBs play, but the defensive progress made this year was pretty impressive. I don't think Riley has ever had that. I'm not sure we can say it's a systemic problem among playcalling coaches.
  20. This is from a suit she and Finchem filed back in May: This is a civil rights action for declaratory and injunctive relief to prohibit the use of electronic voting machines in the State of Arizona in the upcoming 2022 Midterm Election, slated to be held on November 8, 2022 (the “Midterm Election”), unless and until the electronic voting system is made open to the public and subjected to scientific analysis by objective experts to determine whether it is secure from manipulation or intrusion. The machine companies have consistently refused to do this. Counsel for defendants sent a letter in May warning that the lawsuit was frivolous and would be dismissed and sanctions requested, which is something that should be happening in all of these Trumpesque suits, but didn't happen in enough of them. The plaintiffs then doubled down and moved for a preliminary injunction against the use of electronic voting machines in an election fewer than six months away. Defendants moved to dismiss, it was dismissed and sanctions have been granted. The sanctions will be ALL of the Maricopa County defendants' attorneys fees, which is going to be hundreds of thousands. The sanctioned attorneys will be this guy: https://www.parkerdk.com/the-team/andrew-parker/ That Kurt Olsen clown that is a repeat offender here. Parker may be too. Dershowitz. Because they signed the offending complaint and motion for preliminary injunction.
  21. How about they pay their taxes, pay their employees fairly, fund their 401ks and let shareholders and the stock market figure out whether they're a well-run company by something other than last quarter's EBIDTA? A company can make a little less profit and still be a very attractive investment. None of this is going to put them under. The system right now heavily favors the shareholder/upper classes at the expense of the lower classes. And there's nothing to counterbalance or stop that except the government by taxation, regulation, or some combination thereof. Or, corporations could start acting a little more like the humans the law has begun to say they are.
  22. Well, how about corporations, that do all that is humanly possible to avoid their tax obligations (they are human, yknow), and, concomitantly pay the lowest wages the law and an indifferent society will tolerate, and/or ship jobs off to worse societies where they can even more easily avoid paying a living wage, show a little compassion for the least of us instead of exclusively focusing on shareholder returns. Unions fucked themselves up, badly. But in the current situation, labor has little or no leverage against employers and that's fucked up. I didn't like what I knew of what labor unions had become by the 70s and 80s when they lost most of their power due to their own malfeasance. But they served a purpose and we need them, or something like them.
  23. Yeah, my experiences as a recovering alky make me think this way about redemptive things. And it seems most of our criminal policy/thought/jurisprudence is based mostly on simplistic thinking that really was developed centuries ago before there was even the limited understanding of psychology and human behavior that we have today. A lot of it just feels like "alcoholics have no willpower." There are certainly degenerates out there and degenerate recidivists of sexual and other crimes, but trying to treat everyone the same by locking them up and throwing away the key just can't be right.
  24. But I was told lil Lincoln with his all-world QB transfer was the greatest coach in the history of evar.
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