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  1. What a little bitch. And any surly lawyers want to weigh in on the claim that it was illegal to seize the phone prior to presetting the warrant.
  2. I have no doubt there are many people who think like her. But what has happened now is they are now out in the light and screaming their racism from the mountaintops. @Brisketexan may be right. The end is nigh.
  3. Well, if life rudimentary life exists in inummerable places, and life evolves and mutates to gain reproductive advantages, then it would seem that it is almost inconceivable when we are talking about 10 to the 25th power number of planets that life hasn't evolved to the sapient level somewhere. Seems far more likely that it has happened many, many times over. And the way we are going, not sure we've really evolved to the sapient level.
  4. Devin Nunes probably brought a claim after getting suckered to piss his career away on this scam.
  5. That's what I do. Have many rolls.
  6. Statistically, even if the conditions need to be perfect, those conditions have to exist billions of places. There are an estimated 2 TRILLION galaxies in the observable universe. There are somewhere between 2 to 3 TRILLION planets in just the Milky Way galaxy. The numbers are just too inconceivably massive. Anyone who thinks we are that unique in the universe has a pretty high estimation of themselves. Life has had to find a way in many of those cases. My head hurts.
  7. Not going to read through all of this, but it gets you thinking. Say you believe in God. God created the universe. The universe is so vast it is virtually incomprehensible in both distance and quantity of planets and stars. There is zero point zero percent chance that life hasn't found a way many times over throughout the universe. I personally think we haven't/won't encounter any of it, as the distances are too great. But God created man in his image. SO are beings on other planets just like us? Did Jesus go visit all of these other planets too, and that's why it is taking so long for him to return? Christians don't believe God is only God of our planet, right? So damn, God has a lot of territory to cover. And what's the deal with airplane food?
  8. Thanks, but I don't need any advice from some pederast.
  9. Kenley blew the save for the Braves. He owed us that one.
  10. Definitely get it checked out. Esophageal cancer is still pretty rare, but one of the fastest growing (in # of cases) of just about any as our shitty diets are coming home to roost. I was put on a prescription Omeprazole regimen that has eliminated the heartburn and reflux almost completely. But the restriction in my esophagus is getting worse, where if I don't eat super slowly and chew thoroughly, food gets stuck and sometimes the only solution to getting it unstuck is to puke it up. So that's fun. Radiation starts today. Let the good times roll.
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