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  1. Looks like you flail your way down, versus trying to make a skinny landing.
  2. Isn't that George Washington University? Or is it Freddie "Boom Boom" Washington University?
  3. ^^wtf kinda acid trip was that?
  4. Not sure I like that. Betts is a GG caliber outfielder, and just a mediocre 2B.
  5. Seems to me a Bama loss better serves Texas.
  6. The final football game for a once proud conference. For matchups that are a repeat of games played earlier in the season, the teams that won the first matchup are 7-1 in the CCG. I think that trend is bucked tonight. Oregon is playing outstanding football right now, and UW hasn't won a game by double digits since September, except for a 10 pt win at SC. Still should be a great game.
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