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  1. Pumping what I have and am into my kids' educations, I sure hope it remains a requirement.
  2. The looser the waistband, the deeper the quicksand, or so I have read...
  3. She needs an attitude adjustment. Her rudeness is off the charts.
  4. Sbbruin


    When I got my first batch of goodies from the dispensary, I was getting chemo and radiation. Told the guy what my deal was, and walked out with a couple hundred bucks worth of edibles, tinctures, and other goodies that have worked well. He did seem very educated on the topic.
  5. https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cn2ng6lpLOO/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  6. Sbbruin


    Getting our rescheduled trip for early March booked. Virgin Atlantic or American? Same price, basically the same times. looking to stay in the Kensington area. Food recs in the area?
  7. Sbbruin


    So haven’t been a big part of this thread, but did have a 25 year run of, well, enthusiasm. Much less frequent with kids and life. Alcohol filled that void. But during and post cancer, been struggling with nausea and shitty stomach issues. And alcohol is kind of a non starter. Booze may be in my rear view mirror, which is a weird thought. But you know what helps get through the stomach stuff though? A bit of thc. So I may be here more often. If you’ll have me.
  8. The horns up rep is particularly appropriate here.
  9. Watched season 1 but can’t get the wife to get going on season 2. May have to fly solo if she doesn’t get on board.
  10. Stop being a deadbeat and pay the man. Pay heeem hiss money.
  11. I had painkillers like that in the hospital. Awww yeah….
  12. Oh you think so? Bruins up 12 on the Toejams at half
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