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  1. I'm confused (as usual). So if an athletic department runs a surplus, the funds will receive a distribution? Will they control how AD budgets are created? We have some of the biggest investment funds in the world in some of our commercial real estate partnerships. They certainly can dictate how we spend money.
  2. Very much enjoyed “Billy and Molly: an otter love story”. on Hulu.
  3. I may need to talk to @hornian. It may have been a bridge too far.
  4. Made some nice sous vide to seared pork chops which were finished in my perfectly seasoned cast iron skillet. My wife did the dishes. I needn't say what happened next. Stern words were had though.
  5. They do all sorts of knockoff ED drugs and I think hair loss drugs. I think they're legit.
  6. Finished it last night. Really fascinating.
  7. Douchebag yelling “I love this game!” On Morikawa’s tee shot should be punched in the head.
  8. Terrifies me. I do a lot of solo sailing, and I am never on deck without a pfd and never out of the cockpit without being tethered to something. But if I went over and the boat was cruising under autopilot, I'm not sure I'd have the strength to haul myself back aboard.
  9. Yeah, it probably will be the best we can do. A lawsuit would be like suing ourselves essentially. No, we will not play them OOC.
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