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  1. Yeah, the running clock gains are going to be wiped out.
  2. Both of those athletic departments are screwed.
  3. I had no choice. After my esophageal cancer surgery, I have to sleep partially elevated on my back for the rest of my life. So we did a ton of research and went with the iSense. Every bell and whistle, and it's super comfortable. Don't regret it for a second.
  4. Ohtani-san with a jack in his first sp[ring game. Gonna be a fun season.
  5. Yeah they're talking 5'-8'. That's feet, not inches.
  6. Boarding. Plankers are lame.
  7. Wow, what a journey @hornbri. Your wife seems like a tough son of a gun. Praying for continued recovery.
  8. I think most offenses with Sam Howell at QB would look pretty shitty.
  9. Yep,that went up on the beach a few days ago. Surprised it hasn’t been pulled off. Glad you picked Hamilton. Great spot and you get the golf cart. Where have you eaten?
  10. Word is Eric Bienemy is about to be hired as our OC. I know he has a bit of a rap sheet and a rough personality, but he's OC'd for Reid and is respected as an offensive mind. I think he's what we need for our inexperienced head coach.
  11. That's fucking remarkable.
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