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  1. Sbbruin

    Hudson Card

    We're going to be in the market for a QB.
  2. The guy filming was the best. At the end "foo! foo!" Dude should get his ass beat for punching a chick in the face.
  3. was thinking the same thing. And even the "gilfy" Lady Liberty had her appeal.
  4. Yeah, especially since Campbell's name had been thrown around for some pretty high profile jobs over the past few years.
  5. And I'm getting a lot more nudes in my feed. Not sure how they started, but I better clear my cache or this could get awkward.
  6. They may be angling to join the Pac when SC and UCLA bail, and may want a big name to navigate that.
  7. Nothing like a good ctj rant to start the day.
  8. I’ve seen Bryce play since he was a junior in HS. I’d take Caleb 10 out if 10 times. And again, I hate SC with the white hot passion of 1000 suns.
  9. Thoughts @Upgrayedd? Not very splashy, that’s for sure
  10. It’s a really tough place to cash now in the era of the transfer portal. The school doesn’t accept transfer students. So some transfer out. None transfer in. They’ll need to change that or they’re dust. Not sure they will.
  11. Williams is far more impactful than Bijan. Or anyone else. Look, I hate that it’s a toejam. He just is really easily the best player out there.
  12. Is Caleb Williams and it’s really not close. It pains me greatly that they are going to get ANOTHER Heisman but he deserves it. I watched him torch us, and I’ve watched. Ugh of their play this year. He’s a fucking baller.
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