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  1. Beats me. But whatever it is, it is an angle I've not seen reported or speculated elsewhere.
  2. Was thinking today; you can't shoehorn in every character and whatnot, but it would have been nice to have a minute or two with the vet and Saul doing their transaction for the black book. To have the book shown being removed in the first episode of this season, and for Caldera to make the statement he did a few episodes later that he was getting out of the game and it would be for sale...that needed a bit of closure. We know the end result, but what was the asking price? There had to be some sort of explanation what the vacuum guy's business card meant, and the passphrase. How about explaining the hieroglyphics? Alas.
  3. Caleb Williams didn't play his senior year of high school either. Granted, it wasn't his choice.
  4. She scammed her way into prison for one last chance to see Jimmy. Perfect sense, and something that Jimmy could appreciate.
  5. I don't see any way he gets a happy ending, unless he stops by a massage parlor sometime during the episode. Jeffie is going to turn, Marion already has, Life Alert is going to let the Omaha police Saul is in the neighborhood (which in turn lets the feds know) and so forth.
  6. Waterman rollerball here. I want a Montblanc, but can't justify that price, considering I would probably lose it. Maybe someday I'll get one. I prefer rollerball to ballpoint. I used cheap fountain pens in college (well over 30 years ago) but quit the practice not long after graduation. They wrote well, but as a southpaw, they can tend to be messy if you don't pay attention.
  7. Those young ranks, while getting paid and getting laid are still Priorities 1 and 1a, also have a steady diet of Fox News, OAN and social media as well. Things that were missing from your experience.
  8. Well, he was working from home. Working on the highest bidder.
  9. I get why the Post and the Times have stuff paywalled, but damn...for stories like this, they need to be free.
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