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  1. But until he actually pays a dime or gets a property seized or is remanded for house arrest or something...he hasn't paid. That's the thing that MAGA keeps clinging to; that for everything they believe is "drummed up" on Trump, he hasn't spent a day in jail or whatever. They see him still doing rallies, on Fox, hanging out at the border, whatever. He's a free man.
  2. It's an assumption I have as well. Just started happening for me in the last hour. Elon said last summer that he wanted to eliminate the block feature. Don't see the nag screen on mobile, at least for now.
  3. So, anyone else seeing a new popup while using Twitter on a desktop when you block an account? It's after every single account you block, and you get directed to a new URL [https://twitter.com/i/verified-get-verified] The only way to get rid of it is to click one of the two options.
  4. Followup. It was all just a misunderstanding; "honorary only":
  5. So, Elon bought a laptop today, and he's puzzled over Microsoft's terms of use when setting up a new device: So, he started to use Twitter as tech support, and says he reached out to the CEO of Microsoft:
  6. It's cute that he thinks he can salvage the RNC:
  7. Cross-posted from the indicated thread, because reasons: https://trumpdebtcounter.com
  8. https://trumpdebtcounter.com
  9. I'm honestly surprised she hasn't trotted out a "diplomatic immunity" angle. Maybe she's saving that for another day.
  10. Here you go @Brisketexan, If you thought the cooperation between Trump's PAC's was bad enough https://www.thedailybeast.com/the-cash-strapped-trump-campaign-is-trying-to-get-away-with-a-new-donor-loophole?ref=home
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