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  1. "Graze." But I think I might like your lyric even better. LOL
  2. Their best album, IMO. Les Boys is kind of a throwaway, but everything else on that record is really good.
  3. RIP Shirley . . . and Laurie from American Graffiti. 2023 already off to a bad start.
  4. Only ran for 224 and 3 TDs, and also caught a 60 yard TD pass against them in '77. Nope, wasn't a beast at all.
  5. Carl Spackler


    That's the Uncle Boobs we know and love.
  6. Woodinville or Redwood Empire Lost Monarch
  7. Tell me you have no taste in music without telling me you have no taste in music.
  8. I'm going to bet that when you called the hotel, you told them that you had left something in the safe but didn't mention that it was a firearm. Amirite or amirite?
  9. Have you listened to it yet? Interested in what you think of it.
  10. Elvis was a big steaming pile of crap. The movie, that is.
  11. Congrats! Great looking ride. That was the color I had in my original build. When they rolled my MY21 order over to MY22, I was allowed to make changes to the build if I wanted. Starting in MY22, Ford offered eruption green as a color option, which I liked about as well as cyber orange. The difference was that Ford wanted an extra $500 (or was it $600?) for the cyber orange, but the green wouldn't cost anything extra. So because I liked the two colors about equally, I switched to green to save a few bucks. I've gotten several compliments on the green and I don't regret making the switch, but I still like that cyber orange a lot.
  12. +1. Gandorf is good people. Generous with advice and tips on places that may have good bottles for sale.
  13. "Perineal." That's what you get for sounding it out.
  14. Is AJ Brown pouting? Seriously?
  15. 38-37, Cedric. I know. I was there.
  16. Why wouldn't you go for it there?
  17. This. Of those three, I like the Byrds the best. Never really got heavily into the other two. But one cannot deny Crosby's place in musical or cultural history. And he was a very "real" dude -- warts and all. What you saw was what you got when it came to him, both good and bad.
  18. WTH is an "infrared toasted cherry oak barrel"?
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