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  1. Arkansas moose out front should have told him.
  2. This weekend, while traveling back to SAT from my father-in-law's funeral out of Newark, we learned that United Premier access security lanes are regular security and not pre-check. I hadn't taken my shoes off or removed my laptop from my bag in years. Lesson learned that the marketing is bullshit.
  3. I mentally came on your mom's face last night.
  4. If Sark blows out aggy in CS, their fan base will beat the life out of Jimbo themselves.
  5. Let me guess: Your boy calls you and says "Hey, Newy, man! How ya been? We never see you anymore. Anyway, we're hitting up Dorsia tonight. Reynolds has an in with the host and got us a table. You in?" and you said "Sorry, bro. VP is riding my ass to get these slide deck out revisions out. Said he needs it yesterday." and your bro said "You've changed, Newy. All you care about is your stupid job now." and hangs up. But you didn't even hear his words because all you hear is "Plzfixplzfixplzfixplzfix" over and over. You wake up the next day to hear the Horns lost, but you can't process what it means because you unconsciously put on your suit that's growing increasingly tighter around your midwaist and trudge back into the office for another delightful day of #REF errors.
  6. How do you know if someone is an investment banker? They'll tell you.
  7. X can skip all the arm days as long as he doesn't skip hands day.
  8. Would have loved to see Malik playing the edge role that Ossai was afforded his last year.
  9. I've flown out of Austin-Bergstrom countless times, and it shares some letters with Bergen. Hits close to my former home.
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