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  1. Gotcha. So will depend on how long they stay in the house
  2. FHA PMI cancels after 11 years if you put down 10% or more. How much are the savings over the life of the loan? i would also factor in the geographic area. If homes appreciate fast in the area, conventional can knock off that PMI way faster
  3. When it comes to prison, I'm sure the Chief of Staff is willing to totally fall on that sword.
  4. Don't worry, rape rarely leads to pregnancy
  5. Your weekly reminder that the police are a legal gang.
  6. Looks like I'm speeding up my exit from this shithole country. Operation Ripcord is a go
  7. I would literally pay money to watch this. If there is a Principal/Teacher/Coach who is muslim. Please please please start doing prayers in red states.
  8. The question as always, what will the next CPI report show on July 13th?
  9. Life has intrinsic value… That is why Republicans are anti-death penalty
  10. Agree Agree I don’t hate ketchup. I like ketchup. I was just stating my opinion that when it comes to condiments, ketchup is the lesser. I was agreeing with the posters who said they stopped eating ketchup on their burger when they were 10 years old because most adults develop taste buds and do not need tomato sugar to enjoy food. I’m just busting balls Eat whatever the fuck you want.
  11. US v Vuitch but that was more about if the DC statute was vague or not, not really about abortion rights
  12. Holy shit, that was it? A pat on the back?
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