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  1. This isn’t rocket science. Numerous countries have done this. Pass laws. Require Licenses. Enforce regulations
  2. 1. Bam Margera - 44 2. Bruce Willis - 68 3. Shannon Doherty - 52 4. Michael J Fox - 62 5. Dick Chaney - 82 6. Yoko Ono - 90 7. Clint Eastwood - 93 8. Vladimir Putin - 71 9. Mel Brooks - 97 10. Billie Eilish - 21
  3. Did anyone really think cults would stop their brainwashing at pulpits, leaflets and town squares? They use any means necessary.
  4. You are still creating a false equivalency Any IDF soldier that has employed sexual violence against Palestinian women was not an intentional policy of Israel. There are pieces of shit everywhere. Many join the armed forces. US soldiers have committed similar acts of atrocity in Vietnam and most likely every war. That wasn't an intentional act by the United States. That was a piece of shit being a piece of shit. The solider, if reported, would be charged and convicted of a crime. The US and Israel do not celebrate rape. The Hamas soldier is not being charged with a crime, they are being celebrated by Hamas, and in some instances in these videos, by other Palestinians in the videos. It is not the same thing. Yes. One is less bad than the other. I agree, Israel should be held to a higher standard. Why do you think they are being peer pressured by the United States into cease-fires for hostages exchanges? Sending humanitarian aid? Israel's run by far right pieces of shit too. This is the world holding them to a higher standard. Palestinian protestors are not calling for the end of Hamas. They are not protesting Hamas at Mosques. They are not calling for new elections in Gaza. Gazans are not helping Israel find and locate these terrorists. I think all people that want to live in peace and live in a free world should be held to a higher standard, and that includes Palestinians.
  5. If you're using a Lennar/DR Horton/Whatever the Fuck, you can definitely shake them down in the 5s
  6. Next year...Twitter will be profitable Next year...we will have FSD capability Next year...the Tesla roadster will be ready Next year...A&M will win a championship
  7. I will try to provide some clarification (at least in regards to this thread) No one supports Hamas. Most people don't support Israel's actions in Gaza, or even the West Bank. It is has been expressed throughout this thread. Nothing justifies the death of innocent civilians. There is one slight disagreement between parties in this thread, and generally, between anyone that falls on either side of the war. There is a tendency for Palestinians supporters to promote a false equivalency. I'm not saying I don't understand it. Innocent Palestinians are being killed in this war. It is horrible. I wish it wasn't happening. I say false equivalency because Hamas intentionally raped women to death. They intentionally decapitated children. They proudly did horrific things to innocent civilians. They filmed it, and proudly spread these videos. While Israel bombs killing women and children is also terrible. In my opinion, it is in no way equal to Hamas' actions. Now, I've read the articles that state Israel knew it was killing civilians with their bombs. While incredibly sad, militaries bombing targets that may or may not have collateral damage is not new. That doesn't make it equivalent. They asked Palestinians to leave the area before they started their campaign. They set up corridors for them to leave the area after they started their campaign. They don't want to kill civilians. If they could wave a magic wand and not kill any civilians and only Hamas targets, they would. Hamas wants to kill civilians. That is the difference. And yes, it's a big difference.
  8. I always enjoy the fan call out posts. In the purity test of fandom, I am a bad fan. Over-emotional. Reactionary. I am overly critical and negative. I expect more, and express it. I am an asshole. I don’t post in the weekly mudhole threads, nor do I call out said silliness in a loss to Tech, TCU, or Kansas. It’s a message board. Some people post for a sense of community, some post to alleviate frustration, some post out of boredom, and some post because they murder young men on Rainey Street. Whatever floats your boat. I’ve been overly critical of Sarkisian. I didn’t think he was the guy. His first two seasons were not acceptable. This year, I have been proven wrong. I like to be proven wrong. I want to be proven wrong. I gladly eat crow. It’s my favorite meal in the playoffs. If you don’t think I want to win more than my desire to breathe, you are mistaken.
  9. No, you don’t. The Aggy DC was Durkin. Robinson was the beloved and very good D-Line coach. Robinson wants to be a HC one day. No DL coach has ever been given a HC job. Elko would not hire Robinson as DC, but Aggy offered him an insanely high salary to not pursue a DC title. He declined. As expected, The DL mercenaries loyal to Robinson are leaving The new DL coach is a jag that got fired from Florida. Elko still hasn’t hired a DC yet. The Great Santucci declined, which is probably good news.
  10. Get there as early as possible. Inside is a crowded shit-show but the grounds are beautiful
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