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  1. This website is full of the weirdest people
  2. Has America had the most assassinations & attempts of any country?
  3. https://static.project2025.org/2025_MandateForLeadership_FULL.pdf I matched the claim with the text of Project 2025 To be honest, many of them were mentioned multiple times all over the place. I tried to find the most relevant one
  4. Oh, so you agree. We need more restrictive gun laws
  5. Most likely. He flew the Brazil route for his first years, flew transports during WW2, then stationed in NY, then back to Houston for the rest of career. Pretty much same years as yours
  6. Appears Trumps PAC wants to increase the temperature
  7. That British reporter is like a walking shepherds pie
  8. in what way was Oswald shooting Kennedy political? What was his motive?
  9. I’m not telling you shit cop
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