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  1. Appears Trump may not have been paying taxes on his 400 million a year trademark names business.
  2. Well when the CEO is shit posting pro nazi shit
  3. Home Appreciation since 2019 is like 40% You locked a refi? Are you a magician?
  4. I can smell the creamed spinach from here. We need age limits for elected office.
  5. Everything he just said was stupid and all, but Is he directing traffic with his hands? Or communicating a Crispy Crème order via some altered sign language?
  6. He posted it because it’s another example of Elon hurting his own company with his instability. Attacking anti-dictator groups? Why? because he’s a narcissist with zero control
  7. Many people are terrible at English. He was talking shit about their anti-dictator stance being "brave", stating it is not brave to be anti-dictator (at least in the USA I'm assuming, because being anti-dictator in Russia is brave as fuck). Is he insinuating their money comes from nefarious sources?
  8. This has nothing to do with any moderation policy. Elon is likely referring to any internal communication regarding the ban of Trump or any other similar politicized banning. It is chum for his worshippers.
  9. Who hasn’t gotten shitfaced at Chuck E Cheese on a Tuesday?
  10. Lol They have rules. Musk is an idiot
  11. Elon went to Penn State but never graduated. He was awarded two honorary degrees from Penn State after he got rich, a BA in Economics and a BA in a non-specified field. He claims to this day he has a degree in physics. He does not.
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