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  1. Get there as early as possible. Inside is a crowded shit-show but the grounds are beautiful
  2. Neonmoon

    2023 Heisman

    Heisman is a bullshit award if we didn’t lose to OU, Quinn would have it locked up.
  3. I haven’t watched them too closely Good offense. Meh defense?
  4. Wonder if he’s still coming back after the past 2 games?
  5. We’re going to get fucked because SEC can’t not get in.
  6. Three passes that series. He threw two into DL and took a sack on the third try
  7. It’s between Texas and Alabama Does H2H matter or is SEC a Trump card?
  8. Louisville didn’t even recover it. What are they reviewing?
  9. Plummer is so bad, I’m literally thinking of watching the ND game to see how in the holy fuck they won
  10. He threw the ball to the defense twice in that series and they dropped both INTs
  11. Imagine being down 17 and calling the same boring ass off tackle runs that get stuffed every play
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