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  1. I fully support intellectual discrimination. I practice it everyday in my life
  2. First off, hire an editor. Do you think 14 pages is an effective way to communicate any point you were trying to make? Is this a LOBO sock? Second, I can provide you with clinical studies, but that doesn’t matter, because neither of us are doctors, and it won’t change your beliefs. Beliefs are are emotional and no amount of clinical data will change that. But since you asked. Pictures Help Jesus, I just read the ‘what should we teach’ the paragraph. Are you okay? But to answer your questions directly, should we teach all that? Yes. In my opinion, yes. There is nothing wrong, illegal, immoral about anything you listed. You clearly believe there is, especially if a teenager is involved. Sexuality, and any expression thereof between two caring and consenting partners should be embraced. But to get back to the original point of this topic, this wasn’t about “teaching”. It was about banning a book. If you don’t want the sex ed teacher to explain sexuality isn’t wrong, or that a rimjob won’t harm your child, or that Sally going down on Samantha isn’t scary, fine. Just don’t ban the book in case Sally or Samantha want to learn about what their feeling on their own time. I’m not trying to stick it to anyone. I’m just trying to argue that sexuality, depicted in a healthy normal non-violent way is beneficial to teenager development.
  3. Winners get autographed pictures of Khashoggi’s chopped up body
  4. This link is super CR and no idea if true but interesting https://www.reed.senate.gov/news/releases/reed-asks-ftc-to-crack-down-on-possible-egg-price-gouging https://www.ers.usda.gov/data-products/chart-gallery/gallery/chart-detail/?chartId=105576
  5. Egg Market Overview https://www.ams.usda.gov/sites/default/files/media/Egg Markets Overview.pdf
  6. You can still lend to shitty borrowers, but they are not qualified mortgages and cannot be sold to GSE unless they have 36 months of seasoning, aka timely payments to current lender. (2 30 day lates allowed)
  7. No worries. Same. I wasn’t trying to be a dick. My reading comprehending might need updating.
  8. Okay, fuck it. I've read way too many books on this to not reply. The lending crisis is so misunderstood because there were soo many different people responsible for it. There is nothing wrong with collateralizing mortgage debt and selling it on the secondary market. It literally has been happening since Fannie Mae was created by the National Housing Act in 1938. The whole point is liquidity. They need to collateralize the debt and sell it, so they can buy more loans to collateralize, so lenders can offer more loans, and more people can become homeowners. Responsible Party #1 - Ronald Regan signed the Garn-St Germain Depository Act of 1982 which deregulated the banks and allowed them to offer adjustable rates mortgages, balloon payments, etc. Deregulation = increased risk Responsible Party #2 - In 1994 JP Morgan created the Credit Default Swap financial derivative product in order to get risk of their books when they wanted to open a line of credit for 5 billion for Exxon for the Valdez spill. They had to keep 8% of capital in reserves for outstanding loans, so to get the risk off their books, they sold the risk to someone else in a Credit Default Swap. Later on, these swaps were used to bet against the collateralized debt obligations. Responsible Party #3 - President Bill Clinton signed the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) into effect in 1999. GLBA repealed Sections 20 and 32 of the Glass-Steagall Act, which had prohibited the interlocking of commercial bank and investment firms. Responsible Party #4 - The ratings firms that rated CDOs filled with subprime mortgages as AAA because everyone was paying them to do it, and they were making too much money. (special fuck you to these people) Responsible Party #5 - SEC for not coming up with any rules or enforcing any of the existing rules. Responsible Party #6 - The "Greenspan Put". Alan Greenspan kept lowering interest rates any time there was a hint of trouble, creating huge bubbles that eventually burst. In fact, he probably deserves more blame than most, or the ratings houses that rubber stamped dogshit. Responsible Party #7 - Buyers of Mortgages (Fannie/Freddie/Banks/Investor) - They were making so much fucking money on Mortgage Backed Securities, they couldn't get enough of them. They literally were asking loan officer to do whatever it took to get more. Responsible Party #8 - Lenders & Loan Officers - There wasn't any rules like the Dodd-Frank act, so the private industry was supposed to be acting responsibly, not being greedy, and only loaning money to people that could pay it back? Wrong, the investors were saying give us more loans, we don't give a fuck, so lenders were more than happy to oblige. The answer is a lot of people were responsible.
  9. I don't think we should allow the bible on school property. Exposing children to manipulative cults that promote stories of bigotry, rape, and incest are not beneficial or provide educational value. However, that is my belief which may not be shared by everyone. I'm not trying to force my beliefs on others. You believe nudity and pictures of sex do not provide any value to teenagers in developing emotionally or sexually in a healthy way. That belief is not supported by any studies of human development. You want to force others to follow your beliefs. No one is harmed by normal depictions of sex
  10. My apologies. I assumed you were going to read and understand what I wrote.
  11. You’re letting your experience cloud your judgment. You can’t see how it would help because in your experience, you would have acted immaturely if exposed to similar heterosexual material. First off, maybe an explicit novel would have helped you feel less awkward or last longer, or prepared you emotionally for that experience. Maybe not, but if someone was struggling with it, they could read the material and have their feelings validated. Now, unlike heterosexuals in society, homosexuals and lesbians are told their experiences are wrong and sinful, not only that, so bad they’re not allowed to do them, express them, or all books about them are banned or illegal. Did that happen in your experience? We’re you told growing up that men having sex with a woman should be criminalized? Maybe ideas like that being talked about in society give gay teenagers anxiety, and having material that normalizes their experience, and calms any anxiety would be beneficial.
  12. You are literally the definition of prude. “a person who is easily shocked by matters relating to sex or nudity.” You are so shocked that a book depicting “explicit chick on chick action” is available to teenagers, you want to prohibit access to it. Look, you’re a parent, and you should voice your opinion, especially about your values just like every other parent, but in no way are you the hip liberal at this dinner party.
  13. Much of the world is experiencing inflation issues. The US is handling it better than most, but middle of the pack for G20 countries. Yes, inflation sucks, but it’s okay to celebrate the recent downward trend https://tradingeconomics.com/country-list/inflation-rate I went outside, but it’s pretty cold. I’m going to make some soup.
  14. Oh my god, teenagers might see sex? This world is so stupid
  15. UT system not dominating Houston or Fort Worth is one of the dumbest moves in Texas history
  16. The conversation is happening at the link below. Feel free to join in.
  17. My results “Your data suggest a moderate automatic preference for African American children compared to European American children” This study is bullshit because I hate all kids
  18. I acknowledge amending the constitution is near impossible, especially in today’s political climate, but it is OK to be a proponent of change.
  19. You think Jimbo is going to leave 50 million on the table? He ain’t leaving. He knows where the bodies are buried.
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