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  1. No there's never been an official NBA quintuple double. But Wemby absolutely could and is the most likely player to do it. I think he will in fact, and said it weeks ago. He's already had a triple double in 21 minutes and a 5x5 in 31 minutes. He had 5 blocks and 5 steals in consecutive games. Keep in mind the Spurs have 1.5 decent players around him on any given night. He gets a few shooters and assists can be 5+, regularly. He's already averaging 3.3 with dog shit. Points and rebounds are a given. So it's blocks, and he's kinda good at those, and a stupidly nimble 7'4" dude with an F-18 size wingspan and steals are in the mix. And he's 20. And getting better.
  2. Highest Pull-Up 3P% since the start of 2024: 1. Conley: 48.2%—56 3PA 2. SGA: 47.8%—69 3. Sexton: 47.2%—53 4. Wemby: 45.6%—57 5. McCollum: 44.9%—69 Just your run of the mill 7'4" rookie center improving on nearly every phase of his game as the season progresses.
  3. Has the Clippers brand redesign been mercilessly ridiculed yet? Trying to incorporate a nautical theme, but simultaneously ripping off the Mariners and using a Carnival Cruise ship is the logo design equivalent of Ballmer and Gates trying to dance in the early 90s.
  4. Ice Cream? This is not a Wendy's, sir. Frosty's are a bit more like Water, Sugar, Powdered MILK, Sunflower Creamer [Sunflower Oil, Maltodextrin, MILK Protein, Emulsifier (E471), Antioxidant (E306)], Whey (MILK), Cocoa Powder (3.7%), Stabiliser (E412), Flavouring (Flavouring, Dextrose), Carrageenan [Stabiliser (E407), Dextrin], Stabiliser (E415)
  5. That gives me middle school basketball flashbacks playing against dudes who already had their growth spurt.
  6. No one made a World Series (spring training) rematch thread? Rangers picking up where they left off against Arizona so far. Related to Langford, looks like he got his first spring training hit.
  7. Lead ref, who was right there, admitted the blown call after the game and that DiVincenzo fouled him (no shit). I don't give a shit about either team, but this would be a personal foul in football. The whole last sequence is actually about 3 missed fouls.
  8. He's likely going to Boston. But who knows, maybe Young works some magic and gets Davis to check under his mattress or donate some plasma. If there's any in there. Otherwise it's Nate, Gray, Dunning, Heaney and Bradford, I assume? Until July/August when Scherzer and deGrom return and never ever get injured again and reel off 12 straight wins each.
  9. Maybe tonight. But he needs to pick up the pace on the blocks though. A 20 - 8 - 4 - 4 - 1 first half isn't going to cut it. Scrub.
  10. Is this the new "Born in the USA" discussion thread?
  11. Missed the game but glanced at the box score. Wemby is getting the first official quintuple double one day.
  12. Good article. I've observed the trend for a while. Also how I often can't find the manufacturer's website to research it directly, because the review sites are choking them out.
  13. Superman 3 Just kidding. I haven't seen it since I was 10 so I'm sure it's still the greatest movie ever made.
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