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  1. He hasn't quite reached climax yet.
  2. God, you are so fucking boring and predictable.
  3. The good news is: they're too fucking stupid to figure out how to view Tucker's new show/podcast?/Russian state media?
  4. Try to remove yourself from alt-right news for a few weeks. Give it a go. You might enjoy it.
  5. Are we really doing this? It's absolutely unforgivable that a 98 year old veteran with the last name Hunka wasn't properly vetted beforehand. People should be fired, and they deserve the current egg on their face. ...but do you honestly believe that anyone giving him a standing ovation had any inclination that he was an SS Nazi? Really? I swear, the right purposely takes the dumbest, most illogical positions possible and makes a game out of trying to make the narrative stick.
  6. One dude stupidly invites a former Nazi--unbeknownst to literally everyone else in the room at the time--followed by days of profound Canadian-style apologies. One party keeps appearing over and over at events--and taking phone calls from--known, active white supremacists and act totally indignant about it when challenged. Same same, we know. Continue.
  7. "But why isn't the cloak room more receptive to opposing viewpoints!?!?!"
  8. What in the actual fuck are you on about? Keep watching Libs of TikTok and pretending that you're not a sad, gigantic piece of shit. You know, like a sane person. Good lord, dude.
  9. Shut the fuck up. When someone tags you out of nowhere to insult you, tell them to eat a dick and move on. Enough with this lazy ass, let me say the stupidest, most outrageous thing possible trolling.
  10. Oh fuck right the fuck off you fucking troll. "Hurr, durr, let's see how many I can reel in with this one."
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