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  1. *and Jimmy Butler. Jesus.
  2. Not sure how much it would have mattered in a really bad East--even for already low Eastern Conference standards--but yeah, having the 3 non-Celtic Eastern All-NBA selections and last year's MVP all hobbled or out at some point has been a bummer.
  3. He admittedly has the facial structure, ears, and haircut.
  4. The benefits of dedicating a career to low expectations.
  5. While I agree that Minnesota can still make this a series (and they're 5-1 on the road this postseason), they have some deeper issues right now beyond just inexperience on a few key possessions. Raise your hand if you had Dallas's big men having the advantage, and Minnesota getting toasted in the paint with easy baskets. KAT will play better--he can't play worse--but good luck relying on him to be good to great in 4 of the next 5 games. Do they change their defensive philosophy that has been #1 in the NBA all season, and fight harder to avoid switching? Maybe have Rudy hedge on Luke/Kyrie and recover back to his man? Does he have the foot speed to do that? Ant's going to be a legitimate superstar in this league, and I expect him to be excellent in a Game 3 win, but his coronation was a little premature. Asking a 22 year old to truly carry an offense and a team game in and game out over 2 months of playoff basketball is a huge ask. No, obviously Minnesota shouldn't blow it up, even if they lose this series. They're a legitimate contender for an NBA title. Don't pull a Presti and trade Harden when you're on the doorstep. Plus, they wouldn't get much for Gobert or KAT, just some draft picks and expirings (I'm legitimately serious that KAT is virtually untradable). But, damn, they're going to get crazy expensive very quickly.
  6. Man, you sure about that? Who? You simply can't pay a non superstar that you didn't draft that kind of money and have any chance at winning. His ridiculous contact doesn't even start until next year.
  7. I don't often give Jason Kidd credit for his coaching, but not letting Tim Hardaway Jr. play enough minutes to shoot a basketball the deeper they've gotten into the postseason has been pretty savvy.
  8. And it's about time that someone gave you credit for it!
  9. Don't have to dig too deeply into the Mavs thread (Game 4 against OKC, to be exact) to find takes like "[historic playoff] stats are overrated" and "stats aren't wins" (for a guy who's already been to a WCF) and "he doesn't have a killer instinct".
  10. I get that the game has changed, and centers are at a major defensive disadvantage come playoff time against elite perimeter players who hunt switches... ...but it will never not be weird to me to hear announcers discussing trying to hide or sub out the 4x DPOY on defense.
  11. That's just what Big Arches wants you to think.
  12. Yeah, two years between seasons actually seems small these days with the production value and big name actors on top end shows.
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