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  1. I can absolutely believe that Herschel Walker doesn't know the mother of one of his children.
  2. "Using my faith to hide behind, I actively propagate the idea that homosexuality is a choice--a sinful one at that--which has directly led to suicide, depression, and bigotry among a vulnerable community, and people are mean to me about it! I'm so persecuted."
  3. Telling them that who they are--not what they choose to do--is a sin isn't "treating them the same as everyone else." And it has real-world consequences with suicide and depression. Their "issue" is with God...people like you just make their mortal life that much more difficult for God knows what reason. But we're "lost." What incredibly small men you and Sack are.
  4. Gee, you mean they want to be accepted and welcomed for who they are and not be told from self-righteous pricks that something that they have no control over is inherently a sin? The selfish bastards. How many kids have killed themselves in large part because people like you have convinced them that who they are is a sin?
  5. No, I'm not a believer anymore. I already said that people like you caused me to leave the Church. Pretty sure that already disqualifies me from being a "true believer", no? I'd label myself as agnostic these days. I believe in a higher power, but it's hard for me to think any one organized religion is "correct". I'm stoked when people use their faith to practice love, acceptance, and equality, but that was rarely my experience in the Church. The problem is people, not religion. The more I see people using their interpretation of a 2,000 year old book to justify thinking and saying truly heinous things--all while convincing themselves that their mere participation in church makes them a good person--the more I know that I made the best decision for myself.
  6. And if they decide, "You know what, it's our lives, and we can decide what God wants for us," and get married because they don't believe that who they are is a sin...everything going to be hunky dory on Sunday? If there's a heaven, one of two things is going to happen to you when you die: 1) Jesus is going up meet you at the gates and say, "Thank you, Johnny, for taking the Bible so literally [well, as you interpret it] and treating those homos and queers as sinners and less than. It's important that they know their place." That's a heaven that I want no part of, but it seems like it may be your cup of tea. 2) Jesus will say, "What the fuck is wrong with you? How could you misconstrue my teachings so completely? You think I wanted you to judge God's children as sinners and stand in their way for something as trivial and inconsequential as who they lay with?"
  7. Fuck all the way off. "Welcoming" gay people, so long as they acknowledge that they're living in sin just like murderers and thieves isn't welcoming gay people. You disingenuous piece of shit. Weird how I haven't gotten an answer to this one.
  8. I'm glad that we're definitely going to fix all of the already broken guard rails from the last 6 years in short order. Oh, what's that? We're letting the GOP take sledgehammers to any remnants still standing? Ah well, nevertheless.
  9. Do tell: how many openly gay people attend your church under such enlightened and open-minded acceptance?
  10. "You're welcome at our Church...so long as you knock off all that marriage and equal rights talk, and you admit that your sexuality is a sin" is the same as saying they're not welcome at your Church. But you know that.
  11. What a fucking cop out. Johnny Sack: "Homosexuals--even ones I know to be good people--aren't welcome at my Church. They're sinners, right alongside murderers." Also Johnny Sack: "I don't wonder why 'lost' people hate the Church. Nothing I can do about it." Also, also Johnny Sack: "Christians are the most charitable and generous people on the planet." Without a single second of self-reflection regarding the incongruity of those statements. Complete psychopaths like you are why I left the Church.
  12. Cornpop not realizing exactly how this thread was going to go for him makes him almost as stupid as he is poor.
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