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  1. Do you...do you need me to call someone?
  2. Shit, I think I've even had the "argument" with you that college basketball may even be more predictable than the NBA. In any given year, name me the sport's top 10 coaches. I don't give a shit what their roster make-up is...one of those dudes is winning the championship 95% of the time.
  3. I've admittedly done zero research on this, but I'd be willing to bet every dime I have that the First Man, by the time he was 12, was pondering things like, "Bruh, it sure would be cool if I could trick someone--anyone really--into putting this thing in their mouth."
  4. Honest question that I'm sure you've answered elsewhere: what do you think happens to all of this stuff is he his elected President? I don't think he will, and I want desperately to share your optimism of "real" (not just financial) punishment coming his way. But what if he wins this shit again?
  5. Not that I didn't realize this already, but sure painting a pretty good picture why they didn't want the hearing to be open. Hunter, despite his many faults, it's pretty damn quick on his feet.
  6. You're right, "never" was harsh on my part. I'll give Wemby a 0.001% chance of ever recording a quintuple-double. The only way it's happening is in a meaningless regular season game where he has something like 26/12/9/8/6 in the 3rd quarter, and his coach (not named Pop) let's him blatantly chase it a la Devin Booker. Sure, that's in the realm of possibility. There's a better chance than not that he never has a single 10+ steal game in his career because it's really hard to do as a non-perimeter player. That said, I'd feel pretty safe putting money down on him being the first player to have official career highs of 10+ in all categories if he has a full career because that's how norm-defying he is. The odds are just infinitesimal that they all align on the same night. But sure, if anyone theoretically could do it, he's the favorite by a country mile. I'm in no way, shape, or form trying to slight him whatsoever.
  7. Just pointing out the pretty obvious platitude that there are always going to be the haves and have nots, due to various internal and external factors. And have nots should still be entitled to decent, affordable health care. I thought we were one the topic of people not being satisfied with their healthcare situation should seek other employment. Which derailed into general employer shittiness and the shrinking of the middle class. But, honestly, I black out a little whenever I try to read this thread, so I'm probably behind.
  8. By definition, half of the population is below median intelligence. And median work ethic. And median opportunity for advancement. Those medians are already pretty low. Many above those median levels value other things in life/careers above future salary potential. We can't all be lawyers and professional cyclists who work weekends at their local P5 University as their offensive coordinator like your average Surly member. And, if we could, then those jobs would no longer be in the 1%. Yes, people should live within their means and not except to fly first class to the coast of Spain on a whim. But they should still be entitled to decent healthcare that doesn't scare them away from seeing their doctor for fear of unexpected charges and a complete lack of billing transparency. "I should find a better job, so I can finally have reasonable healthcare" is a shitty thing to have to consider in this country. My wife works in biotech--well known for their excellent employee healthcare plans--and just got charged $1300 for a mammogram. We'll pay it if we can't win the "uh, isn't that preventative?" argument with insurance because it's ultimately worth it for piece of mind to know she's healthy. But how many people would get that bill one time, then avoid the hospital at all costs until something truly serious arose? Just a terrible system for most Americans.
  9. Counterargument: you have to pretty good at being the low tier guy that occasionally makes a Q3 to keep a seat without a podium in 203 F1 races. Seriously, how is that even possible? Not a single race where the top guys take each other out, or he times the decision to go on/off inters better than most?
  10. I do like the subtle acknowledgement of, "Hey, sorry we've been serving you buns that were toasted 30 seconds ago and, despite sandwiching warm ingredients, are somehow ice cold and stiff the moment we hand the box to you. Kinda cool how we were defying the laws of thermodynamics though, yeah?"
  11. Yes, we should all strive for the ability to take into account complexity and nuance in adult conversations like [checks notes]...slorch.
  12. C'mon dude, he's awesome, but no need to be ridiculous. You're basically saying that he's going to do something that no player in NBA history has ever done over the entirety of their careers (again, no player has career highs of 10+ in all five categories)...in a single game. I do give him a puncher"s chance to be the first player ever with career highs of 10+ in all 5 (he's only 54 games into his career, and he already only needs a 10 steal game to make history), but it ain't going to be in the same game. Ever. You'd have to be playing the Washington Generals to record 10 blocks AND 10 steals in a game.
  13. 10+ steals is the rarest of the 5. Only done 23 times by 19 players. Of the 19, Draymond Green is the only non-guard, and he's currently at 6 blocks for his career high. So, I guess I answered my own question: no player in NBA history has ever recorded 10+ in all five categories in their careers.
  14. I realize this is hyperbole, and you don't actually think that he'll ever record a quintuple double, but it got me thinking: does any player have a career high of 10 or more in all five categories? Wilt would be the obvious pick, but they didn't record steals or blocks back then. Safe to say he had some 10+ block games, but steals? MJ topped out at 6 blocks, but did have a 10 steal game. LeBron has never topped 5 blocks or 7 steals. Hakeem is the closest that I've found. 10+ in four of the categories, with 8 being his most steals in a game.
  15. Fucking no shame in his game. "I see you just signed your son up for my football camp. Want to come to my house and fuck around for a few days?" ...not that a girl like that is expecting to be wined and dined and slow played, but still.
  16. God damnit, fuck all this decorum shit. Someone stand up and tell that shrew what an evil piece of shit she is.
  17. I'd listen to an argument that his A game is still as good as anyone in the league who doesn't spend their off-season in Serbia. But his A game is few and far between, especially on the defensive end. Top 5 guys are expected to be consistently excellent and carry their teams night after night. LeBron can't do that anymore in the regular season, and he hasn't carried a playoff series since 2020. He's still good for virtuoso game, maybe two, over a 7-game series, which is nothing to scoff at...but it ain't top 5 worthy. Still really impressive that his cruising, conserve his energy B and C games are still good for 25/7/8 at 39.
  18. Does it come with the added bonus of no longer being welcome at my in-laws house for Christmas? If so, sign me the fuck up!
  19. "You live in Tempe? I lived in Tempe 15 years ago! Do you know Doug?" Few things more laughable than the loudest social media assholes complaining about privacy.
  20. I was unaware that I'm black. Cool. My wife will be pleased to know.
  21. Yeah, I've doing my best for about a year to ignore that our Supreme Court is for hire, and their own bylaws make them completely immune to punishing for--and, frankly, encourage--their fealty to the highest bidder.
  22. I can't wait to be lectured on how cruel and insensitive we're being for making fun of the situation and not giving their family respect and privacy during this difficult time. Hunter Biden sucks dick for coke! You heard it here first from my totally not Russian asset informant.
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