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  1. Yeah, really key in on those 2 or 3 dozen evangelicals who actually care about living their life according to Christ with kindness and dignity, that won’t completely abandon those principles for the opportunity to take power and force their beliefs on others.
  2. Nah, I’m with TwiceHorn on this. Seriously fuck these “Everyone you don’t like is fucked!” wishcasting tweets for clicks. It’s been 8 years. Let’s keep the outcomes in the realm of possibility.
  3. Tried FUBAR for shits and giggles, and it’s the exact show you think it is: an unofficial True Lies equal with no Jim Cameron, good actors, or production value. Yet, it flirts with the “it’s so bad it’s kind of good” line.
  4. While you are, indeed, correct, I’m just going to come out and say it: Seltzers are the way to go when day drinking. 5%, still have some semblance of a decent taste, won’t make you feel bloated as fuck like a six pack of Bud Lights would. Maybe mix in a Cutwater here or there. Fight me.
  5. Scorching hot take incoming: I love Jimmy Butler as much as the next guy, but can we tap the brakes just a little on his "unmatched desire to win." He obviously wants to win desperately. But he'd still be wallowing away in mediocrity in Minnesota if they paid him when he wanted them to (leading to his infamous practice tirade). He didn't want out because of KAT and Wiggins' lack of work ethic; he wanted out because he didn't get paid. And he went to Miami because they could pay him more money (more power to him), not necessarily because they were closer to winning a Championship than Philly. Also, if he gets credit for being a top ~5 player in the postseason, doesn't he deserve a little blame for barely being a top 20 player in the regular season? Surely, the plan isn't to squeak by in the play-in most years and play the 3 toughest teams in the conference to make the Finals. Maybe if Playoff Jimmy made an appearance twice a month--something he's clearly capable of--they wouldn't live in the bottom half of the conference. He's not Robert Horry or Draymond Green, guys that can sleepwalk through the regular season on great teams and then turn it up for the playoffs. He's the best player on a title contending team. Being the inverse James Harden is cool, but it makes annointing him an all-time great really difficult.
  6. Playing Devil’s Advocate a bit here, but is it possible that there was some altruism with Jay negotiating without the players’ involvement? Basically, “I’ll make everyone a shit ton of money, I’ll take the hit and be the bad guy and the hypocrite, you guys get to be shocked and outraged and save face.”
  7. The point of this little derail wasn't about beer snobbery; it was Gil expressing his opinion that craft beers are overrated, and a nice, cold Bud Light is just as good, using craft beers lack of popularity by comparison as some sort of knock against them. These points are objectively and subjectively false. You're allowed to enjoy a Bud Light--even personally enjoy it more than better options (individual tastes being what they are and what not)--but don't pretend that it's all the same. I enjoy a Big Mac every now and then. But I don't pretend it's In-N-Out or Whataburger or Hodad's. I'll happily drink a Bud Light if there's absolutely nothing else available with a big, dumb smile on my face...other than the initial scrunched face taste shock.
  8. Phil is who he has always been: a smarmy, pseudo-intellectual, two-faced degenerate. …but it’s also okay to kind of like him for that.
  9. Make no mistake, this was always the plan: temporarily weaken the PGA for a shit ton of money, get welcomed back like nothing happened. They never thought the LIV tour would last 10+ years.
  10. Meh, they’ll spin it as, “See, look how good the gays have it here, stop complaining!!” As if we should pat ourselves on the back for not bludgeoning their community to death.
  11. It is June 2023, and we’ve got allegedly serious people still running with, “Well, actually you see, Ukraine is full of Nazis, so maybe Russia isn’t all that bad.” Neat.
  12. But what if his race engineer works for Ferrari?
  13. The Olive Garden is just as good as your favorite mom and pop Italian restaurant that makes all their sauces, noodles, and breads in house! - Gil Bang, probably
  14. Having the best driver on the track in by far the best car is not exactly a recipe for good TV.
  15. aggie08


    Not going to lie, Biologically Normal Reproductive Hetero Behavior Month is pretty catchy.
  16. God damn it, Gil. Don’t die on this hill.
  17. Don’t see many 7 game winning streaks in the playoffs.
  18. Nah. I’m good.
  19. And this man's name...Elisha Archibald Manning the Third.
  20. KD's salary jumped from $20M to $26.5M when he joined Golden State in 2016, which was at least a stone's throw from the maximum that a new team could offer him in free agency. The player's union would have been [more] pissed if he took a huge discount to go there.
  21. Still can't believe that Miami let both Jeter and ARod sit courtside up 3-0 against a Boston sports team. Just tempting gate. I get they're favorite sons in Florida, but you gotta tell Alex to hide in a suite.
  22. He did tonight. He had run off early a couple times this series. Players don't dap each other after non-deciding playoff games. It's always straight to the locker room.
  23. I'm rarely one to defend LeBron, but the LeBron takes on this page are just awful. He gave a tremendous effort to try to keep a team that was clearly outmatched from being swept, despite knowing that the series was already over.
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