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  1. ngl i kinda empathize with this, it was pretty much me post 10/16 last year
  2. so y'all know we're new Colorado residents. the voter registration discussion in the Abbott thread prompted me to share here... you know how sometimes you don't realize how bad a situation is until you get out of it and can look back objectively, and you realize things do not have to be the way you just assumed they always were...? first, two weeks after we went to the DMV and got our CO DLs we got letters saying 'congratulations! you were registered to vote during your recent DMV visit and you'll receive your ballots in the mail!' no special forms or anything, it just happened. then...last week we got this nifty info book from the CO Legislative Council explaining every ballot measure in detail, providing analysis, cost breakdown, explaining what a yes or no vote means, presented with both for and against arguments. no purposely confusing wording trying to trick the electorate. it even provides a basic objective performance standard evaluation for all those judges on the ballot that you never heard of before. finally...some of what's on the ballot... i mean wtf... it's like this state wants informed, educated voters to be able to vote with ease with a minimum of roadblocks. i legit feel like i've escaped an abusive relationship lol and it was EASY for me to vote in Texas!
  3. legit holy shit i mean they aren't even pretending anymore. evil fuckers.
  4. you know the answer... the fewer people vote, the better for the GOP. seriously, it's science.
  5. exactly...god made them gay, blame him.
  6. i've known two gay people since birth*, one male, one female. it was pretty obvious from a young age (5-7) that they were gay. NTTAWWT. point being, they were 'made' that way. so if god made them, and god doesn't make mistakes...blame god for the 'sin', not the sinner? *i've known more lol, these are just children of friends i've happen to known their whole life
  7. nope...Party Night with the Baron... "we drank the blood of some people and the people were on drugs and now i am a wizard!" kills me every time
  8. you don't even need Apple... straight YouTube generally has the whole show within a day or two, though its broken into clips. put me in the Bowen Yang fanclub. i still lol at the Titanic iceberg bit
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