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  1. ... and though she's not mature enough to have a trained physician perform a safe and routine procedure, she's definitely mature enough to be totally responsiblefor another human being who will be completely helpless and dependent on her for literally everything for the next couple of decades or so. whew. im sure the state of Florida will provide them both with ample money, services and support, seeing as how she doesn't even have family!
  2. well bet that show booker got fired
  3. yikes...gotta be rabid right? very unsquirrel-like behavior
  4. why leave Pratt out?? definitely seems the funniest which is the most attractive trait Pratt - date, most fun, see above Hemsworth - marry, good family genes Pine/Evans- fuck because
  5. i mean i thought airports were some of the safest places in the world, full of security ready to tackle and body search you at the drop of a hat...yet this thread is full of airport fights going on and on with nary a cop or TSA agent in sight. wtf
  6. just about...a little bit south of there, maybe a mile? other side of Colfax. and apparently Stapleton was a big KKK person so it's now known as Central Park...
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