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  1. yep...i basically have it open in a browser window nonstop sept-jan. really grateful to whomever put it together.
  2. an oddity...a NOLA style hotel, with a coastal name, at 7900+ feet in the middle of the Rockies! made a great night pic though...
  3. it's not really shocking, fits right in with our resident murder dildo fetishists - 'dead kids are totally worth it, guys!' i mean, they already have.
  4. as i pointed out in another thread...tech was 10-6 against aggy in the Big12 🙄
  5. i guess he's kind of an ok qb. nothing special. lol 🤘
  6. they also tortured dogs which will always and forever mean FUCK AGGY.
  7. lol it's cool...i actually know what you mean and you're not wrong. i have been known to add a dash of two of cinnamon to a pot of my Texas style chili which nobody can identify but does level it up a notch to people raving and scraping the pot empty... but my husband is from Cincinnati and loves it and that's where i learned it. it is a yankee thing 😄
  8. dumb question alert: when does the playoff announcement actually happen?
  9. ... or he's from Cincinnati 😆
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