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  1. after watching Babylon last night i'm rooting for it for music. the score was outstanding! John Williams doesn't need another Oscar lol.
  2. searched the thread and didn't see it listed...but The Long Riders is one of absolute favorites. it's available on a few streaming apps i think. my grandmother was an extra in one of the train scenes, they used the Texas State Railroad train out of Palestine.
  3. got around to Babylon tonight...frenetic. stressful. dazzling. left me wired. i found it quite enjoyable. music was outstanding! halfway thru i realized i'd been tapping my foot nonstop. had to look it up... sure enough, it's nominated for an Oscar for music. i'll be rooting for it, and also adding the soundtrack to my playlist. it's also nominated for costume and set design. i could see it winning any/all of those.
  4. since WE STILL DON'T HAVE AN EYEROLL REACTION 🙄, i sometimes use it for that purpose.
  5. ...well yeah, except for the whole insurrection thing.
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    ah...so it's become pretty obvious which posters are in this thread just for the thrill of poking others with a metaphorical stick. i'd suggest ignoring if for no other reason than to deprive them of their dopamine hit.
  7. mchookem


    it is possible that increased research, education and acceptance has allowed more trans youth to feel 'safe' in coming out to their families and medical professionals and asking for the life-saving help they need. this alone could certainly account for the increase. it is also possible that increased societal acceptance, particularly within younger populations, on top of normal teenage sexual curiosity, has allowed young people more freedom to explore the entire LBGTQ spectrum, some of which may reasonably be assumed/observed to be 'cool' right now. some of these individuals revert to norm as they mature - i anecdotally know two young people that would fit this category. i would think these young people are much less likely to receive a formal diagnosis and/or treatment beyond a 'social' transition, as professionals working in this field are probably 1) pretty good at filtering thru the typical adolescent angst/bullshit, and 2) know well just how much animosity they are subjecting themselves and their patients to in today's political climate. in other words...doctors are almost certainly not making these diagnoses nor prescribing treatment frivolously, on a kid's 'whim'. reasonable, critical-thinking people do not assume this to be the case (and yes I realize therein lies the rub 🙄). both of the above scenarios can be true. in any case... it's nobody's fucking business other than the individual, their family, and their medical professional.
  8. no, no, not 1.5b...5.1 billion! get your facts straight sheeple!! 😆
  9. omg is she really claiming one fucking elementary school in Illinois received FIVE PONT ONE BILLION dollars?? jfc
  10. a couple pieces ended up in my dad's front pasture near Palestine. they were recovered by helicopter, it landed in his field and a crew piled out. it was absolutely wild.
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