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  1. We drink and complain. It’s kind of our thing. Did you mean whining? That’s the sound your mom makes when I put water in her bowl.
  2. That is some complex choreography. Give Russell another assist.
  3. What other talented players were head-cases who were easy to provoke early in their careers? Hakeem? Iverson?
  4. She fought Vader with two sabers, she can fight Titus with two sabers.
  5. In FIBA, sometimes the fouls watch you.
  6. There wasn’t enough time to cover Texas after swallowing USC’s load every night.
  7. Maybe the golden plates will tell us.
  8. They probably don’t. FIBA refs don’t reward the Hardenesque foul hunting calls. There’s always an adjustment and the guys who play over there obviously have an advantage. As to the commercials, there’s got to be a way ad placement can replace constant stoppages. Baseball has somewhat figured it out. Watching football this weekend was an absolute beating with all the breaks. I digress. Hopefully this turns up the heat on the guys. It’s aleays good to get that wake-up loss in a round where it doesn’t affect your chances of advancing.
  9. My man, do you even NBA ref? They actually call violations in FIBA. The lack of constant timeouts and commercials is not a bad thing.
  10. It sucks that we’re losing by 17 at the half, but it’s awesome to watch Lithuania play fundamental basketball. Helps that they haven’t fucking missed. FIBA basketball really is a superior product to the NBA in terms of officiating and pace of play.
  11. The only time in Melo's career that he decided he would play defense. That’s my favorite part of the Melo story: his sacrifice to defend for his country. But only in FIBA games. Never any other time. FIBA, defense and rebounding, every other time, no defense. And he’s lauded for it.
  12. Don’t forget David Kahn. That’s two for Minnesota.
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