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  1. Durant better get comfortable in Phoenix.
  2. There is no worse category of vermin than NBA “news breakers”. May they all choke on a Stoops vintage 2005 bag of dicks.
  3. Jesus, Brunson. Throw in a pass every once in a while.
  4. It’s definitely not Derka.
  5. Dude is putting together a postseason for the ages. It’s been an awesome series, and I feel bad for Ant, who had a shit game last night. Hopefully this series can go seven so that those two can Bird/Nique their way to an epic finale. Feels like this is the Finals regardless.
  6. Me, after my morning coffee.
  7. Double dribble not a thing anymore?
  8. I am more impressed with Luka’s game are seeing how fat that dude is without his undershirt. Have another doughnut with your fadeaway.
  9. Topic suffered a non-contact injury and was carried off the floor. Poor kid.
  10. If it’s Trae Young, you probably won’t see me for a while. I just want the front office to leak (for once) that there’s no way in hell they’d ever consider that douche. Or don’t leak, have a full blown press conference telling us how much you hate the little bastard.
  11. Not next season, we’re drafting a point guard! - Brian Wright laughs manically as he drafts Matas Buzelis to play point guard defending the pick with claims that he can handle the ball and has size.
  12. I forget how much I hate watching Karl Anthony Towns play basketball.
  13. It’s fucking hard to win back to back. NBA dominance is fleeting. Can’t believe that Ant is already this fucking good at 22. Denver took all that animosity and feelings of irrelevance from the Laker series and…
  14. Glen Taylor built this team and deserves all the credit.
  15. Man, I hope so. I want a Spurs/Mavs 2006 kind of series (quite possibly the greatest non conference finals series ever).
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