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  1. Oh. I thought that maybe he put on a fat suit and paraded around as Stan Van Gundy, making outrageous demands and trading away their future for some cupcakes.
  2. What? He was in charge of the draft for them. What mistakes did he make that they are just now recovering from? Did he personally injure Cade Cunningham?
  3. At least I didn’t tell you to go fuck yourself. That’s got to count from something, right?
  4. All of this may be true. Dude takes exceptional care of his body, but injuries happen. There may be a small window of competition because of injury fears and wanderlust. They may trade for a top quality teammate, using draft equity and young players. Yet, there is no fucking way that the answer to all of this is Trae Young. Fuck Trae Young, fuck his stupid game, fuck his stupid attitude, fuck his stupid school he played at, fuck the stupid spelling of his stupid name, eat a bag of dicks Trae.
  5. I guess we gotta make shit up now to soothe the pain? Just because I don’t like that whiny, slovenly bitch doesn’t mean he’s not an incredible offensive talent and one of the defensive players in the league.
  6. That may be true, but no future iteration of a Spurs team has that douche playing for it.
  7. Fucking Derrick White, man. Congrats buddy. You deserve it.
  8. What? Man, if any of that were the case, it’s leaking.
  9. Man, if Luka is above average on the defensive end, then perhaps I’ve been too harsh on Malaki Branham and Zach Collins.
  10. The small hamlet of Dallas, with its tiny population and semi-popular professional sports teams (including an NFL team that no one pays much attention to and a baseball team who may or may not have won a championship last season but no one knows because no one allegedly pays attention) lacks eyeballs on one of the best basketball players in the planet.
  11. Bob runs his mouth a lot for being a plumber.
  12. Luka is a generational offensive talent the likes of which we’ve never seen before. He doesn’t have to be proficient on the defensive end. What he needs is his teammates to make some fucking shots and cover for his inability to stay in front of the two most athletic players in the league on the perimeter.
  13. I’m one minute into the Clippers highlights and he’s doing his usual matador defense while barely doubling Zubac. What am I looking for again? He’s fucking amazing with the ball in his hands though.
  14. Dallas fans: Luka is an above average defender, you must not watch the games. Everyone else: What about all these playoff games? Dallas fans: No, not those games.
  15. If the Celtics really want to turn this ref vitriol up ip a level, have Bennett Salvatore and Dwayne Wade sit court side.
  16. You would think that the Hawks wouldn’t want to trade with the Spurs anymore after the last one.
  17. I know this is sarcasm, and generally I would agree with your sentiment, but she seems to be the ONLY person in the league and media handling it well. Disastrous press conferences, media members saying stupid shit and getting banned for being creepy, basketball organizations not being able to explain decisions, players not being able to disguise their envy…Caitlin’s team has prepared her well for the spotlight.
  18. Yes, extremely dumb. Fucking moronic.
  19. When were the tryouts? I can’t find any info on when they were held. I know that there were qualifiers played when she was at Iowa.
  20. Oh hell yes, but I would need a ladder.
  21. No one is emotional. We’re having a sports argument on the internet champ.
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