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  1. this would be so hard to do and they don't deserve it, but i hope they treat them well. the only way to fight an idea is with another idea.
  2. Pretty sure it was HVAC. I'll tell you why later.
  3. pizza more than any other food has the finest line between feeling fine and then feeling awful afterward. it just doesn't sit well. for me that line is 3 slices.
  4. did the other games without punts feature lots of penalties also? the more penalties and penalty yards there are the more first downs you get. if one extrapolates that thought out it doesn't surprise me in the least that one of the least disciplined coaches ever has been involved in over half of such games.
  5. Then explain not going for two and the tie
  6. if you're going to demonstrate your glass can take the force of a thrown baseball without damage and you're not going to do it yourself wouldn't you choose someone who could actually throw a baseball to demonstrate?
  7. Cuban sold his majority stake to buy political influence to bring the world's first destination sports betting mega complex to Dallas. The Adelson family sold 10% of their stake in LVS to buy into a vision that would catapult the Sands Group into the world's foremost transactor of sports gambling. Both parties think they're buying in to 1920s Las Vegas. edit: grammar
  8. the cherry on top - it will be sean kelly.
  9. cuban's hot hedging anything. he's making a run at turning dallas into the sports betting capital of the united states.
  10. I have mutual friends with Chance mock. I was at that game and he looked ok that day but I knew we were in trouble if he was our program's long term qb1.
  11. As soon as lively went up for it you could tell it was going to end poorly. I hope he's ok
  12. their stuff works but what we like most about them is their customer service. one of the best out there along with discount tire and weber.
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