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  1. gross. brunson's value wasn't his point total, it was his ability to play with luka and get everybody involved. we've all played pickup on that one team where there's a guy playing heroball. think how motivated you were to defend or go after boards when that happened (you're not). when you're relegated to sitting at the 3 point line waiting your turn to get the ball you won't be effective as a team. kidd of all people should know this. he was one of the best ever at doing this.
  2. Fantastic. Sounds like book talk. Although irl UT actually has several national championships in quidditch.
  3. pretty pretty good day for us. did not think iran would be able to keep a clean sheet against wales much less beat them. and our performance against england- it was so good seeing our mfers outclassing england and putting consistent pressure on the defense. we are so close to being really good even with gregg at the helm. what is going on with reyna though. you can't leave your most talented player on the bench for 173 of the first 180 minutes of the world cup, i don't care how niggling of an injury it might be. it's a gross misuse of talent esp if you're saying you're looking for more goals.
  4. https://www.amazon.com/Vibration-Vibrating-Versatile-Shoulders-Lightweight/dp/B00NWQIN7Q doesn't have to be this exact one, there are lots of knockoffs and similar items.
  5. This team is so hard to watch. Nico better have something up his sleeve come February and kidd better pull his head out.
  6. no worries. i think we're speaking to different issues. you are right in that diabetes and obesity are concerns in not only the rich subset but also within the past 2 decades especially the lower class, as sugar and cheap carbs become a more prevalent part of everyday diets.
  7. i've been there plenty. my mom's side are rich hong kongers. you can't look at a transient population (people in airports...) and glean any type of demographic insight. generational studies of immigrants and their children keep showing the nutritional benefits of living in the west from birth vs living in developing nations. it's not something credibly debatable but we're surly so here we are.
  8. malnutrition negatively affects probably > 90% of those respective populations. even the rich in asia don't have the same daily access to protein the poor do in the west.
  9. It's rare I come across a school I've never heard of. If we're not up 100 at the half I'll be disappointed.
  10. I don't remember that far down the bracket. What I do remember is they were going to play Colombia or ...? and Southgate said they didn't care who it was as much as they wanted to be healthy. If healthy they could beat anyone. He got roasted for that decision and almost lost to Colombia anyway. Our family group texts (we're English) were like the shaggy thread after charlie strong's 59 yard offensive wonder at the texas bowl. I think he'd do it again.
  11. You guys acting like this exact same scenario didn't occur in Russia in 2018 with the exact same personnel. England won their first two matches in group play- they were through. In their final group play match Gareth Southgate elected to rest a whole bunch of players and they lost. He said he'd do it again in order to be healthy for the knock-out round.
  12. We did look good in the first half. But somewhere out there there's a Welsh message board complaining about Rob Page's first half strategy.
  13. I don't think they'll much care. It'll be between Ecuador and the Netherlands. Not exactly France.
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