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  1. May was pretty hot in 2011 but it was also pretty hot this year too.
  2. Hardy was one of the biggest recruits coming out of HS last year but he elected to go pro. Really good scorer with NBA measurables. I haven't followed his g league season but I'm surprised he lasted as long as he did. He was considered a future lottery pick this time last year.
  3. Dejounte would play off trae young? Does that work? I mean he's not the highest usage rate guy in the NBA but he was the spurs' highest guy and he's about to go play with someone who needs the ball in his hands a lot.
  4. your best bet would be clearing out the cosmetics aisle. followed by the perfume aisle.
  5. Ryobi bucket top fan and mister is what we use.
  6. Simmons was deadly accurate. He placed the ball wherever he wanted whenever he wanted. And he kept the ball down.
  7. what does an itinerary for a trip around houston look like? san jacinto? the museums district? chinatown? andretti racing?
  8. we have enough juice/coke/milk stocked to last a week if the water was cut. i'm not keeping an extra xxxx amount just in case the norks bomb austin.
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