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  1. Cold pizza and hot, black coffee is where it is at for breakfast.
  2. Don't confuse playing aggy football with earning a degree from aggy.
  3. Burnet Road just morphed into 1325. Pretty sure that Parmer didn't extend that far west. It was all just a bunch of dairy farms out that way until IBM built their plant in the mid 1960s (to build Selectric typewriters -- very high tech!). Gracywoods is named for the Gracy family that had a big dairy operation out that way. @Armybrat may have a better recollection than me -- he was driving cars and chasing tail when I was still riding on a yellow school bus!
  4. Even better, you can join the game thread while listening to the Craig Way game call and totally avoid the TV broadcast numb nuts.
  5. 1st, 19th, 26th, Town Lake, Interregional, Old Dallas Highway, Old 183, Reagan, Lanier, and Johnston high schools -- I'm just a simple caveman.
  6. Not that you are wrong, but what Gus actually said was: "The only healthy way to live life is to learn to like all the little everyday things – like a sip of good whiskey in the evening, a soft bed, a glass of buttermilk, or a feisty gentleman like myself.”
  7. Pro tip: If Bill Bunch is for it -- oppose it.
  8. See above. My work funded this stuff. Santa Claus is a myth.
  9. Good point. I'm sure that I'll do the highest deductible plan that I am allowed to! And don't forget the fact that there has been a shit ton of money paid into that plan by my employers (mostly me since I turned 40 or so and always ran my own shit) paid in to support this scheme.
  10. Negs alone do little to advance any discussion.
  11. Thanks. That might have been a bit bit harsh on my part! I still have a hard time with having the government playing such a big role in basic healthcare. Do you really need to file an insurance claim for every oil change and tire rotation on your car?
  12. Similarly, we had Big Al's on Inwood in Dallas cater a party for us. Not Franklin's, but they did a great job.
  13. Not following your argument. I see 2010.
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