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  1. Tulsa is the answer. I had post golf drinks with a retired Fortune 500 Exec there. He said that Tulsa is just such an easy place to live. The fact that it is a major American Airlines maintenance base seems to give it more direct flights to DFW and ORD than you would expect.
  2. We really need to talk about your billable hours.
  3. Thinking about it, I've also used a waffle iron with leftover cornbread dressing and served poached eggs over the crispy waffles.
  4. That certainly wouldn't be bad, but IMHO, the highest and best use of leftover cornbread dressing at breakfast is to crisp it up in an skillet and break some eggs over it for a cornbread dressing scramble. There's no rules!
  5. I have you in the lead on this year's thread. Congrats, I suppose?
  6. Another video of a much larger lamb barbacoa operation:
  7. Glad that she's on the mend, Brat. Those are some scary-high BP #'s. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of the Brat clan.
  8. You forgot to mention that you had never seen so many great fried chicken finger restaurants in one city before! And all of the dipping sauces were just amazing!
  9. The "ignore" feature on this board is a very good thing.
  10. Nobody asks how -- they ask how many!
  11. My aggy Dad was so very proud of that game! Poor aggy!
  12. Horns won every quarter. Hard to lose games when that happens.
  13. Treasures on Westheimer is always the right answer.
  14. Makes sense. I lived in a four roommate old house in Hyde Park while at UT. The front two bedrooms and the back two bedrooms were in totally different worlds. Very odd story, though.
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