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  1. Maybe I missed something but didn’t they all know that Austin had given Julie the idol? Counting on her to not play the it, particularly after the beans were spilled, was dumb.
  2. Nope. Seaton bumped them to 52. They were significantly lower prior to his commitment. https://247sports.com/college/colorado/Season/2024-Football/Commits/
  3. Colorado has 10 commits for 2024 and is 247’s 52nd ranked class. He’s crushing it.
  4. I’m jealous. I’ve probably read it 4 times, the first being well before the TV series came out. It was a revelation.
  5. I see a lot of walks in this guy’s future
  6. Supply and demand imbalance. Pretty weak group of FA catchers this year.
  7. You want them to check IDs at the gate? I see the future and it isn’t pretty.
  8. Your selective memory is amazing. Have you conveniently forgotten about the $60M/ yr that the Yankees will be paying Stanton and Rodon for the next several years?
  9. WTF do Texas HS coaches know about Klein. He grew up in Colorado, played and coached in Kansas.
  10. Did Liucci refer to Klein as a Wildcat legend? LMFAO
  11. No shit. aggy constantly chirped that Big 12 offenses wouldn’t work against the big, bad SEC defenses. Lulz
  12. aggy “Klein has done a great job at KSU. Look at his numbers! “ How do they reconcile that with their “The Big 12 plays no defense “ narrative? That aggy law school they’re opening up is going to crank out some ace litigators.
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