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  1. You’re wearing orange-tinted glasses. The Yankees have been the better team so far this season by a good amount. They are 7 1/2 games up on us for the #1 seed. And that’s after going 26-12 against the AL East, by far the best division in baseball whereas we’ve gone 21-12 against the worst. They also have more than twice the run differential as us. Saying all that, the Astros definitely has it over them in playoff mojo.
  2. You’re either very optimistic about the remainder of our season or pessimistic about the Yankees’, as we’re currently 8 games back for the outright #1 seed. . Irregardless, Thursday’s game would decide nothing as they still have a doubleheader to play on July 21.
  3. You wouldn’t give up some draft capital for Wembanyama? People are saying he’s the best prospect since LeBron.
  4. With the value of the Nets’ picks skyrocketing by the minute, and the Rockets probable high pick next year, the ammo to get Victor Wembanyama is getting better and better. Can pick swaps be traded?
  5. The Angels might be shorthanded for our series next weekend. It won’t embed but definitely worth a watch https://twitter.com/ballysportwest/status/1541157852374618116?s=21&t=pIp8NewMQL3ySPW6weckwA
  6. Yep. No doubt there were a lot more than that. After MLB looks at it frame by frame, these teams are going to be playing extremely short handed for some games.
  7. I felt the same way for all lot of the season but we’re almost at the halfway point and he’s shown so few flashes that’s my confidence has plummeted. And I’m not sure that Click is going to do anything about it.
  8. Some of y’all have the rare combination of Alzheimer’s and ADHD. The bullpen, for the most part, has been outstanding this season.
  9. I said it yesterday, Castro is worthless. Terrible hitter, mediocre catcher
  10. I’m surprised they ph Yordan there. I think I would have preferred letting Meyers hit and then ph for Castro if he got on. If he didn’t, Meyers would be the ghost runner in the 10th then let Yordan leadoff for Castro or hit 3rd for JJ
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