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  1. Kyrie isn’t going to sign for that. He’s looking for the full 4yr/$198M bird right max.
  2. Better question is who’s that backcourt going to stop?
  3. Another way to look at is to ask, if the player were elected to the Hall of Fame, would he go in as an Astro? If the answer is yes then he’s eligible.
  4. ^^^ Lofton , with his .469 OPS in his 20 games as an Astro, over George, Cesar or the Toy Cannon? Are you high?
  5. This makes for a good hot stove discussion . I agree with most of this one Maybe replace Springer with Cedeño and Oswalt for the Rocket
  6. Much more interesting than all of the 26th man discussion.
  7. Looks like we’re stuck with Fessy. His gofundme has raised a whopping $55 so far.
  8. “Renowned writer, Kirk Bohls” LMFAO
  9. Too bad for the Yankees that the 2022 season wasn’t 60 games like 2020. They could have joined the Dodgers as bogus champions.
  10. I kinda agree but remember that teams are playing 24 fewer intradivisional games this year so strength/improvement of divisional opponents is not as meaningful. That’s bad news for the AL and NL Central teams.
  11. Olivia’s slingshot backfire was not nearly as humorous as this OG slingshot moment from The Amazing Race
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