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  1. Astros must have gotten a BOGO coupon in this month’s Value-Pak
  2. Mediocre day so far. Currently in 12th place, 6 strokes behind the 8th place team. Not looking promising to make match play
  3. Very selfish to put your self-interest ahead of an entire country’s general well being. Ironic that you made this endorsement on a day that honors those who did the opposite.
  4. Decent round today and are currently 11th. In good shape to be in the top 15 and play tomorrow. Only 3 strokes back of top 8 needed to advance to match play. The afternoon group, which are the bottom 15 teams, are still on the course.
  5. KMag might have overtaken Stroll as the dumbest, most reckless driver on the grid.
  6. With a girlfriend that looks like that, I’m sure he has a 24/7 erection.
  7. I typically have disdain for crazy flavored potato chips but this one intrigues me.
  8. Ended round two @ T14. Good day tomorrow and we’ll get to play round 4. Still in it.
  9. Why would we be the host for a tournament at a California course?
  10. Sergio out in Q1. Not making a very good case to remain at RB for 2025.
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