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  1. Right now top 60 w ties is +2. So +4 is the target for tomorrow.
  2. Lulz. One that is hitting .213 with an OPS of .649
  3. PSA for those looking for a stream. This one’s pretty good. It has NBC and USA coverage listed. I don’t see the Peacock listings. golfsteams.me
  4. I hardly recognized Morimoto. Did a quick search and didn’t see any reference to recent illness. I guess he just lost a bunch of weight because he wanted to.
  5. TonyTexas

    Below Deck

    There is an annual Surly Shart thread so there must be some interest in the subject matter.
  6. Does he have enough $$$ to exercise 120,000 options? That’s $240M.
  7. Tiger tied for the lead!!……..After 1 hole.
  8. Fun Fact: LPGA star Michelle Wie is/was his daughter-in-law
  9. I confused him with Anthony Kim, who has a very checkered past. Those Kims all look alike to me. 😆
  10. So Kim is a U.S. Open expert with his 2 appearances. One MC and one T17. If he was giving opinions on where to buy some drugs, I might listen.
  11. I’m torn as to where the winner finishes. I guess it depends on how far the USGA let the greens go. It’s not overly long and the wind isn’t really going to be a factor. Previous US Opens winners at Pinehurst have finished -1, E and -9. My best guess is Scottie finishes - 3 to win his 3rd major.
  12. It’s going to be firm and fast. Even par might win it. Let the whinefest begin. Perfect course for Scottie.
  13. Maybe they should just put Taylor Swift on the team. She’d bring the eyeballs of the targeted demographic.
  14. Favorite Loperfido AB during this latest MLB stint?
  15. ^^^ It looks like that tweet was simply his wife’s disappointment that Jon didn’t play at all in Anaheim with lots of friends and family there. . Which might also be a clue.
  16. Doesn’t sound like it’s Diaz to the IL. Singleton DFA?
  17. Micah and @Helobious have something in common
  18. If South Carolina can poach from LSU, Texas can damn sure do the same to Tennessee.
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