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  1. Hell yeah it works. I burn 1600-1900 calories walking ~6 miles when playing golf. For me, though, an elliptical has been key to my success. 650 calories in 45 mins. No knee or back strain. I couldn’t run if my life depended on it
  2. Broke through 220 (219.7) this morning, down from 265. LFG
  3. Fortunately, the only harm from Covid is death, so this is a logical evaluation of risk.
  4. Per the 14th it would. It would be challenged up to SCOTUS so **shrug**
  5. THE most tilting move in poker? Leaving your headphones at home and being forced to listen to asinine table talk. Particularly painful on tourney days where everyone insists on telling how they went out and their decision process. Fucking hell
  6. It would absolutely be a difference maker in the GE
  7. There’s still a plausible chance he’s indicted before we get there
  8. I hadn’t broken 80 in 5 years. Not bad for a 14.1 handi
  9. Nothing is even close. Seems every year they add something to it. The networks couldn’t catch up even if they tried. I’d guess we’ll get drone material this year or maybe mic’d up groups
  10. First prime brisket they’ve had at our Costco in 2+ years. Smells incredible Planning on cooking through this evening, then holding in oven til lunch tomorrow
  11. I think we’ve spent or allocated $100B so far, so $300 per American. We spend $3k per American per year on our defense budget, for perspective.
  12. If you can find ways to exercise more, you can take ii and iii out of the equation. At this point, I’m finding anywhere from 800 to 1800 burned calories a day, which is allowing me to consume 1700 to 2700 **while still dropping 2 lbs per week**, which I find more than enough to rarely feel hungry.
  13. I’m about 10-11 weeks from joining the club with you. Should crack 220 any day now. 10 in a month is super strong. Nice work
  14. Your system assumes you never make a mistake in determining where everyone is around you. It works right up until the time it doesn’t.
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