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  1. I’d guess I’ve taken a dozen trips to Aria in as many years, and I didn’t realize they had a Mexican joint. I had to look it up on their property map and see now it’s the place I’ve always enjoyed the people watching while playing craps! It occurs to me I’d never considered what everyone was always waiting in line for. Guess I’ll actually have to go in their next week…
  2. It was a parking lot hand, so I don’t recall even checking to see if it was Qc. It was definitely QJo, so, yes, a poor hand to be playing at all UTG, much less open limping with. His subsequent call pre was probably fine as last to act
  3. Still cbetting AA, KK, QQ and all AK on that flop Prob cbetting turn w KK, QQ, and all AK
  4. Excellent thank you. I’ve not been considering pot size, per se, when making these bet sizing decisions. I think my most typical approach is 3x the current bet, and perhaps an extra unit or two depending on how many callers there were. When I saw your post, my gut said 2400 was a good number so the folds weren’t surprising. I wasn’t sure if that’s what you were trying to do, but it sounds like you wanted a caller, and priced up due to table and none of them turned out strong enough to find a call.
  5. Lurch

    King's X

    I need to go check out what Living Colour is up to
  6. I saw an airball at Beau Rivage once
  7. I’m interested in your thought process on determining raise size in this situation. I’ll hang up and listen
  8. If there was any doubt left, Ron mistakenly outed himself. Only an admin could have posted with that trip code.
  9. Lol. The political ads about to fire up will be even more persistent somehow. There’s no forgetting this
  10. Lurch

    King's X

    Rock! Man, Doug still sounds great. That voice somehow doesn’t age
  11. Good point re him limping pre. He does do that frequently so perhaps solid isnt a good label. I would say he’s not splashy and a seemingly competent regular. I don’t ever see him get out of line, but he’s capable of smart bluffs. Not sure what to call that persona.
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