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  1. Possibly the most powerful scene in BB/BCS. Do yourself a favor and look it up on YouTube at least
  2. I’ve spent way to many brain cycles thinking about the spilled diamonds. Do you tell the cops? Do you let them go to a landfill? Do you try to alert someone? What if the cops hadn’t found him? How much effort would it have taken him to find them by himself? What if the garbage truck arrived first? Did he know how many he had? What was the avg value of each? Is it ever “good enough”, or do you pretty much have to find every last one because each is so valuable individually? There. Now you all share my burden.
  3. This is an example of an author writing one thing, the editor putting a click bait headline on it that doesn’t represent the article, and then some random tweeter mis reading the headline and blasting it out with their incorrect interpretation Nice job Internet
  4. This one feels like it’s over. They got what they needed. The many other cases against him likely have more legs.
  5. She’s hurt because Kim successfully convinced her that it was her fault he’d fallen into drugs and depression without her noticing
  6. Those hurricanes weren’t going to nuke themselves, you ungrateful bastards
  7. That meeting should have been an email
  8. All options are on the table. I don’t make the rules
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