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  1. Georgia will absolutely truck them and this controversy will quickly disappear
  2. Jax Beach. I was playing Blues
  3. He’s fine /notadoctorhollidayinn
  4. Dropped another one from 170 yards this morning for an eagle on a par 5. Saw this one violently disappear but still wasn’t sure until I looked in the hole I was playing solo, so two balls. “Player 2” in the background drained a 15 footer for birdie on top of the eagle ball Hell of a match with “Player 1” choking on #9, my final hole for the morning before kickoff Would have a pretty big impact on my handicap if either score counted (they don’t bc playing two balls isn’t legal)
  5. Sorry to hear that. Good luck ramping back up. Definitely one of the reasons I did this weight loss was I knew the next flu or Covid would kick my ass even worse given the shape I was in I’m starting to look pretty damn fit at 193 lbs. The next 20-30 lbs will be quite interesting to see the results of
  6. Danny is an all time great, idolized and called an inspiration by many other professional drummers, which is a pretty good indicator if you’re otherwise unsure. While his skill is clearly exceptional, it’s his creativity when writing his complex drum parts that sets him apart. This drum break (6:35) broke minds.
  7. Yeah I think you want to play higher stakes at Wynn because their hotel clientele probably isn’t playing the small stuff. Wynn is for whale hunting. MGM is for the $1/2 streets
  8. As best I can tell, you think vegans and animal rights groups are synonymous… which is definitely not the case
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