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  1. How difficult is 150yrds w a rifle?
  2. Legit Top 5 most incredible picture of all time? And I’m struggling to think what others might be higher
  3. Well, shit. Now I gotta know
  4. ATcc loses to JJ and I’m out. Damnit
  5. Had to fold AJo after min raise opening. 24k to 1.5/3k/3k
  6. 41k to 1/1.5/1.5 New high score for the trip
  7. Open UTG to 2500 w 77. UTG2 jams 12.5k after just getting caught trying to pick off a small stack who flopped a boat, so I assumed he was just steaming and call. Viewers, he was not. He flips QQ and we go to the flop 7 in the window, J, 7! He does not catch up
  8. Quick double AQhh > TT. No drama Q on flop 26k
  9. SB (40k) limps into my A7o, I just check. 2400 pot 7 5 5 rainbow Chk 1k, he chkraises to 3k. Call. 8400 pot 2. Still rainbow board. He bets 7200 after confirming I have just 12.5k left. He has to have it, right? Don’t think he’d bluff just a straight draw here Fold. 12.5 to 5/1k/1k after break
  10. 100/200/200 UTG opens to 400. Five callers to me w 9h4c in BB. At some point I have to call, right? This is the time. 8h7h5h. Checks around Ac. Checks around. 6h. No shit? I make it 2100, UTG folds and UTG1 starts laughing hard. Sob calls. Others fold and he shows AhQh. Thanks for the triple slow play, Sir!?
  11. I’m 0-3 in tourneys this trip, so if my understanding of statistics is correct, I am now due. WSoP conveniently cancelled today’s deep stack daily so now I have no choice but to take a third stab at the $1100. Wish me luck, I’m going in
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