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    New song released, album and tour announced https://metallica.lnk.to/LuxAeterna?fbclid=IwAR3MCq1vJmCr531dUIqh2dejrxHQWAChtqHfbDH2SlC3ePrvo0wgN7d2zCM
  2. There’s just no way this is actually true.
  3. Several people have posted it on their support page. Like us, it stopped a few weeks ago. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/tapatalksupport/mobile-app-f93/
  4. Welp, the next hour until kickoff should give us enough time to decode how/why you ended up posting a screenshot of your image directory Thatsnothowanyofthisworks.gif
  5. Quotes for truth Suck it bitches, can’t debate it now
  6. I’ve been surprised. Every manufacturer has a pretty good start and it looks like 2023 will see a flood of new fully electric models. Tesla is in trouble, imo. As shitty as the US dealer model is for consumers, it will be a huge advantage once EV availability is no longer an issue. The 50+ year olds will be buying their first EVs from the same guy that sold them their last half dozen cars.
  7. I’ve fried a Turkey for the last 10+ years. Decided to smoke one with Cherry wood this morning and it was fanfuckingtastic. Not sure I’ll go back to fried
  8. I was a very likely Tesla customer in 8 months. I’m now looking at every other option.
  9. The commercials I’m getting (in FL) during World Cup are insane. Just 30 seconds of gun nut spank material
  10. It’s taken some time and effort, but Mastodon feed is starting to fill in nicely for me. Someone there also suggested Reddit news link which covers the breaking news gap https://www.reddit.com/r/news/ Funny enough, Tapatalk has stopped convertingTwitter links, so I don’t even see that content anymore. Pure cold turkey achieved
  11. WSOP got me pretty good and I then torched my bankroll trying to recover too aggressively. Ive had to slow down a bit to avoid hitting my household budget, but I’m on a nice run and should be back to a comfortable roll by the end of the year.
  12. Same. Possibly Elon’s doing, all things considered
  13. I can’t remember the last time Unread worked for me. Likely several years ago. Worked today though!
  14. I stay at Park MGM, hitting Aria first and if it’s stupid busy or the wrong crowd I go to Bellagio. This gives me another alternative
  15. Star of the game: Production crew that had the Scoop & Score banner up before he even crossed the goal line
  16. Old man shakes fist at clouds gif
  17. I’d guess he’s incredibly frustrated by the inaccurate passes. He gets separation only to see the ball sail over him or flutter short
  18. Your vote was cancelled
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