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  1. lol she already has 9M followers on Threads Insane
  2. Good points. If someone had a set in the board I hit my flush on they might still pay in hopes that I was betting the river because of something that happened on the other board. Irony there is that if I hit BOTH boards I might not get any action at all!
  3. Oh, shit, yeah. Still, pretty questionable call imo. I can’t imagine getting much value on river
  4. I went with B) Call, but I think A) Fold was proper in retrospect. I’m paying $50 to win $225 on each board, so need to win 22% of the time for that to be +ev. Assuming I have 10 outs, that’s only 20%, and any hit on one board dilutes the other.
  5. $2/5, $25 double board bomb pot. All 8 play, so $200 pot to the flop I have As7s on the BTN Ks 5c 2d Jh 4s 3d Checks completely around Ks 5c 2d 8s Jh 4s 3d Ts I go from complete air to 2 nut flush draws. SB leads out $100 and is called by UTG. Both have $1k and have my $600 covered. Everyone else folds to me. A) Fold B) Call $100 C) Raise to $300 D) Jam $600
  6. In the money, at least?
  7. New surprise album just dropped
  8. Booked July 3 - 10 in hopes of playing another Main Event. Should allow me to take 2-3 shots at satellites. Park MGM is dirt cheap that week if anyone is looking. With comp days etc I'm paying like $200 for the whole week and get $150 in food comps to offset most of that.
  9. Yeah, good point. 96XX is certainly possible. He might have called my jam w that I suppose
  10. $1/2 PLO. UTG straddles to $5, MP makes it $15, BTN calls, I call in SB w Ac Kh Jd 6c, BB calls and UTG quickly calls. $75 pot Ad 6h 6s. Check to UTG who donks out $60. MP folds (the only one likely to have AA) as does BTN. I call, BB folds. $195 pot 9c. I check, UTG quickly pots it. I have $525 behind and jam (he has me covered) ... **this is where it gets interesting** The dealer flips the All-In card at me. As I'm pushing out my chips, I see the Call card get flipped to UTG. I had my airpods in so I didnt hear what was said and was looking at my chips so I didnt see what (if anything) UTG did either. Regardless, I did see the Call card get tossed out, and I showed the A6. UTG fairly quickly claims he did not in fact call, I believe after he saw my A6. Dealer (a good one) takes full responsibility and says it was his mistake throwing the call card out. Dealer apologizes profusely and offers to call the floor, but I know they're going to say it wasn't a call and I shouldn't have shown my cards. I yield and UTG folds his hand. It was already getting late and I knew I'd tilt if I kept playing so I racked up and left. On the ride home I start to convince myself that he wasn't calling anyway. Is there any hand you would play as UTG did that would pot then call my all in other than AAXX, A9XX or another A6XX? Super slim chance K6XX does, but I'm holding a K to reduce those odds. Do I NOT jam there?! Is my best play on turn to just call and hope he fires a third barrel and hope he doesnt out boat me?
  11. 1/2 PLO $5 open and one caller. I call in SB with Ad Qh Jc 3d BB makes it $20 and we all call. $80 pot Kd Td 6s Ever flop it so good you can TASTE it?! Chk. BB makes it $25. One caller. I chk raise to $125. Only BB comes along. $365 4c wasn’t the card I was looking for, but figure I could push BB off his hand with a pot bet. Nope he shoves his last $100 over top. I call and he shows KKxx. Oops? $1300 pot going to the river Js completes my broadway nuts and BB storms off That was a bit of a roller coaster
  12. Mostly. It means Threads will soon allow the developers of board software like this to write code that pulls in/embeds thread content. Ie, it won’t just start working when they open up these APIs, but it shouldn’t take long after they do
  13. https://9to5mac.com/2024/03/01/threads-api/ June for API
  14. I like how you played it the whole way. Probably a good fold. Not too many lower limit players are willing to bluff a 100bb stack on river, and two pair almost certainly wouldn’t raise you. Since it’s the very beginning of your session, I’d be even more inclined to fold, not having any idea if this is the rare player willing to make a bold bluff here
  15. Haven’t seen him before. Always wild when these randoms show up and start firing big stakes
  16. I’m thinking everyone completely shuts down here and the only way to milk this is to get a bit more is a smallish bet, but the SPR is already 1:1 I put in 12k and they both fold, claiming AA and JJ
  17. Venetian Deepstack Level 1 100/100/100 I have 45k. Others have 40k starting stack I open UTG to 300 w Tc9c UTG1 calls SB makes it 1600 I call UTG1 goes 6600 SB calls. Fuck I hate call. 20k pot Th 7d 7c Checks to UTG1, 5500, we both call.36.5k pot Ts. Checks to me and I have no idea what to do here
  18. Working on making the Main Event again this year
  19. @immamac any current thoughts on this? I think there are likely a lot of us now that are on threads all day and never on Twitter anymore. It would be a lot easier to engage more here if you could get this working
  20. Here it is What's Changing? Audio Subscription Plans are becoming Non-Refundable, and we are updating when changes you make to your Audio plan will take effect. Non-Monthly Subscriptions (quarterly, semi-annual, annual renewals) • If you cancel or change your subscription within 30 days of your initial purchase or renewal charge, your subscription is eligible for a pro-rata refund if requested. • Cancellations or changes after such 30-day period will take effect at the end of your paid subscription term and are not eligible for a refund. • If you decide to upgrade your service after such 30-day period, we will change your plan upon request and apply a credit toward your future renewal charges. No refunds will be given for any non-refundable plan. Monthly Subscriptions (month-to-month renewals) • Monthly subscriptions will be non-refundable, unless they are cancelled within the first 7 days of your initial purchase. • If you cancel a monthly subscription after such 7-day period, your subscription will continue through the end of your already paid subscription term. • Any changes to your subscription will occur at the end of your already paid term, except if you decide to upgrade your service for additional programming, which change will take effect immediately.
  21. They announced a week or so ago that they’ll no longer credit back unused subs if you call mid cycle to cancel. Make sure you don’t miss your renewal dates! In fact, I’m thinking my next renewal I’ll just immediately cancel. It will stay on til that date and then auto terminate to force me to call in and ask for the new deal
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