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  1. This is a great f'ing interview. Rick Beato makes people human, that I'd always though were superhuman.
  2. The NHC already posted this for a system brewing this weekend. No joke.
  3. Crap thank you. Either a typo, or the next storm behind this one they’ve been discussing.
  4. I got to 1-10 on BW8 West from Friendswood before Rita. In 9 hours.
  5. Not for this system, but just to keep handy. https://www.h-gac.com/getmedia/417ea081-7dcf-44d3-8b6a-2712b7f36850/2024-H-GAC-Hurricane-Preparedness-Guide?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTEAAR0mIJZ3fCU1oVuvA1b-0w6h0K-_MQx5fWaorSYXXnRE-HBpaLCifdiWsXM_aem_AU5AWtHa6bRarThIt9wU23wP7Pssobae1B9jQVvIOVTYtnh6iy7z8ZXtVuJZN_DdGgM_lyYMt9zavb3VRZ_8tl1i
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