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  1. Why not just schedule them on a day that didn’t need to be rescheduled. I’m warming up to this Demeco idea. At first I didn’t want a defensive coach, but I don’t know now.
  2. The Fabelman’s. Fantastic
  3. Rip76

    NFL Playoffs

    Dude’s got wheels
  4. Rip76

    NFL Playoffs

    Haven’t been paying attention, but why the neutral field?
  5. Rip76

    NFL Playoffs

    A little Jeff Beck going into the break.
  6. Rip76

    NFL Playoffs

    Longhorns still aggravating Pete Carroll.
  7. Rip76

    Jeff Beck RIP

    He reminds me of Zappa a bit (without the vocals of course) They would surround themselves with the best musicians and not care at all about just being part of the band.
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