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  1. Rip76

    Denny Laine RIP

    Damnit. Just watched Rock Show on DVD the other day. Unfortunately they are piling up.
  2. Dillon Gabriel entering the transfer portal https://247sports.com/college/texas/Article/decorated-oklahoma-qb-dillon-gabriel-entering-the-transfer-portal-222264258/?fbclid=IwAR3ZpQ9uIkUPT9vzYT_5hp30Irx7OoP4mSfAGK8X4SCtU0NAfjAcf-TDxEU_aem_AUBMcAkfIuexLWxnxc77szOhMAbmHHo9fex3YgEz8Qs0tg4n0jUZnxfQch06m0-vXuY
  3. And so glad the stench has been removed from the time with this guy.
  4. Rip76

    Broncos @ Texans

    Damnit this team should be 9-3 right now.
  5. Also, didn’t Robinson and Johnson sit out for the game last year?
  6. Rip76

    Broncos @ Texans

    Heyoooo and Hook ‘Em!!
  7. I’ll be happy to get in at any spot, but I’d like it to be #4.
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