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  1. Klinghoffer is having no trouble finding work these days. He’s toured as much as anyone the past two years.
  2. I don’t think I’ve ever met a Rush fan that didn’t really, really, holy fucking shit really love the shit outta that band.
  3. This movie was on loop in the house I rented in college for most of 1999-2000. My two roommates and I cut cable and owned one VCR and one movie. Good times….
  4. Joe Burrow with killer sweatpants postgame. He needs to drench himself in velvet next weekend
  5. I was about 12 when this movie and music video came out. I loved the movie, but didn’t know much about music yet. I watched MTV every night to catch this video with all the Terminator movie clips. Great memories. I fell in love with music that year because of it and never looked back.
  6. The Jon Voight teeth mark pencil is also a nice touch.
  7. The back of Steinbrenner’s head, the three bizzaro dudes, and dead Susan licking envelopes are my favorite parts of the collage.
  8. I still find the first 3-4 seasons to be funny. Almost everything after that is a cheesy romcom.
  9. Yeah, probably should have said ownership/management vs just the GM. Putila was brought over from the Astros largely because of his connection to Correa. He knew the details of Correa’s health as much as anyone.
  10. Supposedly, they shot it with tons of mics strategically placed. In post, they started dubbing in layers upon layers of SFX and Mann heard it once and told them to lose all SFX and to use only what was captured while filming. Pretty unheard of for action sequence editing, but it’s why it sounds so real, because it is.
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