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  1. This is my FIL’s ranch in Willow City. They have named it the Big Sky fire. 10% contained and 400 acres burned so far. Say some prayers.
  2. I used my CPAP for the first time in several years. I gave up on it since I couldn't sleep well with it (I toss and turn). I thought I'd give it another try. Now I have weird issue that air is blowing through the corner of my right eye. What the fuck? Anyone hear of this happening?
  3. I have a dolphin skull, but I have plans for it. I'm going to take it out to my BIL's ranch and put it in a ditch where I think he will find it and waste a lot of time trying to figure out what it is and when he does, waste a bunch more time trying to figure out how a dolphin died on his ranch.
  4. I can’t help with your specific issue, but in the future you can probably get free replacement parts from Moen through their lifetime warranty. Just fill out the form on their website. I’ve had good luck in the past. Just know the model number and part you need.
  5. My concern with doing this is my neighborhood is above Barton Creek greenbelt and the neighborhood Karens and/or COA getting in my business.
  6. Yes. And it's creating calcium "barnacles" on the pool's plaster.
  7. The calcium levels are sky high in my pool and I have to empty it and start over. Can I pump the water into my house's waste water cleanout by the curb? If not, where should I send the water? I'm in Austin.
  8. https://www.surlyhorns.com/board/index.php?/forum/19-best-buy-coupons/
  9. Quick question ya’ll. Do you suppose those ruskie soldiers are still stuck in that elevator?
  10. I just did a drive by on Google Maps and saw this nice lady out front, so there is that going for it. The front of her shirt says "What if" and I would like to imagine that the back says "you go fuck yourself".
  11. Just purchased 10 lovely nights at an Air B&B in lovely Odesa, Ukraine. I hear the beaches are beautiful this time of year. My host Наталья seems like a real nice lady with a spare room.
  12. Jesus Christ just throw the Fucking thing in the dumpster already.
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