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  1. That made me genuinely laugh out loud
  2. Hasn't poor Lorrie Morgan been through enough??
  3. Yes, you can also turn individual lights off in case it's not a perfect alignment. They come with a few 10 foot extensions in each box
  4. Every event we have I wash all the dishes as we go. We both share cooking duties. My wife makes a crazy mess when she cooks, I do not. But then she feels guilty and tries to "help". Narrator: It isn't helpful While I'm washing things in the sink, she likes to start loading everything on top of what I'm washing, or in a way I can't wash something. Mind you I've cleared the sink out and all the dirty stuff is clearly piled up next to it. I've asked her about 10000 times to just walk away and let me do it. She does for 2 or 3 minutes, then is back at it. It's literally the least helpful she possibly could be during that time. Yet she still can't help herself. Every. Single. Time. But I'M the asshole for snapping at her for not listening.
  5. I have eufy/anker stuff from 10 years ago at this point. Hoping they hold up well.
  6. I had Trimlight on my last house. Loved them. But just couldn't pull the trigger a second time. Ended up doing my own with the new Eufy lights (basically the same as Govee). They don't have the channel, but look every bit as good. You just can see them if you happen to look straight up on my two story house. They are white, but blend in for the most part. It's certainly not as nice as the trimlight or others when it's light outside, but at night they are pretty much perfect. I also was able to do the entire 4000 sq ft house, front, back, peaks, detached garage etc for about $800 vs the 6K for just the front of my last house. Do have to say I didn't enjoy being on a 25 or the 30 foot ladder at the top that much, but at least it's done.
  7. Met him at spring training in around 1993, he was PISSED that I had the audacity to ask him for an autograph lol I was 15 and he didn't think I actually knew who he was. Despite being the only one that asked him. Lived up to his rep, most kids would have been upset, I was impressed. He did still sign it for me. That ball has Bagwell, Biggio, Caminiti, Kyle, Reynolds, Luis Gonzalez, Jose Cruz, Cedeno, and a few others on it. It's also beat to hell because my brother decide to go Sandlot on it haha
  8. That's an easy one. "No problem babe, just tell me right before you need it and I'll reinstall" and nothing will ever happen
  9. The "Trout is always injured" narrative obviously has merit. But I also think that if the Angels had any shot at the playoffs he would have pretty much played through all of them and been fine. The Angels just knew they couldn't, so why take the risk of him really getting hurt?
  10. Because you haven't taken it off yet. Duh. Seems like you have a 5 minute chore this evening. Then see how long it takes her to notice it's gone
  11. I'm honestly scared they will try and make Ausmus bench coach. Hoping he has too much pride to accept that. Don't want Bagwell having that much influence in the dugout. I actually am cool with him having some level of front office influence. Just need to keep it in the proper vertical for him
  12. Correct hire, and really the only correct one available. He has the trust of the clubhouse and has earned the shot. Should have gotten it this year
  13. I agree with you. Though somewhere between 5 and 10% of the hall wasn't as good of a player as Lance.
  14. We just going to ignore that somehow we couldn't find a place for that guy at Texas despite his desire to come here? Just crazy. Lance was sneaky athletic for a guy that looks a lot closer to Kruk than Acuna
  15. Uhh, have you cheated on her before or something? Or just woman brain going to the worst possible scenario??
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